posted Dec 16, 2014, 12:03 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in kindergarten we will be exploring Holiday Traditions around the world! We will learn about Hanukah, Kwanza, Los Posados, and others. In math we will be introducing word problems by having students draw pictures to find their answers. In writing workshop we are focusing on strong beginnings and endings to our stories. We are using our fives senses to add more detail to these parts by writing about what we see, hear, smell, how we felt etc. We will end our week with a visit from Santa and a fun holiday party! Happy Holidays!

1st grade:  Students continue to work really hard on writing an "informational" or a teaching book on many subjects.  We are learning how to use features such as; comparisons, descriptive words, examples, arrows and zoom-ins to teach our readers and answer their questions.

Most classes are working on "The Grinch" thematic unit.  We will unlock adjectives that describe the Grinch before and after his discovering of the true meaning of Christmas.  First graders will discuss the author's purpose for writing The Grinch.  We will discuss connections that we have with the story - text to self, text to text and text to world connections.

In math, students will continue to practice telling time to the hour and half hour, clock parts, doubles, and begin measurement.  Some classes have made double mints that are hanging from the ceilings!


2nd grade:  This is a very busy week in second grade, we have been very busy practicing for our musical.  Students will perform for their families on Monday, December 15th at Ross High School!

In reading, students are finding the main topic of an informational text.  They are also working hard to sort through important versus interesting information and details.  In language and spelling, students are working with possessives.  Students are adding ‘s to words to make them show ownership.  In math, students are working with shapes and fractions.  In writing, we have started to focus on science lab reports!  The second grade team would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!!


3rd grade:  During small, Guided Reading groups, students have been working with informational texts at a variety of levels based upon ability and they skills each student needs to work on. Some of the standards covered with informational text include fluency and decoding, asking and answering questions, and using text features.

Reading informational texts during Guided Reading also helps students with their writing this quarter, which is also informational text.  We are starting to write our chapters for our informational texts.

In language we are wrapping up irregular verbs and starting to introduce subject verb agreement.

Third graders are continuing their work on multiplication.  

In science we are learning about all the forms of energy and how their forms can change.


 4th grade:

Math--Students continue to practice using multiplication and division strategies.  Students are beginning to study and learn about fractions.

Reading--Students are continuing to focus on moving beyond finding details about a text to thinking about what the text is telling you and what you are thinking about the text.  Students will continue to think about their thinking, and to track their thinking.

Social Studies - History continues to be the theme for the quarter. We are reading and learning about the Historic Native Americans; the six historic tribes, their cultures, customs, leaders etc. This leads into the conflicts that come about from European settlers such as the Colonists and French explorers. We can’t wait to study the French and Indian War! Some classes are up to the Revolutionary War.

Science - Fourth graders are investigating traces of the past; trace fossils and bone/animal fossils, whole organisms that are preserved with its bones and teeth. Classes are discussing changes in environments that lead to animals becoming endangered or even extinction!

Writing - Students are exploring opinions! They will be creating written pieces on topics or texts supporting a point of view with reasons and information. This week we’ll be focusing on choosing a topic of interest (what are we experts about?) and stating the opinion clearly.


Music: First grade students are enjoying the holiday music.  We have been working on our new rhythm notes.  Students have identified different Christmas words and sorted them between the 2 notes.  They even created their own Christmas compositions that they shared with the class.  First grade students loved the parachute game we played with the Nutcracker music.  You can check out videos of it on the Elda Music website.  This week they will be learning a dance to the Jingle Bell song.

Media Center:  First grade students have been comparing fiction and nonfiction books and discussing the similarities and differences of these two types of text. First we read Big Wolf & Little Wolf,the Little Leaf That Wouldn’t Fall by Nadine Brun-Cosme, as a fiction book about friendship and the seasons. The following week we read My Calendar : Seasons by Luana K. Mitten and compared the texts.

Art:  Students in grade one are finishing up on Christmas projects this week. Mrs. Martin’s class created 3-D Rudolph reindeers.  The reindeer is a mixed media project with students using construction paper and fabric scraps.  First graders also created a 3-D torn paper Santa Clause with a candy cane.   This week in art first graders will be working at art stations in the art room.  The art stations will be:  Computers-photo booth program, drawing on the board, water-color painting, and working with clay.    Be sure to see the Snowmen sculptures in Elda’s lobby and the Christmas projects that decorate Elda’s hallways.

Physical Education:  We are playing Holiday games this week before winter break.  The first game we play is How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  This is a team game where each team is trying to ‘take’ the presents from the other grinch teams to see which grinch team stole the most.  One grinch can stay back to protect their presents and tag opposing grinches from stealing their presents.  If you get tagged trying to take a present you have to go to the middle of the gym and do 10 push ups to get back in the game.  We play a couple of rounds, each round is about 5 minutes long.  Our other holiday game is Santa’s Reindeer.  In this game the elves have divided into 5 teams and they have 3 minutes to ride down on their sled to the ‘forest’ to gather reindeer food.  The teams have two objectives.  1) gather at least 9 items of food (9 reindeer in Santa’s sleigh) and 2) try to get more than the other elf teams.  The kids love these games because of the Christmas theme and they get great exercise as well.