posted Dec 1, 2014, 1:00 PM by Jesse Kohls


This week in Kindergarten we are reading children's literature about Gingerbread Men!  We are comparing multiple versions of these stories and discussing the similarities and differences between the stories.  In math, we are reviewing the "tricky teens" and we are introducing number words. The sight words "and" and "an" have been added to our word wall and we are practicing reading these words in the daily poem.  Students are also reviewing rhyming words and working with syllables this week. In writing workshop we are working on writing readable stories and using a partner to help us hear more sounds in words. 


1st grade:

In social studies, we will be learning about the past, present and future.   Students will also determine the difference between wants and needs. 

We will continue to discover informational writing features and use them in our own writing.  Learning how to introduce a topic that hooks your readers is very important.  Writing in ways that "teach" readers is very exciting for first graders. 


2nd grade:

In spelling, classes are focusing on aught and ought.  Students have worked with spelling and reading words with inconsistent spelling patterns all week!  In reading, students continue to work with informational texts.  This week students worked with using context clues to find the meaning of unfamiliar words.  In writing, students continue to write informational science lab reports.  We worked on using facts and definitions from other sources this week and incorporating them into our writing.  Students also used the informational checklist to see if they were writing like a second grader.  Any skills they didn’t have in their writing were set as their own independent writing goals.  We have started a new unit in math—Geometry!  Students are reviewing all of the shapes that they learned in previous years.  They are also learning how to describe these shapes using their attributes.



3rd grade:

During small, Guided Reading groups, students have been working with informational texts at a variety of levels based upon ability and they skills each student needs to work on. Some of the standards covered with informational text include fluency and decoding, asking and answering questions, and using text features.

Reading informational texts during Guided Reading also helps students with their writing this quarter, which is also informational text. They have begun their research by taking notes from their books and are now organizing the information into chapters. We will also be working on our table of contents and using transitional words to connect our information together.

Language this week finds us continuing work with verbs. We will be focusing on verb tenses-past, present and future.

Third graders are continuing their work on multiplication, introducing 8s and 9s, and working on skip counting, repeated addition, building arrays, and drawing pictures as strategies to help with understanding the concept of multiplication. Students will also be practicing fact fluency, playing multiplication games with partners, and working in small groups with the teacher to help reinforce concepts, as well as challenge students to extend their thinking.

In social studies, we are finishing up our unit on Government by discussing citizenship.  A review guide will be sent home and a test will be given by the end of the week.

Up next in Science- Energy.


4th grade:

Students continue to work on addition, subtraction, and multiplication strategies.  They are exploring the relationship between multiplication and division.  Students have been comparing and contrasting point of view from which different stories are narrated, including the difference between first and third person narrations.   In writing students are exploring opinions!



Music: Third grade students are learning about a new rhythm note and a new melody note.  We are continuing our work with our melody note high Do and are starting to use our new rhythm note, the dotted half note.  We will be using both of these in a song about Bells.  The students will also be singing in canon with each other (singing the same part at different times).  This is very challenging for singers to do, especially when they will be standing right by the other singers.  Check out the music web page next week to see videos of our third graders singing their canons.

Media Center:  Third grade students have begun a unit on how fiction & nonfiction books are arranged on the book shelves, what call numbers are, and how the online card catalog works. Learning these skills will help our students become independent users of not just Elda’s library, but of all libraries.

Art: This week grade 3 in art will be working on our snowmen sculptures for Elda’s lobby display.  We have two sculptures built out of boxes and will be creating one more.  Third grade will be making Christmas decorations, finishing up on landscapes with horses, and creating a variety of Christmas projects.  Our school turkey sculpture and pumpkin sculptures will be displayed at IGA in Ross.  

Physical Education:  Scooter time!  The students are working on a variety of skills while using the scooters.