posted Apr 13, 2015, 1:07 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in kindergarten we will be learning about plant life and flowers! We will be looking at the cycle from seed to flower and working on labeling the parts of a flower. We will add the sight word "run" to our word wall and continue to work on opinion writing in writing workshop. Students are doing an amazing job of observing things around the school they would like to change and expressing their opinion on how and why those things need to be changed. In math we will continue working on subtraction facts within the sum of 10. 

1st grade: 

Fourth quarter writing is all about Realistic Fiction!  Students are learning how to create a character and write about them in "real" or small moment stories.  First graders are discovering how to use dialogue or talking words to make their character come to life.

In math we are creating a picture with 2D shapes and giving reasons and evidence about shapes. We are also working on shape-sorts and introduction to the circle, partitioning circles and rectangles with string and play-dough.  We are also having discussions about halves, quarters and fourths.

Classes will begin the unit of study on plants.  Learning about plant seeds, plant life cycles & stages and we will be planting seeds. 

In small reading groups – We are working on reading strategies for different levels, monitoring comprehension, reading for fluency, self-correcting quickly.  We will also work on synthesizing stories, phrasing and fluency, inferring, compare and contrast, text as evidence, connections, etc…


2nd grade: Students have been learning about fables this week!  They are finding the moral of the fable and recounting the story.  In math, students have been learning about money!  This week we have focused on counting collections of coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters).  We are also working on making equivalent amounts using different coins.  Students love writing poetry!  We are looking at ordinary objects through poet’s eyes.  Students are using their imaginations to write creative poems!  To help with being creative, we are learning about adjectives in language.  Students are adding adjectives into their poems to make them more interesting.


3rd grade: 

Last week the entire third grade completed MAP testing in reading, math and science. Students recorded their data and were able to see how they had improved over the year.

This week some third grade classes will be finishing up the fractions unit in math and assessing. Other classes will be continuing the fractions unit, working on equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and reviewing all fraction standards.

For Guided Reading, students will be studying fairy tales, fables, and myths. Students will read short stories in small groups, discuss them and find the moral of the stories.

Language this week finds students reviewing using dialogue correctly with quotation marks and commas. The students can then use them in their fairy tales.

In social studies, we began economics last week. The students discussed incentives that they have here at school and at home. This week they will be talking about scarcity and supply and demand.

During writing, students will continue to write fairy tale adaptations. Students have chosen a well-known fairy tale to adapt such as Little Red Riding Hood, or The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. Classes are adapting Cinderella as a whole class.


4th grade: Math--This week, students will be classifying quadrilaterals by their angles and their sides.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. The focus of this quarter will be on literary texts.  Students will be writing journal entries and discussing their texts in small groups.

Social Studies--Students are learning about immigrants who came to Ohio.  Students will be studying why they came, and what the immigrants did when they got to Ohio.  They will also take the SLO posttest this week.

Science--Students will be finishing up their study of ecosystems.  They will also use scientific processes to measure objects.

Writing--Literary essays will be the focus for this quarter.  Students will be coming up with thesis statements, and supporting them with evidence from the text.


Music:  Fourth grade students have finished their recorder unit.  Students did an excellent job working through the Recorder Karate belt songs!  We have now begun working on our concert songs.  This year we are doing a concert full of Rock & Roll classics.  It is sure to be a fun concert!

Art: In art this week Mrs. Fry’s students are completing a picture of themselves surfing and adding it to their seascape.  Mrs. Jackson’s class will be completing a mosaic and adding a lobster to complete it.  Mrs. Jelinek’s class will complete Hawaiian windsocks.  Mr. Williams’ class will complete painting a crayon-resist sea turtle picture.

Physical Education: Students will continue to play baseball/tee ball this week.  We will work on fielding and catching fly balls and ground balls with a baseball glove.  We will be continuing to do the new warm up exercise that will tax the students cardiovascular system, the burpee.  This is going to get us ready for our upcoming physical fitness test of the fourth quarter, push ups.  The students have been working all year long on improving the score from the first quarter with practice in class and assigned practice at home.  If they have been working hard the students will show great improvement on this test.  The students have been informed of a nutrition and health quiz for the fourth quarter.  All of the information to study for the quiz is on my website, ericgreiser.wix.com/greiserclasselda.

Media Center:  This week we are MAP Testing in the Media Center.  When we resume our regular media schedule next week, fourth grade students will be learning about credible sources online.  We will view various sites and determine which sites can be trusted to have accurate information and which might be more opinion than information. We will look at determining who the author of the site is, what the authors credentials are, when the site was last updated and is the information fact or opinion.