In the Classroom 08/22/16 - 08/26/16

posted Aug 22, 2016, 1:27 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: We are jumping right into this first full week of Kindergarten!  We are continuing to practice our school rules and classroom routines and we are getting better and better each day.  We are listening to stories about school rules and discussing what rules will help our whole classroom learn best.  We are exploring math manipulatives and have already started to learn some of our centers!  We look forward to seeing everyone at Open House on Thursday!

1st grade: Reading-This week students will finish their first grade readiness assessment.  This assessment requires students to recognize upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds, numbers 0-31, number words, color words, and the 25 kindergarten sight words. This week we will also begin our Developmental Reading Assessment.  Based on this assessment, students will begin reading books at their appropriate level.

Writing- Students will be introduced to our first writing unit—personal narratives.  This unit prepares children to write about small moments, and this level of focus enables them to write with detail, including showing a character’s small actions, dialogue, and internal thinking.  Children produce lots of small moment stories and move with independence through the writing process, choosing an idea, planning their writing by sketching stories across the pages of a booklet, storytelling repeatedly until the story feels just right, and revising to bring more detail and life to their stories.  

Math- This week students will be introduced to the math tools we will use throughout the year. We will also practice showing a number in different ways such as drawing a picture, writing tally marks, etc.  In addition, we will discuss the 100’s chart and look for patterns.

Science- This week students will discover what it means to be a scientist. We will brainstorm what a scientist can do, what tools a scientist has, and what a scientist is.  

2nd grade: We are ready to start another great week in second grade!  Students will continue to work on practicing routines in the classroom and learning the rules and expectations at Elda.  In reading, students will be introduced to Daily 5 reading stations.  Teachers are assessing to determine each student’s reading level.  We will reading fictional stories and discuss characters, setting, and plot.  Students will also investigate how characters respond to challenges in a story.

We will start GoMath!  Students will determine if numbers are even or odd using cubes to find pairs.  We will also study place value (tens and ones).

In writing, students are reviewing how to write a complete sentence with correct capitals and punctuation.  We will also start writing narratives or personal stories about our lives.

3rd grade:  This week in 3rd grade, we will be MAP testing in Reading, Math and Science.

This week in 3rd grade, we are continuing to work with the students on getting them in their routines and working independently and in small groups during centers.

The students have been working diligently on spelling pretests so that we can establish individualized high frequency word lists for each child. With this in mind, we are using practice words this week so that our students can get used to the procedures for spelling - blind sorts, establishing a rule, using words in sentences, and buddy tests.

In language, the students are studying common nouns. They have been finding nouns and categorizing them. The students have been excited to use their whiteboards to write categories for “person, place, and thing.”

During Guided Reading and Centers, the teachers will begin assessing the students for their DRAs. While the teacher is working with students independently, the rest of the class is working on their center work that reinforces ELA skills. The teacher is also guiding the students through these at this point in order to get the kids understanding what is expected of them in each center.

During math, we have been reviewing skills, focusing on place value, and addition and subtraction. We are using our Go Math series with place value and rounding. The students have also been introduced to games from the Grab and Go Center so that they can work independently when we begin stations.

In writing, the students completed their on-demand pieces for narrative writing, informational writing, and opinion writing. This week we will being working from our Units of Study for narrative writing.

In science, we have begun our unit on Earth’s Resources. We have learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources.

4th grade:  Reading: Students are beginning to analyze texts.  While looking at texts, students will look for key details and ask questions about what they read.

Math:  Students are working with understanding the number system we use.  Skills they are working on include writing numbers in different forms, learning to identify place value, and rounding.

Writing: Students are beginning to work on realistic fiction narratives.  Students are analyzing books to find common traits of realistic fiction narratives to include in their writing.

Science:  Students are learning and practicing making observations and inferences.

Social Studies:  Students are learning to identify directions on maps using the compass rose, and to read and use a map scale.


Music: 1st Grade: We are having so much fun in music class.  Students are singing and dancing to all kinds of songs.  We are learning about the steady beat of music and how to tap it on our body.  We get to use our singing, whisper, talking, and calling voices.

2nd Grade: 2nd grade students are starting off reviewing rhythm notes we learned about in 1st  grade.  We are saying these notes, clapping them, and even playing them on instruments.  Students will be learning some fun dances to move their bodies to.

3rd Grade: The 3rd grade concert is the first one of the year, October 10th!!! We will be doing a concert all about the Olympics! Students are learning how to sing and play songs about different events.  We will even be learning some songs from Brazil to share with family and friends at the concert.

4th Grade: 4th graders are starting off by reviewing how to play instruments and how to teach themselves melodies on the instruments.  We will be learning about different meters and rhythmic sequences that we can use in harder songs.

Media Center: We are off to a great start this year in the Media Center.  Last week all third and fourth grade classes came in to check out books and listen to the book The Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy.  We had a great discussion about how my philosophy of children in the library is slightly different than the main character in the book.  First grade began MAP testing in the media center this week, and our second grade classes are scheduled for their first library visit between the MAP sessions.

Art:  All classes are off to a great start!  New this year in art is the Elda Art Gallery.  The Art Gallery is  located in the hallway next to the art room and in the art room as well.  Students who exhibit good use of art media, show creativity and originality will be chosen to have their art displayed in the Elda Art Gallery. If the students artwork is on display in the gallery they will receive a certificate.  All first grade classes are learning beginning drawing techniques.  The students are creating art that shows geometric shapes and a variety of lines.  Miss Campbell and Mrs. Ellinghausen 1st. Grade classes are creating ice cream cones pictures. Students draw a cone and add three scoops of ice cream.  Students color their ice cream scoops primary or secondary colors.  Keep up the great work 1st Graders!

Physical Education:  Physical Education:  This week in physical education students in first and second grade will be focusing on our locomotor skills!  We will be practicing our skipping, galloping, basketball slides, hopping, grapevine, and running.  Students will also be demonstrating movement through exploration of space, body, effort, and relationships.  In third and fourth grade, students will be demonstrating spatial awareness, invading, chasing, changing directions, and strategies.  All students are off to a great start to the school year!