posted Jan 6, 2015, 1:46 PM by Jesse Kohls
Happy New Year!

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten we are reading children's literature about snow and winter!  We are discussing what we like to do in the snow and facts about the season of winter.  In math, we are reviewing second quarter math concepts. The hunks and chunks are being introduced this week.  We are starting with the hunk and chunk "sh".  This hunk and chunk helps students read the sight word of the week, "she".  We are wrapping up our narrative unit this week in writing workshop.  Students are writing their final on-demand narrative story and are show all of their writing skills.


1st grade:  First graders are really practicing their informational writing pieces and getting ready for the final product!  Putting a conclusion and teaching readers about a subject has been a lot of fun during second quarter.  

In math, we are learning how to measure with non-standard and standard units.  You will see many classes taking part in The Cotton Ball Olympics!  The events in the olympics include; the cotton ball flick, cotton ball kick, cotton ball throw and cotton ball blow!  Each student measures their cotton ball distance using paper clips.  Students receive gold medals for participation in the events.

We are discovering the basic needs of living things in Ohio.  We are also determining if an object is living, non-living, or once living.


2nd grade:  It was a busy week for second grade leading up to break. After spending Monday morning practicing for their musical the students were ready for their official performance.  We are all amazed with the great production.  The students and Miss Corbin did an amazing job.  The students really enjoyed the repeat performance on Thursday for the whole school. The highlight being when the whole school sang Christmas carols.  

In our classrooms the teachers and students have enjoyed Christmas around the world.  The students would travel to a different classroom each day and learn about how each country celebrates during the holiday season. 

Of course the best part of the week was Friday. The students enjoyed watching the Polar Express with the whole school.  This went along with the work we had been doing in our classroom with the story.  Finally, the week ended with the Christmas parties.  Thank you to all the parents that make our parties so successful.  The teachers and students really appreciate it!

We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break. 


3rd grade:  During Guided Reading groups students have been working with informational texts at a variety of levels based upon ability and the skills each student needs to work on.  Some of the standards covered with informational text include fluency and decoding, asking and answering questions, and using text features.  We will take a 2nd Quarter Reading Assessment this week.

Reading informational texts during Guided Reading also helps students with their writing this quarter, which is also informational text.  We are starting to edit our chapters for our informational texts.

In language we are continuing subject verb agreement, and we are introducing adverbs.

In Math, students will take a 2nd Quarter Math Assessment this week.  Third graders are continuing their work on multiplication, and this week we are introducing division.  We will also be working on the x8 facts this week.

In science we are learning about all the forms of energy and how their forms can change.


 4th grade:  Math--Students continue to practice using multiplication and division strategies.  Students are beginning to study and learn about fractions.

Reading--Students are continuing to focus on moving beyond finding details about a text to thinking about what the text is telling you and what you are thinking about the text.  Students will continue to think about their thinking, and to track their thinking.

Writing - Students are exploring opinions! They will be creating written pieces on topics or texts supporting a point of view with reasons and information. This week we’ll be focusing on choosing a topic of interest (what are we experts about?) and stating the opinion clearly.



Music: Second grade students are beginning to review all that they have learned in music so far this year.  They will be using all the things they know to compose their own rhythm songs.  The students will then put these songs on the instruments and perform them for us.  They are quickly becoming little composers with big ideas!  I can’t wait to see how it comes out!

Art:     Students in Grade 2 will be learning how to make a variety of prints.  Students in Mrs. Jelinek’s class and Mrs. Shouse’ class created marble prints.  Students used acrylic paint in a variety of colors to create their marble print.  Students will be learning about artists in January as well as how cultures around the world create art and are recognized by their art.  Some classes will be warming us up with their hot chocolate designed mugs.  The artist for our inspiration is Wayne Thiebaud.   

Physical Education:  We are finishing up our hockey unit.  We began playing and learning about hockey the two weeks prior to break.  We were playing scooter hockey, this week we will play floor hockey.  We are learning how to space the floor, both offensively and defensively, to open up passing lanes to teammates.  First we will work on how to use our hockey stick properly then we will learn what its like to play with a puck as opposed to a ball.  This month we will be preparing for our sit up test, which we will take at the start of 3rd quarter.