posted Sep 30, 2014, 5:23 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in Kindergarten we will be learning about fire safety and the role of firefighters in our community.  We will begin looking at numbers represented in ten frames and will sequence numbers through 15.  In writing, we will be stretching out sounds in words and writing what we hear as well as focusing on adding details to our writing by asking questions like where, how and when.  The sight word "it" will be added to our word wall and we will practice reading this word in a daily poem.  We will continue reinforcing fall concepts and using our five senses to explore and describe the world around us.


1st grade:

A visit from Ms. Sharon Edwards will complete our unit of apple study.  We will begin a two week investigation into the seasons, weather and how the sun warms the earth.  In math, the continuation of building number sense with five and ten frames along with dominoes will lead to a strong base for our 10's club!  First graders are firmly becoming "small moments" writers.  Stories about our lives with a beginning, middle and end are becoming more evident in each classroom!


2nd grade:

Reading:  Students are learning about asking and answering questions about their reading.  We continue to work with small reading groups to offer our student individualized lessons.

Spelling:  During the week students work on different activities to practice their spelling words.  This includes using magnetic letters to build their words, buddy check and writing words in sentences. 

Language:  Students are learning that past tense verbs are words that refer to an action that has already happened.  

Writing:  Students continue to write personal narratives.  This week, second graders are using Jane Yolen (author of Owl Moon) as a mentor or coach.  Students are trying to make their writing more powerful by describing exactly what they see, feel, and hear.  We have also been practicing reading like a detective looking for ways to revise and edit writing.

Math: We continue to work with addition and subtraction strategies.  We are also working with story problems and looking for important information to solve the problems. 


3rd grade:

In reading, students will each be working in whole and small group settings to identifying story elements in fiction text.  We will also be practicing for the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) by reading and answering questions from past story selections.

In writer’s workshop, students are continuing to write their personal narratives.  Teachers will be modeling the steps of writing a narrative, such as editing as we go and making sure we are storytelling our small moments.

In language, students are finishing lessons on “gluing” our sentences together with conjunctions.  We will also start learning about pronouns and how we can use them to replace nouns in our writing.

In math, students will continue to review rounding and estimating to the nearest tens and hundreds.  We will also start solving one-step word problems by identifying important information and key words, such as, altogether, in all, and how many more.

In science, students will continue to learn about earth’s resources.  We will learn that rocks are made of different minerals.  We will also learn how rocks can be classified by their different characteristics, such as color, texture, and magnetism.  


4th grade:

Math - We will continue working on number sense: estimation by rounding, then adding for an exact answer.  Multiplication will be a focus as well, introducing multiplying two and three digit numbers by a one digit number.  Problem Solving Friday is a highlight of the week!  Students solve difficult word problems in groups and individually by applying various problem-solving strategies…Challenging and fun!

Reading - Students are reading a variety of texts at their level, investigating character’s (thoughts, words and actions) and finding specific details from the text to describe the setting and events in depth.  Classes are enjoying read aloud texts as well!  Our first quarter AR goal is 9 points.  Read on fourth graders!

Social Studies - The focus this week is finishing up Ohio’s regions: the land, the resources, and cities.  We will then begin the study of the first people in Ohio.

Science - Weathering, erosion, and deposition are the topics of study this week.  Volcanoes and earthquakes will also be studied.

Writing - Our students are writers!  We continue to work on fictional and realistic narratives focusing on the arc of the story, developing events with description & action, and creating rounded believable characters. Peer editing and sharing our writing on the Ladybug has been a great way to go through the writing process and gather new ideas.



Art:   Students in third grade have been learning how to paint with watercolor.  Mrs. Kingsley's class learned how to draw a landscape with fall trees.  They created a crayon-resist then painted the background adding reflections with watercolor.  Some third grade classes learned how to use 7 steps to shading while creating insects under a magnifying glass.  Mrs. Christopher's third grade drew fall corn, coloring the background in hot colors then painting the corn with cool colors.

Music:  Third grade students are continuing to review all the notes and rests they have learned in previous years.  Students are also learning how to sing and play a new note, the whole note, which equals 4 beats.  Third graders have also been moving their bodies learning a new folk dance called Alabama Gal.  All of the third grade classes have earned their musical game day due to their great behavior in music class.  This week they will be playing musical themed Olympic games as a reward.

Physical Education: Students are continuing to advance in their cardiorespiratory endurance practice.  We are up to running approximately a half-mile.  We are continuing to learn how to do proper right angle push-ups and increasing our core strength in class.  This week the focus in class is throwing.  We are playing some target games that work on overhand throws and underhand throws.  Students are really working hard in class I am very proud of their work ethic in class.

Media Center:  This week classes will be learning about Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and what their responsibilities are when using our school’s technology.  Students will also be learning about taking care of the library books they check out and hopefully having some time for a story!