posted Mar 17, 2015, 3:45 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in kindergarten we will be learning about St. Patrick's Day and its origin along with the traditions surrounding this holiday.  In math, we will continue learning the different strategies we can use while adding and we will be encouraged to get in the habit of double checking our answers.  We will also learn a "Number Word Rap" to help us remember how to spell those tricky number words.  In reading, we will continue working on decoding unfamiliar cvc words and we will focus on the long sounds that each vowel can make.  We will also build our vocabulary by learning and expanding upon synonym and antonym pairs after learning the new sight word "say" along with the "ay" hunk and chunk.  With all of this hard work, we are well on our way to becoming great readers!

1st grade:  First graders will be busy showing all their reading skills off in third quarter DRA's.  To be considered "on track" in reading, first graders should be reading a level G/14.

We are learning about geometry, shapes and their attributes, math fact fluency and story problems.

All classrooms will be immersed in hands on learning about Ohio birds and their adaptations.  First graders are excited to continue learning about Dr. Seuss during Right To Read Week.  There are many school and class wide activities we will be taking part in this week.  


2nd grade:  Second graders are finishing up their unit on biographies.  Students worked hard to research a famous American, write a speech to give information about this person, and will dress up to represent who this person is.  They will participate in a “wax museum” on Thursday or Friday to share what they have learned!  In writing, students are finished with writing their opinion letters.  We spent the last few days of the quarter discussing and practicing good introductions and conclusions.  Students completed their final writing piece that will be graded for report cards.  In math, we are reviewing measurement, multiplication, and graphing.    


3rd grade:  This week we will be taking our second session of PARCC PBA Math. We have been practicing in class using the tools and working on answering questions with multiple correct answers and multiple parts.

We will continue to work on fractions in math, locating fractions on a number line and partitioning shapes into equal pieces. We will eventually compare fractions and find equivalent fractions using our fraction tiles.

For Guided Reading the teachers will begin assessing the students on DRAs and Running Records for the end of the quarter. During this time, other students will be working independently in small groups on reinforcing skills they have already discussed in class.

During language this week, we will be working on contractions. The spelling pattern this week is plurals of words ending in f.

In science, we will continue to work on life cycles and heredity; this week switching from plants to animals. The students will be looking at how animals are grouped and how animals grow and change.

During writing, students will be taking what they have learned from the opinion unit and write an on-demand this week for a grade. In the last quarter, students will be creating a fairy tale.

4th grade:  Math--Students are still working on fraction concepts.  Finding common denominators, comparing fractions, and ordering fractions.  Students are also working on computation strategies.  Students should be checking all subtraction problems with addition, and checking all division problems with multiplication.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. Fourth graders are reading independently at their level, summarizing what they’ve read and taking AR Tests.  They are also working on making inferences from information in texts.  Please continue to encourage students to read at home.  Practice is the only way they will become better readers.

Social Studies--Students continue to focus on various periods in Ohio’s history.  We’ve explored from the early settlement of the Ohio area to Ohio becoming a state including the Northwest Territory and Northwest Ordinance.  On Tuesday, students will be taking the AIR test for social studies.

Science--Students are continuing to learn about fossils and changes to ecosystems.

Writing--This is the last week of informational writing.  Some students wrote their assessed pieces last week.  Other students will be writing them this week.  Up next in writing, literary essays.

Have a great spring break!



Music:  This week 1st Grade is beginning songs for their concert.  The first grade concert is all about books we love to read.  We will be learning songs for Dr. Seuss, Pete the Cat, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and many more.  This will be a very exciting time for 1st grade.  The students will be able to use all their music knowledge they have learned so far this year.  The concert is set for April 21st.  More information will come home closer to the concert.


Art: This students week will be helping build and decorate sculptures for this year’s art show.  The art show’s theme this year is Hawaiian art!  In addition to the Hawaiian theme we will be including three cartoons into our island theme.  Students are designing sculptures that include Spongebob, Little Mermaid, and the Minions.  Mrs. Compton’s third grade is creating gigantic sunglasses with the Hawaiian landscape reflecting in the lenses.  Mrs. Maybury’s third grade will be creating tiki totem poles using cardboard and found objects.  Miss Christophers’ third grade will be creating a 3D seascape which includes their self surfing.  All classes will create drawings of sharks for a shark tank.  


Physical Education: Students in the fourth grade will continue to play volleyball.  The focus this week is to put into practice our bump pass and what we learned last week with the underhand serve.  This game play experience gives them the chance to see how difficult serving in volleyball is.  Most students shrug this skill off thinking it’s easy.  Once the net is raised they see how difficult this task really is.  Our students will learn the proper rotation and scoring system for volleyball as well as learning the history of the game.  We will continue to go over the nutrition concepts we learned a couple of weeks ago.  This week we will talk about how to define a ‘sometimes’ food and discuss if our diets consist of too many of these ‘snacks’.


Media Center:  Students in second grade will be reading books with rhyming text. Rhyming and rhythm are very important skills that help a reader learn to use inflection, an animation when reading aloud. Rhyming also prepares children to make predictions while learning words and gives them crucial decoding skills.  While we all recognize Dr. Seuss books as the most familiar books having rhyming text, we will be reading books by David McPhail, Lois Ehlert and Shel Silverstein who also write fun rhyming text in their books!