posted May 11, 2015, 2:05 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week we will continue our exploration of life cycles as we learn about caterpillars and butterflies.  We will add the sight word "go" to our word wall and continue finding ways to solve problems as we write opinion pieces in writer's workshop.  We are showing that writers have the power to make change and can write about solutions!  In math, we will reinforce the concept of numbers in the teens being composed of a group of tens and some ones while continuing to practice subtraction.  We will also learn how to stay safe from strangers who may be "bad apples".

1st grade: We will begin our science unit of study on bugs!  This will be helpful when we visit the zoo at the end of the month. 

In math we will be finding the unknown in an addition and subtraction word problem, and review time and money.

Fourth quarter writing is all about Realistic Fiction!  Students are learning how to create a character and write about them in "real" or small moment stories.  First graders are discovering how to use dialogue or talking words to make their character come to life.

2nd grade: Second grade students have started a new reading unit about fairy tales!  Students will learn about characteristics of fairy tales.  We will also discuss characters within the story and different points of view.  Students will learn about the structure of the fairy tale, including how the beginning introduces the story and the ending concludes the action.  This week students are reading and listening to different versions of Cinderella!  Math continues to focus on three digit addition and subtraction.  Students will write poetry for the rest of the year in writing. 

3rd grade: In Math, the third grade classes are working on their geometry unit by learning about lines, line segments and rays as well as angles. We will be learning about different polygons and their attributes.

For Guided Reading, students will continue to work in small groups on their comprehension skills, such as asking and answering questions, summarizing, drawing conclusions, etc.  We are focusing on folktales, fables, and myths.

Language this week finds students reviewing when to add commas to addresses and determining when to use superlative or comparative adjectives in their writing.

In Social Studies, we continue our economics unit. We are focusing on different type of resources, scarcity, producers and consumers.  We will also start review for our economics test by watching the video, Econ and Me.

During writing, students will continue to write fairy tale adaptations. Students have chosen a well-known fairy tale to adapt such as Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. Classes are adapting Cinderella as a whole class.  Students will also be developing their own original fairytales.


4th grade: Math--This week, students will be using protractors to measure and draw angles.

Reading--Students are working on strategies for comprehension and supporting answers with examples from texts. The focus of this quarter will be on literary texts.  Students will be writing journal entries and discussing their texts in small groups.

Social Studies--Students will be learning about concepts in economics: goods, services, entrepreneurship, and factors of production.  

Science--Students will be finishing up their study of ecosystems.  They will also use scientific processes to measure objects.

Writing--Literary essays will be the focus for this quarter.  Students will be coming up with thesis statements, and supporting them with evidence from the text.