posted Nov 5, 2014, 6:49 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten we will be continuing the scary fun from Halloween by reading about monsters! We will add two words to our word wall, "no" and "so" and continue to practice finding and building these words in our reading and writing. In Writing Workshop we will focus on how to make “attention-grabbing” beginnings for stories just like we hear in our read-alouds! We will keep stretching out words by writing the sounds we hear and we will keep practicing using finger spaces between each word we write. In math we will be working on writing and ordering the numbers 1-20 and counting by tens!


1st grade:

In Writer’s Workshop this quarter we will be focusing on Informational (Teaching) stories.  This unit prepares children to write information texts of all sorts across this year’s curriculum. Children will also become much more skilled at reading information books once they have an insider’s perspective on how to structure this kind of writing themselves.  During this unit of study, each child will write lots of information books about lots of different topics and will revisit his or her writing to self-assess and revise, as expected by the Common Core State Standards.  This unit is designed to give children the support and practice they will need to organize their information, name a topic, give facts, and provide a sense of closure.  This is one of the first times children will delve into research to add to their knowledge of a topic.

In Science/Social Studies, first graders will experience the past, present, and future, months of the year, voting, Veteran's Day, the difference between wants and needs and Thanksgiving holiday traditions.

We are beginning Unit 2 in math.  This unit consists of addition word problems using math mats and manipulatives.  First graders will also compose addition story problems, add with part/part whole mats, plus 2 more using a number line, plus 1 and plus 2 word problems, counting by fives, counting by tens, adding zero, more ten frame practice, intro to doubles, intro to subtraction, subtracting with story problems, fact families and adding 3 numbers. 

November reading focuses will be using different strategies for reading: monitoring for comprehension; using semantics, syntactics, and phonics; fluency and noticing patterns to help read words; retelling; and making connections.


2nd grade:

The first week of the second quarter has been very busy!  Students started a new type of writing—informational writing.  They are learning to write all about books.  We have introduced finding a topic and starting a table of contents.

Reading has also taken a shift in the second quarter.  The first quarter focused on fiction.  Second quarter will focus on informational or nonfiction texts.  This week, students are learning about the different nonfiction features like titles, headings, subheadings, photographs, diagrams, charts, tables, table of contents, glossary, and more!

In math, students continue to practice their math facts and take quizzes every Tuesday and Thursday.  This week, students have been practicing how to find the unknown or mystery number within an addition or subtraction problem.    


3rd grade:

In reading, students will continue to work on improving their comprehension.  The skills we are working on are summarizing, answering questions using evidence from the text, and learning about the importance of thinking about what they are reading.

In writer’s workshop, students will learn why veterans have their own special day.  We will write acrostic poems about veterans.

In language, we will focus on reviewing abstract noun and learning about adjectives.

In math, students will learn about multiplication. We will learn three different strategies to help them solve various multiplication problems.  We will learn how to draw pictures, make arrays, and use repeated addition to help solve multiplication facts.

In social studies, we will continue our unit on Government.  We will learn what the different types of communities are and we will learn about the people in the community.


4th grade:

Math - Students continue to work on addition, subtraction, and multiplication strategies including: using arrays, drawing pictures, the distributive property, and traditional methods as well. They are exploring the relationship between multiplication and division and are using websites such as Khan Academy for tutorials and application practice.

Reading - This week students will be comparing and contrasting point of view from which different stories are narrated, including the difference between first and third person narrations. We are also discussing what it means to follow inner conversation - listening to voices in your head while reading and leaving “tracks” of our thinking. Students continue to read independently at their level as well, exploring many great authors, genres and book series.

Social Studies - History continues to be the theme for the quarter. We are reading and learning about the Historic Native Americans; the six historic tribes, their cultures, customs, leaders etc. This leads into the conflicts that come about from European settlers such as the Colonists and French explorers. We can’t wait to study the French and Indian War!

Science - Fourth graders are finishing up Earth’s processes such as volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches and the shifting plates below that are the main cause of all of this! We will be reviewing this unit all week then will be moving on to life science very soon!

Writing - Students are exploring opinions! They will be creating written pieces on topics or texts supporting a point of view with reasons and information. This week we’ll be focusing on choosing a topic of interest (what are we experts about?) and stating the opinion clearly.



Music: Fourth grade will be learning about the new “Composer of the Month” this week.  This month we are learning about the great Broadway writing duo, Rodgers & Hammerstein.  Students will learn about their lives and their works.  We will listen to different selections from their musicals and describe what we hear using various music terms.  

Media Center: Fourth grade has spent the past several weeks on Internet Safety and how to be a responsible internet user.  After the upcoming Book Fair, we will be reviewing the Dewey Decimal System and using Elda’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to locate books in our Media Center.  We will be using the “Dewey Ducks” to help us find our favorite areas in the Nonfiction section of the library.

Art:  Grade four students are completing their cake drawings for lunchroom and hallway display.  Students will begin a variety of Thanksgiving projects. Halloween projects will be returned this week!  All of our fourth grade art classes will be drawing landscapes.

Physical Education:  Basketball continues this week with a focus on dribbling.  We will work on strong, waist high dribbles while keeping our head up as we dribble.