posted Feb 9, 2015, 2:01 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in kindergarten we will be gearing up for our Valentine's Day Celebration at the end of the week by adding the sight words "we" and "love" to our word wall. We will also be introduced to the "ar" chunk that sounds like a pirate! We will continue working on How-To stories in Writing Workshop and working with addition facts in Math. Towards the end of the week we will create our Valentine Bags in preparation for the party on Friday!


1st grade:  Reading:  using strategies and checking our comprehension to strengthen reading skills.  Working hard to reach the end of the quarter reading benchmark of a level G.

Math:  comparing numbers by using greater than, less than and equal to symbols.

Science:  discovering magnetism, gravity and lessons from Sharon Edwards on Ohio animal adaptations.

Writing: convincing readers of your opinion, stating reasons for this opinion, and expecting arguments for/against our opinions is what we are learning about while writing an opinion piece. 


2nd grade:  Second grade students are writing their opinion in a letter format.  This week, students are focusing on introducing their book, writing their opinion, giving reasons to support their opinion using “because,” giving evidence from the book using “for example,” and writing multiple paragraphs within their letter.

In reading, students are practicing many skills using biographies.  This week we are focusing on Harriet Tubman. Students are picking out important events from her life and making timelines, finding the main idea of sections of the book, comparing a book and a passage on Harriet Tubman, and practicing using nonfiction text features like captions to help them better understand what they are reading! 

Graphing is the main focus in math again this week!  Students are creating, reading, and analyzing picture and bar graphs, tally charts, and line plots.  This week students worked in groups to come up with a survey question that they could ask their peers.  They collected their data and worked together to create bar graphs and picture graphs to represent what they found.  Students are also interpreting these graphs and answering questions about them.  We will continue to do math fact quizzes, so please continue to practice these each night! 


3rd grade:  Throughout Guided Reading this week, students are continuing to work on skills using paired passages: comparing two texts on the same topic. This can be both nonfiction and fiction texts. Different groups will be working on a variety of skills. These include: key details, themes, and story elements. During this time, other students will be working independently in small groups on reinforcing skills they have already discussed in class.

During language this week, the students are continuing to work on adding affixes to root words, and determining the new word’s meaning. We are focusing specifically on suffixes again this week; adding to the list of suffixes we already know: -less, -ful.

In math this week, we are practicing measurement skills and applying them to finding the perimeter of shapes. We are extending our knowledge by finding the length of missing sides as well. In addition, some classes will be beginning area.

In social studies we will continue our unit on Community Changes. The students have been studying timelines and changes in religion, technology, transportation, and culture locally.

During writing, the students will continue to write opinion pieces, including speeches. The students have been generating writing ideas by looking for problems and possible solutions as well as thinking of and writing about noteworthy people in their lives. The students are keeping their audiences in mind and working to persuade them.




4th grade:  Math--Students continue to learn and apply different multiplication methods and fraction concepts.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts.  They are also working on making inferences from information in texts.

Social Studies--Students continue to focus on various periods in Ohio’s history.  From the early settlement of the Ohio area to Ohio becoming a state.

Science--Students are continuing to learn about fossils and changes to ecosystems.

Writing--Students are working on informational writing for this quarter.  Currently, 4th graders are organizing information and writing an informational piece based on one or two nonfiction texts.




Music:  Students have been traveling to a mythical music land known as 6/8 land.  In 6/8 land students feel the need to skip to the music when they sing.  This is a different way of feeling the music.  Second grade students are beginning to learn about the new notes that are used in 6/8 land.  We will be composing with these new notes very soon.

Art:  This week in art second graders will be finishing up on art projects that they had previously started.  All second grade students will begin a Hawaiian unit for this year’s art show.  Some of the exciting projects will be crayon resist painted Hawaiian shirts, glue resist seascapes, landscapes with Hula dancers, sunsets and palms, cartoon Hula cats and dogs.  Let the fun begin as students learn about the exciting Hawaiian culture and their art.  Second graders will not only gain more skills in art they will also learn about a variety of art media. Students will be creating Hawaiian decorations for our school and building gigantic sculptures to go along with the theme!  Aloha!

Physical Education: We are continuing our Jump Rope for Heart unit where we will be talking about heart health and exercise.  This is a large unit in coordination with the American Heart Association.  Students are earning a lot of ducks!  We will watch a small video and talk about what the American Heart Association does and how we can help.

Media Center:  Second grade students will be checking out fiction and nonfiction books and listening to the book Little Read Hen by Dianne de Las Casas. This book is about a Hen who invites barnyard friends to help her write a story. As she follows the steps of the writing process, students learn how they too can use these steps to improve their own writing.