posted Jan 27, 2015, 10:15 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in Kindergarten we are reading children's literature about penguins!  We are reading nonfiction stories to explore facts about penguins.  We are also reading stories about a fictional penguin named Tacky!  In math, we are using fish crackers to explore different mathematical concepts.  We will be comparing numbers and adding with fish crackers! The hunk and chunk of the week is "ing".  Our sight word of the week is "yes".  Students are being introduced to How-To writing in writing workshop.


1st grade:

First graders are on a roll with their reading.  Third quarter reading benchmark is a level 12/G and we are working hard to get there!  

We've begun discovering our opinions on topics and learning how to write an opinion paper.  An opening needs to begin with stating how the writer feels.  The writer needs to provide three reasons for their opinion with an ending to their paper.  We will be learning each of these features and perfecting our writing all through the quarter.  

In math, we are continuing with place value and comparing numbers.  You compare numbers by showing if they are greater than, less than or equal to other numbers.

We are beginning our map skills unit.  Students will learn landforms, map features and how to read maps.


2nd grade:

Second grade students have been very busy this week learning how to write persuasive letters!  We are focusing on writing about our reading.  Students are learning to format a friendly letter correctly that includes a topic sentence or introduction, their opinion, reasons to explain their opinion, and a conclusion sentence or section that restates their opinion and tries to convince the reader to feel the same way that they do.  Students are writing letters about their favorite books.  We have practice writing about our favorite character and favorite part of the book to convince others to want to read the book!

In reading, students are practicing many skills using biographies.  This week we are focusing on Alexander Graham Bell.  Students are picking out important events from his life and making timelines, finding the main idea of sections of the book, comparing two texts on this inventor, and practicing using nonfiction text features like diagrams to help them better understand what they are reading! 

Our spelling pattern for the week is soft and hard c and g.  Students are practicing spelling and using words that are spelled with c that sounds like “k” and “s.”  They are also practicing with words that are spelled with g that sounds like “g” and “j.” 

Math has shifted to graphing this week!  Students are creating, reading, and analyzing picture and bar graphs.  We will continue to do math fact quizzes, so please continue to practice these each night!    


3rd grade:

During small, Guided Reading groups, the students will continue to work on comparing and contrasting paired passages with the teacher. The students will continue to work on skills independently during this center time.

Language time has students learning what a prefix is and how it changes the meaning of a word. For example, if you add the prefix pre- to the word view, it means to view before.

Third graders are wrapping up their division and multiplication unit and starting a new unit on measuring to the nearest ¾ of an inch.  We will continue to do our multiplication timed tests each week and this week the test will be over the 3’s facts.

In social studies will are starting our unit on Community Changes.

We are starting to write our Opinion pieces for the 3rd quarter.

4th grade:

Math--Students continue to learn and apply different multiplication methods and fraction concepts.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts.

Social Studies--Students continue to focus on various periods in Ohio’s history.

Social Studies--Students are continuing to learn about fossils and changes to ecosystems.

Writing--Students will begin working on informational writing for this quarter.



Music:  First grade students have been learning all about the “rest” note.  Miss Hartong has been doing lessons using different insects to teach about the rest note.  Students composed using flies and mince pies!  Next the students will be working with the book “The Very Quiet Cricket” to show how quiet their music can be, just like the cricket.

Art:  Students in grade one are working on a variety of art projects.  Mrs. Martin’s first grade students are creating relief sculptures using cardboard and adding a variety of wood shapes.  Mrs. Martin’s class will be painting their relief sculpture with tempera paint.  Mrs. Chow’s class learned about artist Jim Dine and were inspired to created their own Valentine picture.  Mrs. Ellinghausen’s first grade created a crayon resist city picture and will paint it with watercolor.  All classes are creating artwork for this years’ art show.

Physical Education: Finishing sit up testing this week.  This is the final sit up test we take this year.  Hopefully all students have been putting in a little extra time at home to prepare them for this test.  I will get 10-15 students finished each class.  We will have a small amount of time at the end of class to play a game that focuses on running.  For the second half of the week our students will begin the Jump Rope for Heart unit where we will be talking about heart health and exercise.  This is a large unit in coordination with the American Heart Association.  Students will receive their parent letters and packets for donations at the end of class.  We will watch a small video and talk about what the American Heart Association does and how we can help.

Media Center:  MAP testing is wrapping up in our media center this week, with make up testing for all grades.  Once testing is completed, all grade levels will be scheduled during the remainder of this week to check out new library books.  We will be returning to our regular weekly media schedule on February 2, 2015.  Yea!!!