posted Jan 12, 2015, 1:10 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  After learning about winter weather and what animals do in the winter, the kindergartners will expand upon this theme by learning about snowmen and properties of snow.  After learning our first hunk and chunk last week, we will add "ch" to our growing repertoire and the word "at" will be added to our word wall.  We will then put our ever growing reading skills into practice while reading about the important role of community helpers and will listen for beginning, middle and ending sounds in words while we write.  Kindergartners will also continue learning about those "tricky teens" and will be challenged to count aloud past 50.


1st grade: We start MAP testing this week!  Remember it is important that students have functioning headphones during this testing time. Classrooms will be busy beginning learning about the important life of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Students continue investigating living, non-living and once living objects.  Some classes even made a pet "rock" and described what characteristics made it non-living. 

Several classes will be visited by Dinah the dinosaur.  Dinah has been instrumental in helping us learn coping skills against distractions, friendship dynamics and how to concentrate so that we can do our best in school! 

All first grade classes will be doing an on-demand writing sample for second quarter.  Students will be asked to produce their best "informational" writing.  Students will also be given DRA's (developmental reading assessments) and measurement assessments for report card data. 


2nd grade: Students are getting back into the routine of school after having a nice long winter break.  Spelling will focus on three hunks and chunks this week—ir, ur, and er.  In reading, students are being introduced to author’s purpose.  They are learning that author’s purpose is as easy as P.I.E. (persuade, inform, or entertain).  After reading, students are deciding why the author wrote the text.  In math, students are being introduced to multiplication.  They are using repeated addition to solve multiplication problems (3x4 is the same as 3+3+3+3 or 4+4+4).  In writing, students are working on writing lab reports that are related to movement.  They will use what they know about forces and motion (push, pull, friction, gravity, etc.). It’s hard to believe that the end of second quarter is next week and that we are almost halfway through the school year! 


3rd grade: This is the last week of the 2nd quarter, and with that in mind, the students have been taking their Quarterly Assessments in reading and math. Questions on these assessments cover the standards that students have been working on over the past two quarters.

During small, Guided Reading groups, the teachers have been assessing students using Running Records and DRAs. The students continue to work on skills independently during this center time. In addition, once individual assessments have been given, the students will work on comparing and contrasting paired passages. 

Language time has students continuing to work on adverbs from last week. Students are applying their knowledge of verbs and adjectives to tell when, where, and how something is accomplished.

Third graders are continuing their work on multiplication and division this week, learning the true meaning behind dividing. In addition, the students will be taking their first multiplication facts test this week over facts 0, 1, and 2s.

In science we are learning about all the forms of energy and how their forms can change. We have been discussing magnetism, electrical energy, heat, and light.


4th grade:

Math--Students are learning about fractions and different multiplication methods.

Reading--Students are learning strategies for comprehension.

Social Studies--Students are learning about the history of Ohio.

Science--Students are learning about fossils and how ecosystems change over time.

Writing--Students are finishing up the unit on opinion writing.



Music: Third grade students are working with a new rhythm note this week.  We have discovered the sixteenth note.  This note has 4 sounds that fit into one beat.  We are using this note in various songs finding which words fit 4 sounds.  We are singing songs about Alligators, Pomegranates,  and Pickadilly.  We will be singing, moving and playing with this new note.  

Art:     Students in third grade are beginning to create Valentine’s Day projects.  Mrs. Maybury’s third grade class created clay mugs adding valentines to complete their sculpture.  Third grade classes are learning about a variety of artists and art created around the world.  Mrs. Stehlin’s 3rd graders are making crayon resist hands holding flowers.  They will paint their pictures with water color and tempera paint.    

Media Center:  Third grade students are still working on discovering different sections of the Dewey Decimal System and locating books by their call numbers.  We will be taking a two week break from media classes as the entire school will be MAP testing and our media center will the testing center for all classes.  When we resume regular media classes, our students will be learning about using our automated card catalog to locate books in Elda’s media center.