posted Oct 13, 2014, 1:44 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten things are getting a little spooky while we learn about bats and other nocturnal animals! We will be discussing the changes we observe in our Earth from day to night and sorting these characteristics. In Writing Workshop we have started writing stories across multiple pages and continue to work on stretching out the words we want to write by identifying the beginning sound first to get them started. We will add the sight word "out" to our word wall and learn a catchy jingle to help us remember this word. This week will also be a focus on the rhombus, or more commonly known, the diamond. We will be learning to identify the rhombus amongst other shapes and practice calling it by its correct school name. In math we are working on being able to identify the numbers 1-20 in a random order and counting on ten frames. With report cards right around the corner, we will be assessing students on first quarter benchmarks as the class works independently at center time. 


1st grade:  In Science we are continuing to learn about weather and Christopher Columbus.  In Reading we are focusing on reading strategies and how to apply them while we are reading.  We are excited in Math because the 10's club is accepting new members and is filling up fast!  Many of the classes are deep into Daily 5 and math workshop routines.


2nd grade:  Ross firefighters visited second grade classes and presented fire safety information.  Students also had the opportunity to learn about the fire truck and many sat inside of it!  Bookmobile is a new experience for second graders!  Students visited the Lane Public Library Bookmobile this month to check out exciting books. 

Reading:  Students are learning about rhythm and meaning in poems, stories, and songs.  This week students searched for rhyming words, alliteration, and repetition in poetry!  Students discussed how different types of figurative language gave meaning to the poems. 

Spelling:  Second grade classes are focusing on spelling words with long vowel teams.  This week, many classes focused on long vowel a.  Students practiced spelling words with ai in the middle of a word and ay at the end of a word.

Language:  Students are learning that adjectives are words that describe nouns.  To practice using adjectives, students observed a variety of gourds.  They then used adjectives to describe them! 

Writing:  Students continue to write personal narratives.  This week, second graders are using Jane Yolen (author of Owl Moon) as a mentor or coach.  Students are trying to make their writing more powerful by describing exactly what they see, feel, and hear. 

Math: We have been working on identifying coins and their values.  We have also practiced counting money.  

3rd grade:

In reading, students will continue working in whole and small group settings to identify story elements in fiction text.  We will also be taking the 1st Quarter Reading Assessment.

In writer’s workshop, students will complete their personal narratives.  Teachers will be modeling the steps of writing a narrative, such as editing as we go and making sure we are storytelling our small moments. We will prepare to complete our final On-Demand personal narrative piece.

In language, we will learn regular and irregular plural and possessive nouns.

In math, students will practice telling time to the nearest minute, and they will learn to calculate elapsed time. Students will also take the 1st Quarter Reading Assessment.

In science, students will conclude our study of earth’s resources.  We have learned that rocks are made of different minerals.  We will study soil, and will also demonstrate how rocks can be classified by their different characteristics, such as color, texture, and magnetism.  We will finish and share our rock reports.

4th grade:

Math - This week, we continue working on multi-digit addition and subtraction. We are also working on multiplication strategies.  Multiplication will be a focus for the next several weeks.  Now would be a good time to review multiplication facts with your students.  As always, students will participate in Problem Solving Friday.

Reading - This week, students will continue to find specific details from texts.  We will use these details to explain characters, plot elements, and setting.  Students will be asked to think deeply about texts as we read them.  Just a reminder the AR goal is 9 points.  The end of the quarter is fast approaching.

Social Studies - This week, we will continue to focus on the first Ohioans.  We will learn about how, where, and when they lived. Some classes are also working on their "History of Me" Projects, which are due Friday! 

Science - We will continue to focus on volcanoes and earthquakes. 

Writing - This week, we will continue to work on our realistic fiction narratives.  Students will continue to add details to their narratives.  By adding details, students will create actions and believable characters.



Music:  First grade students have been hard at work practicing their singing voices.  We have learned lots of songs with 2 pitches in them.  This week we are going to find out that those 2 pitches are So and Mi.  The students will then find So and Mi on the instruments and be able to play along with our song.  First graders are also working on the direction that melodies travel.  We have done a song about a squirrel traveling up and down a tree.  We will also meet a man named Willum who has some sons who do some silly things.  Ask your student to teach you one or both of the songs.

Media Center:  First grade students are continuing to review and discuss Internet Safety rules and how to use the internet responsibly. We will be reading Dot the Fire Dog, using INFOhio’s Bookflix online, to learn about using illustrations to identify characters, setting and events.

Physical Education: Students are starting the basketball unit this week.  We are learning the basic fundamentals of passing and we will begin to show off our dribbling skills later this week.  We will play a game called ‘Monkey in the Middle’ showing off our new ball fakes and pivot steps to pass the ball around the circle.  We have learned the plank for our core strength exercises and we will continue to practice and master this.  We will also be watching a video on the vascular system this week to show us how our heart and blood vessels get all of the oxygen and nutrients to our cells.