posted Nov 11, 2014, 5:51 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten, we will be exploring cause and effect through Laura Numeroff books.  We will also be identifying the difference between wants and needs and will sort pictures between these two categories.  In honor of Veteran's Day, we will discuss the role of veterans in our country and share descriptive words about these heroes.  We will watch a video about the roles that people in the armed services play and discuss the different branches of service.  In writing, we will move from writing labels to writing sentences and will learn how to use tools to help us write, such as a checklist, vowel chart or word wall.  In math, we will continue identifying and sequencing numbers 1-20 and will reinforce the connection between numbers and quantities.


1st grade:

First graders are learning about our Veterans and their importance to our freedom.  Each class is creating a poster focusing on one of the five branches of the armed forces.  These posters will be displayed in the gymnasium for all the visiting Veterans to view.  

We will continue to learn and practice how to write as an informational writer.  Writers will keep readers in mind, writing to answer their questions.  We will learn to be brave enough to spell domain-specific words, use readers to help us add and subtract information, self assess and set goals while we are writing.  

Our second unit of math will consist of counting by fives, counting by tens, adding zero, fun with ten frames, and battle me with tens! 


2nd grade:

Students are working on a new type of writing—informational writing.  They are learning to write all about books.  We have introduced finding a topic and starting a table of contents.

Students are learning about the different nonfiction features like titles, headings, subheadings, photographs, diagrams, charts, tables, table of contents, glossary, and more!

In math, students continue to practice their math facts and take quizzes every Tuesday and Thursday. 

3rd grade:

In reading, students will continue to work on improving their comprehension.  The skills we are working on are summarizing, answering questions using evidence from the text, and learning about the importance of thinking about what they are reading.

In writer’s workshop, we are starting our informational pieces on animals.

In language, we will be reviewing adjectives.

In math, students will learn about multiplication. We are starting to solve multiplication equations by 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  We will be making flash cards everyday to help with memorizing the facts.

In social studies, we will continue our unit on Government.  We will learn what the different types of communities are, the people in the community.


4th grade:

Math - Students continue to work on addition, subtraction, and multiplication strategies.  They are exploring the relationship between multiplication and division.

Reading - This week students will be comparing and contrasting point of view from which different stories are narrated, including the difference between first and third person narrations.

Social Studies - We are reading and learning about the Historic Native Americans; the six historic tribes, their cultures, customs, leaders etc. This leads into the conflicts that come about from European settlers such as the Colonists and French explorers. We can’t wait to study the French and Indian War!

Science - Fourth graders are finishing up Earth’s processes such as volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches and the shifting plates below that are the main cause of all of this! We will be reviewing this unit all week then will be moving on to life science very soon!

Writing - Students are exploring opinions!



Music: This month in first grade we are exploring musical animals. 1st graders will experience and listen to various pieces of music from Carnival of the Animals. Students will move like fish, elephants, and kangaroos. By listening to music, the students will be able to tell if the piece of music is fast like a Hare or slow like a Tortoise. First graders will also show the direction of the melody for animals such as lions, kangaroos, and fish. Finally, student will work together to create rhythm compositions using different animal names.

Media Center:  First grade students are very excited about our Fall Book Fair and the possibility of our principal Mr. Kohls, dressing as a princess for a day if we reach the goal of 2,400 books purchased!  They will be discussing different types of text, different features in text (fiction & nonfiction) and how to find “just right” books for themselves.

Art: Students in grade one are finishing up this week on their cake designs for the lunchroom and hallway display.  Students drew their cakes with pencil first, then outlined them with black marker and colored with crayons.  All grade one art students will begin American Indian projects.  They will make Indian headbands with construction paper adding a repeating pattern.  They will create beaded bracelets, necklaces, and complete the unit with an American Indian eagle dance.

Physical Education:  Students are learning/playing with the parachute this week.  This for the kids is probably one of the most exiting structures we play with during the year.  We are playing a musical chairs type game that has the students running under the parachute and switching locations with someone who had the same color as them.  We start by doing one color at a time and then try to see how many different colors we can get through before the parachute is too low to run underneath.  We are also ‘camping’ in our parachute tent.  The students raise the parachute as high as they can, then step underneath it and sit on the parachute.  This creates a large ‘bubble’ and the students are sitting underneath/inside the parachute.  They love it!  The parachute is an upper body exercise unit.  Students use their arms and shoulder muscles to manipulate the parachute.  Lots of fun this week in Elda PE.