posted Oct 27, 2014, 2:09 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in kindergarten our theme is Halloween!  We will be reading a variety of fictional stories about Halloween.  While reading these stories we will be discussing the setting, characters, problem, and solution.  In writing, we are starting our second unit on narrative writing.  In math, we a continuing to review first quarter math concepts and we are starting to work on identifying and writing all of the numbers 0 to 20, including those "tricky teens".  The sight word "me" will be added to our word wall and we will practice reading and writing this new word.  In science, we will receive another visit from Sharon Edwards, a naturalist, who will be teaching us all about how different animals prepare for winter.  We are looking forward to our first kindergarten party at the end of the week!


1st grade:  The beginning of a new quarter brings a new writing series.  First graders will discover their "expertise" on many subjects and begin writing All About Books.  This week will be focused on Halloween, bats and pumpkins.  Students will notice many non-fiction features in their Scholastic News on bats!  In math, we will begin working with a 20 frame and continue to become members of the 10 Club!


2nd grade:  Students have grown and learned so much from the beginning of the year.  This week, second graders are practicing how to spell words with long i patterns.  Many classes are focusing on the igh and y spelling pattern this week.  In language, students reviewed parts of speech learned so far this year.  Reading continues to focus on literature.  Students are reviewing how to ask and answer questions when they are reading to better understand the story.

Students continue to write small moment personal narratives.  This week, students published one piece of writing and shared it with their peers.  Students also completed the last on demand writing sample that will be graded. 

In math, students continue to tell time!  This week has focused on telling time in five-minute intervals.  Telling time to the hour and half hour was a first grade standard.  Students practiced telling and writing times on digital and analog clocks.     


3rd grade:  In reading, students will be working on non-fiction texts and learning all about bats this week!

In writer’s workshop, students are getting to be creative and are writing stories about a spooky haunted house. The students are having a lot of fun doing this and they sure do have a great imagination!

In language, we will focus on creating and using possessive nouns. We will also begin discussing what an abstract noun is and how it is different than a common or proper noun.

In math, students will continue to practice telling time to the nearest minute and calculating elapsed time. We will also be creating a bar graph using data they collect. Students will make a tally chart of our favorite Halloween candies and then turn this data into a bar graph. Up next in math, we will begin learning our multiplication facts!

In science, students have finished our unit on Earth’s resources.

In social studies, we will begin our unit on Government.

4th grade:  Math - In math this week students will be focusing once again on computation strategies: addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  Any extra practice on adding, subtracting, and/or multiplying at home would be greatly appreciated.  Not only are students finding exact answers to computation problems, but are also finding estimated answers by rounding.

Reading - Informational text will be the focus in reading for the second quarter.  Some classes are finishing up with “Pandora’s Box” before moving on to learning about informational text.

Social Studies - Students will continue learning about the history of the first Ohioans.  They will also continue to discover their own personal history and share their History of Me projects.

Science - The focus for science this week will be earthquakes and Earth’s landforms.  After earthquakes and landforms, the students will be studying fossils and how organisms became extinct or adapted to the forms they are today.

Writing - The students will be doing on demand writing for opinion pieces and will begin to study opinion pieces for the quarter.


Specials:  Music:  Third grade is working on some fun Fall/Halloween songs. We have been composing our own rhythm patterns to play with our songs. The third graders are using all the notes they know plus some new ones. This week we will be creating our own songs using fun Halloween chants.

Media Center:  Last week third grade finished up their unit on Internet Safety by discussing proper “Netiquette”.  They learned that good manners are just as important when communicating on the internet, as they are when speaking to someone face to face. Next, we will be learning about the Dewey Decimal System, how it was created and how to find nonfiction books in the library using the Dewey Decimal numbers.  We will be using the “Dewey Decimal Ducks” to help us discover the various subjects our books are shelved by, and which are our favorites.

Art: The students created a landscape adding the scarecrow into their picture or creating a cut paper scarecrow and gluing it to their picture.  Students are also working on our gigantic school turkey. They have been adding different shades of brown construction paper to our turkey built out of boxes.  

Physical Education:  Basketball continues this week with a focus on dribbling.  We will work on strong, waist high dribbles while keeping our head up as we dribble.  We will play ‘King of the Ring’ to see who can do two things at one time while we dribble.  In this game there is a restricted area to dribble in and as you dribble you have to try to swipe at and knock away from other students their ball out of the ring.  The last person in the ring with their ball is the ‘king or queen’ of the ring.