posted May 11, 2015, 2:08 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten we will be exploring the world of insects! We will add "is" to our word wall and continue writing opinion letters, posters, announcements, and stories to help make our world a better place. In Media, students will work on publishing sentences on the computer. We will also have a visit from Sharon Edwards this week teaching the students about animal habitats and then we will get to see one of these habitats in person on our field trip at Farbach Werner Nature Preserve where students will be lead on a Frog Exploration!

1st grade: Fourth quarter writing is all about Realistic Fiction!  Students are learning how to create a character and write about them in "real" or small moment stories.  First graders are discovering how to use dialogue or talking words to make their character come to life.

In small reading groups – we are working on reading strategies for different levels, monitoring comprehension, and reading for fluency. 

2nd grade: Reading this week continues to focus on fairy tales.  Students are reading different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We are comparing the different versions of the story and discussing different points of view.  Math continues to focus on triple digit subtraction.  Students are practicing regrouping in the hundreds, tens, and ones place to subtract these multiple digit numbers!  Poetry continues to be the focus for writing.  This week students are stretching out comparative language throughout their entire poems! 

3rd grade:  In Math, the third grade classes will continue working on their geometry unit by learning about lines, line segments and rays as well as angles. We will be learning about different polygons and their attributes.

For Guided Reading, students will continue to work in small groups on their comprehension skills, such as asking and answering questions, summarizing, drawing conclusions, etc.  We are focusing on folktales, fables, and myths.

In Language this week, students will begin practicing dictionary skills.

In Social Studies, students are taking the unit test on Economics.

We will introduce our unit on Matter in Science this week.

During writing, students will continue to write fairy tale adaptations. Students have chosen a well-known fairy tale to adapt such as Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. Classes are adapting Cinderella as a whole class.  Students will also be developing their own original fairytales.


4th grade: Math--This week, students will be learning about perimeter and area.  Students will also be learning about line plots with fractions.  They will create, read, and analyze them.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. The focus of this quarter will be on literary texts.  Students will be writing journal entries and discussing their texts in small groups.  The last round of running records and DRAs will also be happening this week.

Social Studies--Students will be learning about concepts in economics.  Goods, services, entrepreneurship, and factors of production.  

Science--Students will be finishing up their study of ecosystems.  They will also use scientific processes to measure objects.

Writing--Literary essays will be the focus for this quarter.  Students will be coming up with thesis statements, and supporting them with evidence from the text.



Music:  Third grade students are finishing instrument research project.  Each group researched their own instrument in the orchestra.  Then students went on a “scavenger hunt” to answer questions about all the different instruments.  We will be finishing the year with a trip to Africa.  We will be learning various songs and dances from different countries in Africa.

Art: In art this week students in Grade 2 will be making mosaic and collage murals for our cafeteria display during the art show.  Special reminder for second graders to bring in their favorite digital photograph for the photo contest during the art show May 28 in Elda’s gym.  Students in second grade will also be helping create art show decorations and complete sculptures for the art show.  Second grade classes who are finished with all work will begin designing covers for a drawing portfolio for a collection of their work.

Physical Education: Students in the third grade will continue to play baseball/tee ball this week.  We will work on fielding and catching fly balls and ground balls with a baseball glove.  We will be continuing to do the new warm up exercise that will tax the students cardiovascular system, the burpee. Please visit my website, ericgreiser.wix.com/greiserclasselda. 

Media Center:  This week during media Second grade students will hear the story Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz. We will then compare and contrast this version of the folktale to the typical Red Riding Hood Story. Students will also be reminded to keep working on their Accelerated Reader points as the last day for earning points is May 20, 2015.