posted Mar 2, 2015, 2:40 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week we will wrap up Dental Health Month with a visit from a dentist on Monday. She will show us the right way to brush our teeth and talk with us about how to keep our teeth healthy and cavity-free! The rest of the week will be devoted to Dr. Seuss so we will be reading a lot of wacky books and doing some fun activities to go along with them. From One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, we will explore making our own addition equations and from The Foot Book we will come up with different pairs of opposites! We will add 'look' and 'good' to our word wall and introduce the 'oo' chunk!  


1st grade:  Writing:  continue learning about Opinion Writing

Reading:  We will focus on Reading strategies for different levels, monitoring comprehension, reading for fluency, self correcting quickly.  We will continue to Decode multi-syllable words, and find the meaning of unknown words using context clues. 

Math:  Continue to work on math fact fluency, begin Geometry and attributes of shapes.

Science/Social Studies:  Properties of matter, Dr. Seuss, Leo Lionni, the beginning of Spring and forces in motion!


2nd grade:  Second graders continue to read biographies!  This week we are focusing on Susan B. Anthony who fought for women’s rights.  Using biographies about her life, we are asking and answering questions about the text, finding the main topic, identifying important events and creating timelines, comparing different texts and passages about her, and reading articles to find facts about her on InfOhio.org.  Students are also learning skills to help them find the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary terms when reading.  We are reading, rereading, and reading ahead to find context clues to determine the meaning of these tricky words.  We are also using pictures and other text features to help us find the meaning of the tricky words!   

Measurement continues to be the focus in math.  This week we are focusing on the metric system and using meters and centimeters to estimate and measure the length of objects.  We are also comparing the length of objects and finding how much longer or shorter one object is than another.   

Students continue to write letters to their peers to persuade them to read some of their favorite books.  We continue to practice writing multiple paragraphs that include our opinion about characters and parts of the stories that we read.  


3rd grade:  In Guided Reading this week, students continue to work on skills using reading passages that will help boost their comprehension. This will include fiction and nonfiction texts. Different groups will be working on a variety of skills. These include: main idea and details, recounting stories, and character studies. During this time, other students will be working independently in small groups on reinforcing skills they have already discussed in class.

During language this week, we will discuss antonyms and how they are different than synonyms.

In math this week, we will begin learning about fractions. We will learn the vocabulary words numerator and denominator, and we will shade and model fractions.

In Science, we will begin studying plant and animal life cycles and heredity.

During writing, students will continue to write opinion pieces, including speeches. The students have been generating writing ideas by looking for problems and possible solutions as well as thinking of and writing about noteworthy people in their lives as well as places and things. The students are keeping their audiences in mind and working to persuade them.


4th grade:  Math--Students continue to learn and apply different multiplication methods and fraction concepts. PARCC practice, http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/math/

 Reading--Students are working the PARCC test this week: http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/english/

Students will continue to work on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. Fourth graders are reading independently at their level, summarizing what they’ve read and taking AR Tests.  They are also working on making inferences from information in texts.

Social Studies--Students continue to focus on various periods in Ohio’s history.  We’ve explored from the early settlement of the Ohio area to Ohio becoming a state including the Northwest Territory and Northwest Ordinance.

Science--Students are continuing to learn about fossils and changes to ecosystems.

Writing--Students are working on informational writing for this quarter.  Currently, 4th graders are organizing information and writing an informational piece based on one or two nonfiction texts.



Music:  This week 1st Grade is beginning songs for their concert.  The first grade concert is all about books we love to read.  We will be learning songs for Dr. Seuss, Pete the Cat, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and many more.  This will be a very exciting time for 1st grade.  The students will be able to use all their music knowledge they have learned so far this year.  The concert is set for April 21st.  More information will come home closer to the concert.

Art:  Students in grade four will continue working on giant Hawaiian sculptures for the art show.  Students will complete a shark photo booth sculpture, sharks for a shark tank, Hawaiian volcano, giant sunglasses, and Tiki statues.  Mr. Kiefer and Mr. Gray’s fourth grade will be completing drawings of sharks.  Mrs. Brosier’s class will begin painting enlargements of Hawaii’s state flower the Hibiscus.  Mr. Jefferson’s fourth grade will continue working on a paper collage of palm trees and splatter printing volcanoes.  

Physical Education: Students in the third grade will continue to practice hitting the bump pass for volleyball.  This week we will begin learning how to serve underhand.  Our students will learn the proper rotation and scoring system for volleyball as well as learning the history of the game.  Game play will begin this week once we have the above skills.  We will continue to go over the nutrition concepts we learned a couple of weeks ago.  This week we will talk about how to define a ‘sometimes’ food and discuss if our diets consist of too many of these ‘snacks’.

Media Center:  Students in fourth grade will view a slideshow on the various genres found in literature this week.  By introducing students to various genres I hope to motivate students to try different types of fiction books than the “popular” titles everyone reads.  We will also discuss how to use the subject search in the card catalog to locate books by genre.