posted Oct 20, 2014, 10:08 AM by Jesse Kohls   [ updated Oct 20, 2014, 11:26 AM ]

Kindergarten:  This week in kindergarten we will be using our five senses to explore the characteristics of pumpkins.  We will learn about their life cycle and how they change over time.  In math, we will continue identifying and sequencing numbers through ten, matching numerals to groups of objects and we will practice writing these numbers as well.  The sight word "see" will be added to our word wall and we will practice reading and writing this new word.  In science, we will receive a visit from Sharon Edwards, a naturalist, who will be taking us on a sensory hike and encouraging us to use our senses to explore our environment.  


1st grade:  Writing:  This week first graders are going to prepare to write their "on-demand" masterpieces.  We've been working all quarter on focusing to create a small moments story.  Our stories contain a beginning, middle (with details), and an ending complete with a final thought. 

Science:  Learning about weather and the responsibility of a meteorologist will be expanded by studying clouds, creating clouds, and discovering the water cycle.  Students will become experts in severe weather and learn about many weather tools.

Math:  Unit 1 and building number sense is coming to an end.  Many classes have a tens club with successful "tens" experts that know all the combinations of ten!  Daily data routines have been established and math workshop routines are practiced each day. 

Reading:  Students will be showing what they know in their quarterly DRA's!  Remember the end of first quarter benchmark is an instructional "C"!


2nd grade: It is hard to believe that the first quarter is coming to an end.  Next week, we will begin assessments for report cards.

This week in writing we have been working on using authors as mentors.  The students have been looking at books for writing crafts/tricks they can use in their own writing.  It is fun to watch second graders look at books with writer’s eyes.

In Math we have still been practicing money but have moved on to telling time.  Our class is awesome at understanding the parts of a clock and understanding the concept of AM and PM.

They are pretty good at reading a clock and telling time.  One area to practice is the vocabulary and language of telling time. This includes phrases like, quarter til, quarter after, half past, fifteen minutes til, etc. When working with your, child practice using this language at home.


3rd grade:  In reading, students will continue working in whole and small group settings to identify story elements in fiction text.  Some classes will also be taking the 1st Quarter Reading Assessment.

In writer’s workshop, students will complete their personal narratives.  Teachers will be modeling the steps of writing a narrative, such as editing as we go and making sure we are storytelling our small moments. We will complete our final On-Demand personal narrative piece.

In language, we will focus on creating and using possessive nouns.

In math, students will practice telling time to the nearest minute, and they will learn to calculate elapsed time. Students will also take the 1st Quarter Reading Assessment.

In science, students will conclude our study of earth’s resources focusing on an electrical circuit, pollution of our natural resources, reviewing the various standards within the unit, and completing the summative assessment on the Earth’s Resources unit.


4th grade:  Math - In math this week students will be focusing once again on computation strategies: Addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  Any extra practice on adding, subtracting, and/or multiplying at home would be greatly appreciated.  Not only are students finding exact answers to computation problems, but they are also finding estimated answers by rounding.

Reading - Plot, setting, and characters in text is still the focus.  Along with those story elements, students will be doing some readers theater with the myth “Pandora’s Box.”  The goal will be to understand what it means if someone uses the phrase Pandora’s Box along with some other mythology sayings.  The end of the quarter is this Friday, October 24 for those still trying to reach the 9 point AR goal.

Social Studies - Students will continue learning about the history of the first Ohioans.  They will also continue to discover their own personal history and share their History of Me projects.

Science - The focus for science this week will be earthquakes and Earth’s landforms.

Writing - This is the last week students will be working on believable fiction narratives.  Students will be doing an on-demand narrative writing piece this week.



Art: In art this week Mrs. Clawson’s class and Mrs. Jelinek’s class are completing mixed media scarecrows.  The students created a landscape adding the scarecrow into their picture or creating a cut paper scarecrow and gluing it to their picture.  All second graders are working on collaborative painting projects using hot and cool colors creating large mural size Abstract pictures.  Our artist of the week was a French artist Henri Matisse.  Students are also working on our gigantic school turkey. They have been adding different shades of brown construction paper to our turkey built out of boxes.  Special thanks to our lunchroom ladies for saving boxes for us and decorating our lunchroom with our awesome artwork!  All classes will be creating birthday cakes for the next lunchroom display!

Music:  2nd grade students are working on their "musical detective" skills.  Students are deciphering rhythms and melodies in the songs they sing.  Students are then able to play these songs on the instruments.  2nd Grade students will be composing their own rhythm patterns this week.  We will use those rhythm patterns to accompany one of our songs.  2nd Graders are also starting to learn some fun Halloween songs.  These songs will also help us to learn about our melody and rhythm concepts..

Media Center:  First grade students are continuing to review and discuss Internet Safety rules and how to use the Internet responsibly. We will be reading Dot the Fire Dog, using INFOhio’s Bookflix online, to learn about using illustrations to identify characters, setting and events.

Physical Education:  Students are testing their hamstring flexibility this week with the sit reach test.  We have been practicing for 8 weeks and we are ready to show how flexible we have become.  Basketball continues this week with a focus on dribbling.  We will work on strong, waist high dribbles while keeping our head up as we dribble.  We will play ‘King of the Ring’ to see who can do two things at one time while we dribble.  In this game there is a restricted area to dribble in and as you dribble you have to try to swipe at and knock away from other students their ball out of the ring.  The last person in the ring with their ball is the ‘king or queen’ of the ring.