posted Mar 9, 2015, 12:24 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten we are reading about zoo animals.  Students will be learning some facts about different animals and comparing the characteristics of different animals.  Students will also be listening to stories about sound to gain an understanding of how vibrations make sound.  Students will experiment with sound using some instruments and listen for different types of sounds.  In math, we are starting to explore subtraction.  Students will be completing their on demand writing piece for How-To writing and we will begin wrapping up our informational writing unit. The hunk and chunk of the week is "ow".  Our sight words of the week are "because" and "let".  

1st grade:

Math:  We are working with more story problems and beginning to compare numbers using greater than, less than and equal to.

Reading:  This week we are working on reading strategies for different levels, monitoring comprehension, reading for fluency, and self-correcting quickly.  We will also continue to practice Decoding multi syllable words, finding meaning of unknown words using context clues, talking about text with partners, and rereading to determine the importance of different parts of the text.

Science/Social Studies:  We will continue learning and discussing Dr. Seuss.

Writing:  Continuing to learn how to write Opinion pieces.

2nd grade:  Second graders continue to read biographies!  This week, students are learning about Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison!  Using biographies about their lives, they are learning about how their inventions changed life.  Students are also working in literature circles to learn about these two inventors.  Each child has a different role in his/ her group.  The “connector” makes a connection between his/ her life and the inventor.  The “judge” guides the group to decide on the inventor’s best invention and explain why.  The “reporter” guides the group to find the main idea of the biography.  The “host” guides the group on an essential question about the inventor.  Students have also started to do research on a famous American of their choice for our Wax Museum that we will have next week!

In writing, students continue to write opinion letters about favorite books.  This week students are nominating their favorite books for awards.  They are writing letters to persuade others to give their chosen book an award.  Students are working hard on supporting their opinions with reasons and examples.  We are working on using quotation marks to use examples from the book.

This is the last week of measurement in math!  Students are solving number stories about measurement.  We have practiced using number lines, the ruler, and equations to help us solve these word problems.

3rd grade:  This is quite a busy week for third grade! Much of our time will be spent rehearsing for our musical. The students will be rehearsing as a grade level Monday and Wednesday afternoon, and again Thursday morning at the high school. Then, Friday afternoon, we will be performing for the rest of the school!

This week also finds us taking our first session of PARCC PBA Math. We have been practicing in class using the tools and working on answering questions with multiple correct answers and multiple parts.

In addition, this week is very close to the end of the quarter, and so the students will be completing Quarterly Assessments in both reading and math. Each of these will be broken up over a couple of days.

We will continue to work on fractions in math, locating fractions on a number line and partitioning shapes into equal pieces. Much of our math time this week will be spent on assessments.

For Guided Reading we will be completing the Quarterly Assessments and the PARCC. When we are able, the teachers will begin assessing the students on DRAs and Running Records for the end of the quarter. 

During language this week, we will review and continue working with homophones. The spelling pattern this week is plurals of words ending in y.

In science, we will continue to work on life cycles and heredity; this week switching from plants to animals. The students will be looking at how animals are grouped and how animals grow and change.

During writing, students will continue to write opinion pieces, including speeches. The students have been generating writing ideas by looking for problems and possible solutions as well as thinking of and writing about noteworthy people in their lives as well as places and things. The students are keeping their audiences in mind and working to persuade them. They will also be working to develop strong thesis statements and conclusions.

4th grade:  Math--Fractions, fractions, fractions.  Another week of understanding equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.  This is also the week students will be taking two sections of the PARCC test in math.  One on Tuesday and one of Thursday. The PARCC practice site is located at http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/math/.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. Fourth graders are reading independently at their level, summarizing what they’ve read and taking AR Tests.  They are also working on making inferences from information in texts.  The first round of reading PARCC tests is over.

Social Studies--Students continue to focus on various periods in Ohio’s history.  We’ve explored from the early settlement of the Ohio area to Ohio becoming a state including the Northwest Territory and Northwest Ordinance.

Science--Students are continuing to learn about fossils and changes to ecosystems.

Writing--Students are working on informational writing for this quarter.  Currently, 4th graders are organizing information and writing an informational piece based on one or two nonfiction texts.  Students will be writing their assessed pieces either this week of next week.


Music:  This week 1st Grade is beginning songs for their concert.  The first grade concert is all about books we love to read.  We will be learning songs for Dr. Seuss, Pete the Cat, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and many more.  This will be a very exciting time for 1st grade.  The students will be able to use all their music knowledge they have learned so far this year.  The concert is set for April 21st.  More information will come home closer to the concert.


Art: Students in second grade are completing drawings of Easter rabbits for a contest.  Our wonderful lunchroom ladies will be the judges.  The lunchroom ladies at Elda have hosted our students’ artwork throughout the year.  They love displaying the students’ art work in the cafeteria.  Students in grades 1-4 that win the contest will receive a stuffed animal of their choice from the art room.  Our second graders are also continuing their work on art show projects.  Some of our classes worked on a giant pineapple sculpture like Spongebob’s undersea house.  We will be adding a door and window just like the Spongebob cartoon.  Mrs. Jackson’s class will be adding a lobster to a mosaic filled background.  Mrs. Fry’s class has made a sky picture with a silhouette of Honolulu adding their own digital photo to complete the project.  Mrs. Jelinek’s class and Mrs. Shouse’s class painted very colorful Hawaiian shirts.


Physical Education: Students in the fourth grade will begin to play volleyball.  The focus this week is to put into practice our bump pass and what we learned last week with the underhand serve.  This game play experience gives them the chance to see how difficult serving in volleyball is.  Most students shrug this skill off thinking it’s easy.  Once the net is raised they see how difficult this task really is.  Our students will learn the proper rotation and scoring system for volleyball as well as learning the history of the game.  We will continue to go over the nutrition concepts we learned a couple of weeks ago.  This week we will talk about how to define a ‘sometimes’ food and discuss if our diets consist of too many of these ‘snacks’.


Media Center:  Students in first grade will be reading the book We’re going On A Book Hunt by Pat Miller.  We will be discussing finding book “treasures” by searching for a book they have not read before.  While we all enjoy books by known authors, I like to encourage our students to branch out and try to discover a new author or series that they enjoy reading.