posted Apr 6, 2015, 1:24 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten we are reading about the season of spring.  Students will be learning some facts about spring and discussing how spring is different from the other seasons.  We also have a naturalist coming in to discuss the signs of spring.  In math, we are continuing to explore subtraction and we are working on comparing objects with different measurements.  Students are working on opinion writing in writing workshop and are working on how to prove a point in their writing.  Our sight word of the week is "by".

1st grade:  Fourth quarter writing is all about Realistic Fiction!  Students are learning how to create a character and write about them in "real" or small moment stories.  First graders are discovering how to use dialogue or talking words to make their character come to life. 

We are learning about shapes, shape attributes, distinguishing 2D and 3D shapes, making new shapes from old shapes in math.

In science, first graders will be investigating force and motion, roller coasters and gravity.  Some classes are starting the force of push and pull with magnets. 

In small reading groups - Reading strategies for different levels, monitoring comprehension, reading for fluency, self-correcting quickly.  We are synthesizing stories, practicing our phrasing and fluency, inferring, comparing and contrasting, using the text as evidence, making connections, and having conversations about books.

2nd grade: Students came back from Spring Break ready to learn!  In reading, students are learning about fictional texts again!  This week we are focusing on fables.  Students are learning that fables are short stories that usually have animals as characters and teach a lesson.  Students are writing a recounting (summary that includes the characters and main events) of the fables they read and finding the moral (lesson learned) of the fables.  In writing, students have started a new unit on poetry!  Students are very excited to try this new type of writing.  Identifying and counting coin collections will be the focus for math this week. 


3rd grade: In math, we will continue to work on fractions.  We continue to work on finding equivalent fractions and will begin comparing fractions.

For Guided Reading, we are still reading informational texts and we continue to practice for the O.A.A. in intervention groups twice weekly.

During language this week, we will learn about idioms. The spelling pattern this week is silent letters w, b and k.

In science, we will be taking our unit test on Life Cycles and will begin our social studies unit on Decisions and Economics.

4th grade: Math--Students are beginning to learn some geometry concepts like line segments, rays, lines, and angles.  Then students will be using their knowledge on those concepts to classify triangles and quadrilaterals.  This week, students will also be taking their last MAP test in math.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. The focus of this quarter will be on literary texts.  Students will be writing journal entries and discussing their texts in small groups.  This week, students will also be taking their last MAP test in reading.

Social Studies--Students continue to focus on various periods in Ohio’s history.  We’ve explored from the early settlement of the Ohio area to Ohio becoming a state including the Northwest Territory and Northwest Ordinance.  Now we are shifting to immigrants who came to Ohio.  Students will be studying why they came, and what the immigrants did when they got to Ohio.

Science--Students are continuing to learn about fossils and changes to ecosystems.  This week, students will also be taking their last MAP test in science.

Writing--Literary essays will be the focus for this quarter.  Students will be coming up with thesis statements, and supporting them with evidence from the text.



Music:  Third grade students are working on singing in Canon.  We are also learning new music terms like Theme and Variations and Major/Minor sounding songs.  Soon we will be starting our Instrument Safari to learn all about the instruments of the Orchestra.

Art: First graders in art are working on sculptures for the art show and completing art show projects.  Miss Campbell’s first grade will be completing torn paper pineapples, Hula monkeys, and painting puffy fish.  Mrs. Chow and Mrs. Ellinghausen’s first grade classes will finish painting butterflies and adding streamers to their art work. Mrs. Chuhak’s class will be creating an undersea crayon resist painting.  

Physical Education: Students in the third grade will continue to play baseball/tee ball this week.  We will work on fielding and catching fly balls and ground balls with a baseball glove.  We will be continuing to do the new warm up exercise that will tax the students cardiovascular system, the burpee.  This is going to get us ready for our upcoming physical fitness test of the fourth quarter, push ups.  The students have been working all year long on improving the score from the first quarter with practice in class and assigned practice at home.  If they have been working hard the students will show great improvement on this test.  The students have been informed of a nutrition and health quiz for the fourth quarter.  All of the information to study for the quiz is on my website, ericgreiser.wix.com/greiserclasselda.

Media Center:  A huge THANK YOU!  to all the students who participated in Elda's Right to Read Week this year!    We held our first Reading for Change challenge and thanks to our students' reading so much, we raised over $200.00 to purchase guided reading materials for our classroom use.  Our school is very blessed to have such supportive parents, grandparents and families.