posted Sep 23, 2014, 10:57 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week we are welcoming the official start of fall! We will be discussing the four seasons and what makes each season different. We will be exploring the season of fall further with a scavenger hunt outside in Elda's Nature Reserve.  Students will be using all of their senses to notice signs that fall is here. Some of the things they will see include acorns, leaves, birds, sticks, squirrels, pine cones, and bugs! In writing workshop we will continue stretching out words and writing down the sounds we hear to create our small moment stories. We will add the word "like" to our word wall and continue practice reading and writing our sight words. Happy fall!

1st grade:

The first grade readiness assessments are complete and beginning of the year DRA's are being finalized.  The student scores will be included in the upcoming progress reports.  Please review this information.  You can support your child at home by going over the areas that they need to grow so that your first grader is prepared and ready to learn!  This week a couple of first grade classrooms will have a special visitor to teach us about apples.  Next week, the remaining classrooms will get the same visitor and experience the apple fun! 


2nd grade:

It’s hard to believe that we are over half way through the first quarter!  In reading, students are working in small, guided reading groups.  Students read and work with books that are at their individual levels!  This week classes will begin focusing on asking and answering questions with fictional stories.  Students know that when they ask and answer questions about what they read, it helps them to better understand the story! 

In writing, students are writing personal narratives.  Second grade is focusing on writing about special small moment stories.  Students have been working hard to write a beginning that includes the setting or an action that hooks the reader.  In the middle, students have been practicing zooming in and giving lots of details.  This week we will introduce writing an ending that gives closure to the story.  

Weekly math lessons have focused on using several strategies to solve math number stories.  Students are also writing to explain how they solve these story problems.  All second graders have started to take math fact quizzes in class.  Please continue practicing these at home!    


3rd grade:

Teachers are finishing-up working with students one-on-one to determine their instructional reading levels using the DRA. During this time, the students are working independently and in small groups on literacy centers. Classes will then be dividing students into reading groups and working on story elements from leveled texts.

In writing, the students are brainstorming ideas using people or animals that matter most to them or places they have been to create a personal narrative using one of these ideas.

Language this week is continuing work with conjunctions. Students have learned that conjunctions are words that “glue” two sentences together.

Students are working on rounding in math this week to the nearest ten or hundred. When we start adding and subtracting this week, rounding will be a way for us to check our answers!

Earth’s Resources are still being studied as students learn more about ways to reuse our resources. We will also be using a hands-on activity from Picture Perfect Science to learn more about the value of trees called “Be a Friend to a Tree!”


4th grade:

Math - We will continue working on number sense; where digits are, their values, writing numbers in expanded, standard, and word form.  We will also be working on rounding numbers to different places.

Reading - This week we hope to finish up the first round of DRAs for our 4th graders.  Along with that, students will be doing character studies where they try to describe characters in texts and support their thinking with details from the text.

Social Studies - The focus this week will continue to be Ohio’s relative and absolute location in the world.  We will also be studying the different regions of Ohio.

Science - Weathering, erosion, and deposition are the topics of study this week.  Volcanoes and earthquakes will also be studied.

Writing - Students have begun writing realistic fiction stories.  The emphasis this week will be on the arc of a story and drafting.



Art:  Second grade students have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh.  They have been creating sunflowers using mixed-media, glue resist technique, and watercolor. Our hallways are looking very much like fall with second grades colorful 3-D pumpkins.  Students created their pumpkins using orange construction paper, vines created from spirals, purple stems and blue leaves. Students in Second grade are also learning how to use the digital camera during art class taking pictures of classmates working on their art and artist work as well. Students’ photos are shared at the end of art class as a classroom slideshow!

Music:  Second grade students have been hard at work reviewing the different notes and rests we use to make rhythms.  We have sung songs using Pumpkin rhythms and Fish rhythms.  This week we are exploring a new note!  We are even using our shoes to help us figure out what length this note is!!!  

Media Center:  This week classes will be learning about Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)  and what their responsibilities are when using our school’s technology.  Students will also be learning about taking care of the library books they check out and hopefully having some time for a story!

Counselor:  This week, students will be getting a short lesson from Mrs. Bell, our School Counselor!  Mrs. Bell and Chandler (her puppet sidekick) have made a short video explaining what a school counselor is and what they do. You can learn about school counselors too; you can find the video on Youtube, http://youtu.be/3YZ8JRyNoJM.  The video is called "Learning about School Counselors" on the "EldaCounselor" channel.