posted Feb 24, 2015, 2:15 PM by Jesse Kohls

1st grade:  All classrooms will learn about Ohio animals and their winter adaptations.  Ms. Sharon Edwards from EMU will conduct a hands-on learning experience for all to learn about these adaptations.

With all the snow, we will be concluding Presidents Day focus and begin dental health tips.  Hopefully this will ignite a life of healthy dental habits. 

First graders are continuing on their journey in opinion writing.  You might "notice" that your first grader is developing an opinion on everything!  If this is the case, embrace it!  Have your son/daughter support their opinion with three reasons and an ending to reinforce that opinion!


 2nd grade:  Second grade students are writing their opinion in a letter format.  This week, students continue to practice introducing their book, writing their opinion, giving reasons to support their opinion using “because,” giving evidence from the book using “for example,” and writing multiple paragraphs within their letter.

In reading, students are practicing many skills using biographies.  This week we are focusing on George Washington.. Students are picking out important events from his life and making timelines, finding the main idea of sections of the book, comparing a book and a passage on George Washington, and practicing using nonfiction text features like illustrations and captions to help them better understand what they are reading! 

In math, we started a new unit on measurement!  Students are learning what tools they can use to measure length, weight, and capacity.  Students are also practicing estimating and actually measuring the length, weight, and capacity of objects.


3rd grade:  Throughout Guided Reading this week, students are going to work on skills using reading passages that will help boost their comprehension. This will include fiction and nonfiction texts Different groups will be working on a variety of skills. These include: main idea and details, recounting stories, and character studies. During this time, other students will be working independently in small groups on reinforcing skills they have already discussed in class.

During language this week, the students are learning about synonyms. We will talk about how they are words that mean the same thing. Next week we will discuss antonyms and how they are different than synonyms.

In math this week, we are finishing up perimeter and most classes have begun defining what area means. We are learning to find area by multiplying the length by width as well as tiling shapes to find area.

In social studies we will be wrapping up our unit on Community Changes. The students have been studying timelines and changes in religion, technology, transportation, and culture locally. We will also be looking at a line graph and using Butler County Populations to create a line graph of our own. Next up in Science, we will be studying plant and animal life cycles as well as discussing heredity.

During writing, the students will continue to write opinion pieces, including speeches. The students have been generating writing ideas by looking for problems and possible solutions as well as thinking of and writing about noteworthy people in their lives as well as places and things. The students are keeping their audiences in mind and working to persuade them.


4th grade:

Math--Students continue to learn and apply different multiplication methods and fraction concepts. PARCC practice, http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/math/

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. Fourth graders are reading independently at their level, summarizing what they’ve read and taking AR Tests.  They are also working on making inferences from information in texts. PARCC practice continues in ELA as well, http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/english/

Social Studies--Students continue to focus on various periods in Ohio’s history.  We’ve explored from the early settlement of the Ohio area to Ohio becoming a state including the Northwest Territory and Northwest Ordinance.

Science--Students are continuing to learn about fossils and changes to ecosystems.

Writing--Students are working on informational writing for this quarter.  Currently, 4th graders are organizing information and writing an informational piece based on one or two nonfiction texts.



Music:  Fourth grade students are working hard on their recorder songs.  We have begun working on our Recorder Karate book.  Each song teaches a new note or concept.  The students work from white to black belts, just like in Karate.  When the students pass a color they get a bead to put on their recorder neck strap.  Stop by the music hallway during conferences to check out how many students have passed each of the belts so far!

Art:  Students in grade four will begin creating giant Hawaiian sculptures for the art show.  Students will complete a shark photo booth sculpture, sharks for a shark tank, Hawaiian volcano, giant sunglasses, and Tiki statues.  Mr. Kiefer and Mr. Gray’s fourth graders will be completing drawings of sharks.  Mrs. Brosier’s class will begin painting enlargements of Hawaii’s state flower the Hibiscus.  Mr. Jefferson’s fourth grade will continue working on a paper collage of palm trees and splatter printing volcanoes.  

Physical Education: Students will be learning the main way to hit a ball for volleyball.  We will spend the next two classes learning the proper way to bump the volleyball back to a partner.  The second week of our volleyball unit we will learn the way to stand on the court and how to properly rotate for volleyball.  The second class of this week will be learning the serve.  The culmination of all of this will be playing a version of volleyball.  We will play it with a beach ball so it is easier to hit and less intimidating.  All of the fundamentals we learned leading up to the game will be reinforced with our game.  Reminder that Jump Rope for Heart was extended a week due to the snow days.  All forms need to be turned in by the end of the week, 2/27/15.

Media Center:  Students in fourth grade will view a slideshow on the various genres found in literature this week.  By introducing students to various genres I hope to motivate students to try different types of fiction books than the “popular” titles everyone reads.  We will also discuss how to use the subject search in the card catalog to locate books by genre.