posted Sep 15, 2014, 1:39 PM by Jesse Kohls   [ updated Sep 15, 2014, 1:40 PM ]

Kindergarten:  This week in kindergarten, students will be working hard to get to know their classmates even better!  It is ‘All About Me’ week.  We will be reading stories about loving our own special qualities and discussing how it is okay to have some traits that are different.  Students will be comparing their own personal traits and sorting based on these traits.  Students will work on spelling and writing their own names by completing name puzzles, creating their name cards for the word wall, and completing a silly poem with their names.  In writing workshop, these kindergarten writers will begin learning how to stretch out the sounds they hear in words and continue to share their own personal stories.  We are off to a great start!


Grade 1:  We are becoming good Elda citizens by learning classroom rules, school rules and café rules.  First graders are becoming scientists by observing and sorting various objects.  We are beginning to investigate math workshop and Daily Five/language arts routines around the rooms.  Homework is beginning this week for several of the first grade classrooms.  In writing workshop, we are discovering many personal narratives that first graders can begin to write! 


Grade 2:  We are ready for another busy week in second grade.  We will continue with MAP testing.  The data we will receive from MAP will help us to individualize our instruction to meet the needs of the students in our classes.

In reading we will be learning about making connections to text.  When reading we talk about relating ourselves to a text.  A book may remind us of another book we read or we may connect a story to a real world event.  We have also been working on beginning, middle and end.  In ELA we have been working with nouns, including proper nouns, collective nouns and plural nouns. In math we have been learning about place value, comparing numbers, greater than, less than or equal.  We have also worked on collecting data and graphing.  In writing we have begun working on small moment stories. You can help your child by reminding them of things that happen at home can become stories they write at school. In social studies we are wrapping up lessons or citizenship, rules and routines. This week, we will have lessons on the US Constitution.


Grade 3: Teachers are continuing to work with students one-on-one to determine their instructional reading levels using the DRA. During this time, the students are working independently and in small groups on literacy centers.

In writing, the students are creating their own individualized writing goals of what they would like to improve about their own writing. This is helping them to reach further in their personal narratives. Students are also learning about how to choose things to write about.

Language this week is continuing proper nouns, and beginning work with conjunctions, watching “Conjunction Junction” from Schoolhouse Rock as an introduction.

Students are working on rounding in math this week. We will continue to incorporate our work with place value from last week in order to make rounding more meaningful and improve deeper understanding.      

Earth’s Resources are still being studied as students learn more about conservation of our natural resources. They are adding words to their vocabulary binders and creating a valuable resource. We will also be using a hands-on activity from Picture Perfect Science to learn more about the value of trees!


Grade 4:  Math - We will continue working on number sense; where digits are, their values, writing numbers in expanded, standard, and word form.  We will also be working on rounding numbers to different places.

Reading - This week we hope to finish up the first round of DRAs for our 4th graders.  Along with that, students will be doing character studies where they try to describe characters in texts and support their thinking with details from the text.

Social Studies - The focus this week will continue to be Ohio’s relative and absolute location in the world.  We will also be studying the different regions of Ohio.

Science - Weathering, erosion, and deposition are the topics of study this week.

Writing - Students have begun writing believable fiction narratives.  The emphasis this week will be on the arc of a story.



Specials teachers will highlight a different grade-level each week.

 Music:  First grade has been working on keeping the "heartbeat" in music.  They can tap the heartbeat on our bodies and move around the room to it.  First grade has also been working on different ways to use their voices.  They can speak with a normal voice, calling voice, whisper voice and have even been working on exploring their singing voice.  

 Physical Education:  First grade learned their basic hamstring stretches last week.  They are learning to jog.  We were up to jogging for 2 minutes and 30 seconds last week and are going to reach 3 minutes and 30 seconds by the end of this week.  We are going over our basic movement concepts of running, skipping, sliding, jumping, hopping, and galloping. 

 Art:   In art 1st grade students are learning how artists use shapes, lines, and color, to create pictures.  We are also creating fall projects.