posted Apr 27, 2015, 1:22 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten we are learning all about frogs.  Students are learning some fun facts about frogs and about a frog's life cycle!  In math, we are continuing to explore subtraction and we are reviewing three-dimensional shapes. Students are still working on opinion writing in writing workshop and are concentrating on using all the strategies they know to help them write words.  Our sight word of the week is "up".

1st grade: We will begin the thematic unit on economics.  First graders will learn the difference between goods and services and how to spend money wisely with good choices. 

In math we will be looping back to addition and subtraction relationships, breaking number sentences into number bonds and taking apart addition and subtraction number word problems.

Fourth quarter writing is all about Realistic Fiction!  Students are learning how to create a character and write about them in "real" or small moment stories.  First graders are discovering how to use dialogue or talking words to make their character come to life.

In small reading groups – we are working on reading strategies for different levels, monitoring comprehension, and reading for fluency. 

2nd grade: Second grade students have started a baseball mini unit!  We will use the baseball theme to teach a variety to language arts skills.  We also have some great baseball books and poems to read to the class. Math continues to focus on three digit addition and subtraction.  Students will write poetry for the rest of the year in writing!  Don’t forget that second graders are traveling to the Great American Ballpark on Thursday for our field trip!  Students will participate in a social studies program and take a tour of the Hall of Fame and the ballpark!  Don’t forget to pack a lunch with all disposable items and wear comfortable walking shoes! 

3rd grade:  In Math, we will be starting our geometry unit by learning about lines, line segments and rays as well as angles. This will help us to identify and describe polygons.  Some classes will also start working on identifying the differences between intersecting, perpendicular, and parallel lines.

The students will be taking the OAA on Wednesday!!

Language this week the students will learn about what words need to be capitalized in titles (books, magazines, movies, and songs).  The students will also be able to write an address the correct way.  Being able to identify where the commas go in between the cities and states.

In Social Studies we will be talking about the different resources we use to make products we use everyday!  The students will also learn about “Producers and Consumers”.

During writing, students are continuing to write fairy tale adaptations. Students have chosen a well-known fairy tale to adapt such as Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. Classes are adapting Cinderella as a whole class.  We are also focusing on writing dialogue and narration within our fairy tales.

4th grade: Math--This week, students will be using protractors to measure and draw angles.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. The focus of this quarter will be on literary texts.  Students will be writing journal entries and discussing their texts in small groups.

Social Studies--Students will be learning about concepts in economics: goods, services, entrepreneurship, and factors of production.  

Science--Students will be finishing up their study of ecosystems.  They will also use scientific processes to measure objects.

Writing--Literary essays will be the focus for this quarter.  Students will be coming up with thesis statements, and supporting them with evidence from the text.


Music:  First grade students are learning about the four families of instruments in the orchestra.  They are completing their very own instrument book and watching some pretty cool videos about the different instruments.  Soon we will be singing and playing songs all about springtime and gardening.

Art: In art this week grade 4 is completing art show sculptures.  Students will be finishing up projects for the art show and name tagging all completed work.  Students who are completed with their work will be making decorations, helping mount artwork, and making signs for the art show.  Miss Carrel’s class is making a mosaic picture then adding a fish to complete it.  Mrs. Brosiers’ class will be adding digital photos to complete a crayon resist cityscape.  Mr. Gray’s class made Tiki poles and made Hawaiian game show cards.  Mr. Jefferson’s class made 3-D waves and added them selves surfing.  Mrs. Brosier’s class painted gigantic Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers.

Physical Education: Students in the second grade have been very excited to begin playing soccer last week.  We have been playing 6 vs 6 and have learned the basic objectives for the two main positions we are concentrating on, offense (forwards) and defense (defenders).  This week we will continue to play and weather permitting hopefully get the chance to get outside and play with more on the field at a time.  I will be introducing the midfield position when we get outside.  We will be learning a new set of dynamic stretching activities as well as increasing the number of Burpees we have been doing this week.   

Media Center:  All of our First Grade classes will be learning about Internet Browsers this week.  We will discuss what they are, what they do and which two we use most of the time here at school.  We will then use an internet browser to access INFOhio and explore WorldBook’s Early World of Learning on the media center computers.