Finishing up 2015/2016 in the classroom!

posted May 18, 2016, 6:34 AM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: During the next two weeks of kindergarten we will be comparing and contrasting different versions of The Three Little Pigs.  We will also be reading books about summer! We will be wrapping up our final writing and math units.  We will add the sight word "while" to our word wall.  The kindergarten students will attend a music class this week to give them a sneak peek of what music class will be like in first grade. We will be learning more about frogs by taking our field trip to Farbach Werner Nature Preserve. We will be celebrating the kindergarten year with our day of Fun in the Sun! 


1st grade: This week is a big and exciting week for first graders.  Our field trip to The Cincinnati Zoo will be on Friday, May 20, rain or shine!  This is a great ending to our animal research writing unit.  Students have been reading nonfiction text about animals.  They have gathered information/research and recorded data on webs and then transferred this information into animal books.  Many students have branched out and used various forms of technology to gather animal facts.  

In math, most classes are working through the last chapter in GoMath.  Chapter 12 is two-dimensional geometry.  We will be sorting shapes according to their attributes, combining two dimension shapes to create a new shape, finding shapes in shapes, taking apart shapes, equal or unequal parts, halves and fourths.  

Thanks for a great year in first grade.  Continue to have your first/second grader read over the summer.  Practice retelling stories to strengthen comprehension.  A good retell should include a beginning, middle and ending.  Including many details is a sign of really knowing what you are reading!


2nd grade: It is hard to believe that we are in the final weeks of school.  Although there are a ton of fun activities

 planned we will continue to work hard and maintain a regular schedule as much as possible.  

In reading we have been working on comparing and contrasting fairy tales. This week we focused on Little

 Red Riding Hood.

In math we have just completed the unit on Geometry.  The students did a great job with all the vocabulary.

 Our next unit will be Multiplication.  This is a unit we need to supplement since our math program does not cover the topic.  Homework will look a little different.

In Writing we will continue to work on Poetry.  The final big writing project will be writing a young

 authors book. This will be nice keepsake for second grade families. The students are pretty excited.

In Social Studies we have moved on to our final unit. Economics is a fun unit but has a lot of vocabulary.  


3rd grade: Our exploration of figurative language continues as we review idioms, explore similes and metaphors and practice using them to enhance our reading and writing.  

Math- We can’t wait to show off with all of the new vocabulary we learned about two dimensional shapes

Science/SS- We will continue to focus on economics.

Spelling-In spelling, we will be working on our individual word pattern of the week.  Throughout the week students will be doing a variety of sorts that relate to the week’s spelling pattern.  Students will also be forming “Million Dollar Sentences” with their high frequency words.

Writing- In writing, the students will continue working on adapting fairy tales. The students have read classics and then made changes to the characters, settings, motivations, and solutions. We can’t wait to turn these amazingly creative stories into books at the end of the year!


4th grade: Math - This week in math, students will be putting fractions in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.  Students are also completing “Study Island” assignments on their Chromebooks.

Reading - Students will be working in their reading groups.  The groups will be finishing their novels this week.  They have one final journal entry to write.  Students are also completing “Study Island” assignments on their Chromebooks.  

Language Arts - Students will be writing their on-demand writing piece this week.  They will be writing a literary essay on the main character of their reading group novel.

Science - In science students are learning about ecosystems.  The focus will be on primary and secondary succession.

Social Studies - Students did great on their grandparents/VIP presentations.  They will be learning about historical maps this week.



Art: Students in art will be participating in the Art Detective game.  Students will go out in the hallway and critique works of art on display in the art room.  The artwork on display is a mini museum set up for students to learn more about artists and their work.  Students are also learning how to draw with step-by-step drawings.  We will also be having fun playing Art Bingo and Pictionary.


Physical Education: Students will be playing soccer this week.  We will work on offensive and defensive responsibilities during this unit and spacing on the field to allow the player with the ball to dribble and have space to pass to other teammates.

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