posted Oct 6, 2014, 2:12 PM by Jesse Kohls


This week in Kindergarten we are using apples to explore many different concepts.  We are reading stories about apples and discussing the information we read and see in the stories.  We are counting apples, graphing our favorite kinds of apples, comparing data, sorting apples based on properties, and using our five senses to explore all the characteristics of apples.  The sight word "in" has been added to our word wall and we are practicing reading this word in the daily poem.  We are continuing to stretch out the sounds we hear in words and we are building our confidence with using this skill in writing workshop.  We have started centers and students now have the opportunity to work in a variety of different stations with groups of their peers!


1st grade:

This week is fire safety week at Elda.  The Ross Township firefighters will be visiting each of the classrooms along with a visit outside to see the fire truck and ambulance.  We will have a chance to experience the smoke house and learn how to escape a "burning" building safely.  Most classrooms are learning about ten frames and building the number ten.  The "tens club" will be coming up soon!  


2nd grade:

We have had another great week in second grade.  We are really enjoying the time we spend in reading groups. This is great time to work with students in small groups, pairs or one on one. The classes have been practicing asking and answering questions about their reading.  

In ELA we have been working with past tense verbs and irregular past tense verbs.  Isn’t it amazing what second graders know?

In math our main focus has been using a variety of addition and subtraction strategies to solve story problems and being able to write about how they solved the problem.  Writing is a huge part of our learning and it is integrated into every part of the curriculum. 

In science we have been studying worms and how they interact within their environment. We have observed worms in a compost bin and enjoyed some fun literature.


3rd grade:

In reading, students will continue working in whole and small group settings to identifying story elements in fictional text.  We will also be taking the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) on Tuesday.

In writer’s workshop, students are continuing to write their personal narratives.  Teachers will be modeling the steps of writing a narrative, such as editing as we go and making sure we are storytelling our small moments.   

In language, we will finish up learning about pronouns and how we can use them to replace nouns in our writing and will be starting regular plural nouns.

In math, students will continue solving one step word problems by identifying important information and key words, such as, altogether, in all, and how many more.  We will also be starting two-step word problems.

In science, students will continue to learn about earth’s resources.  We will learn that rocks are made of different minerals.  We will also learn how rocks can be classified by their different characteristics, such as color, texture, and magnetism.  We will also be starting rock reports.


4th grade:

Math - This week, we continue to work on multiplication strategies.  Multiplication will be a focus for the next several weeks.  Now would be a good time to review multiplication facts with your students.  As always, students will participate in Problem Solving Friday.

Reading - This week, students will continue to find specific details from texts.  We will use these details to explain characters, plot elements, and setting.  Students will be asked to think deeply about texts as we read them.  Just a reminder the AR goal is 9 points.  The end of the quarter is fast approaching.

Social Studies - This week, we will continue to focus on the first Ohioans.  We will learn about how, where, and when they lived.

Science - This week, we will wrap up weathering, erosion, and deposition.  We will begin to focus on volcanoes and earthquakes.  This week, we will have a guest speaker to talk to us about weathering and erosion.

Writing - This week, we will continue to work on our realistic fiction narratives.  Students will continue to add details to their narratives.  By adding details, students will create actions and believable characters.


Art:   In art this week fourth grade art classes have started creating their own iMovie.  They have been working in the Photo-booth program on our computers in art then transferring fifteen of their best photo effect pictures into an iMovie.  The iMovie has music, words, transitions, color, and other effects that can help create a unique video for each student.  Mr. Jefferson's fourth grade class learned about the artist Marc Chagall and how he created his imaginative paintings.  Mr. Jefferson's class then created their own imaginative piece and will be adding a digital picture of their self to their artwork.  All fourth grade classes finished their fire prevention contest posters this week, good luck students!  All fourth grade classes learned about the artist Pablo Picasso and how he created cubism.  They then designed their own fall leaf cubism pictures by using a ruler, leaf patterns, crayon, and marker.  Mr. Gray's class created a still life drawing adding color with colored pencils.  

Music:  In 4th grade the students have been working on music with different meters.  We have had songs in ¾ and 2/4 meter.  We are even starting to work on a song that switches between the 2 meters every measure. 4th graders have also been working on improvising on the instruments.  We learned a song and were able to improvise in a pentatonic scale.  Wow, lots of vocabulary terms!! Soon the 4th graders will be improvising in different meters to add all the concepts together!

Media Center:  Fourth grade students are discussing texting safely and appropriately. Kindergarten started Media classes this week by listening to I Took My Frog To The Library, and discussing appropriate library behavior.  

Physical Education:  In 4th grade PE students are continuing to increase their upper body and core strength.  We are up to 15 push-ups and 20 sit-ups per class.  Students have also learned a new core strength exercise the ‘plank’.  The lesson focus for the week continues to be throwing with proper mechanics.  Non-dominate side to the target, ball high, above the shoulders, and step with the opposing foot toward the target.  Throws are to be accurate not fast.  Plank test and throw test will be coming soon.