In the Classroom 10/12-10/16

posted Oct 13, 2015, 8:08 AM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten we will be going nocturnal! We will learn about bats and other animals of the night. We will add “out” to our sight word wall and continue with personal narratives in Writing Workshop. Students are working on carrying their stories across more than one page by planning out the beginning, middle, and ending parts of their stories. In math we will be working on representing numbers 6-10 and comparing numbers using the language “greater than” and “less than.” We will continue the assessment process for first quarter report cards during center time.


1st grade:  We have been busy bees in first grade!  

Our upcoming units of study include:

*Language Arts- sight words, rhymes, syllables, short and long vowels, “hunks and chunks”

*Social Studies- Christopher Columbus, calendar skills

*Writing- Personal Narratives, complete sentences, capitalization & punctuation, bringing our stories to life

*Science- weather, sun, energy, bats, pumpkins

*Math- addition & subtraction story problems, combinations of 10, skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, doubles, building number sense, odd and even numbers

Guided Math groups and Daily 5 literacy centers are in full swing!  We are building our reading stamina and working on making smooth and responsible transitions during center time.  These centers are differentiated to meet your child’s specific learning needs.  

2nd grade:  Ross firefighters will be visiting second grade classes and presenting fire safety information.  Students will also be learning about the fire truck and all tools on board the firefighters use to do their job.

Reading:  Students are learning about rhythm and meaning in poems, stories, and songs.  This week students searched for rhyming words, alliteration, and repetition in poetry!  Students discussed how different types of figurative language gave meaning to the poems.  

Spelling:  Second grade classes are focusing on spelling words with long vowel teams.  This week, many classes focused on long vowel a.  Students practiced spelling words with ai in the middle of a word and ay at the end of a word. 

Language:  Students are learning that adjectives are words that describe nouns.  To practice using adjectives, students observed a variety of gourds.  They then used adjectives to describe them!  

Writing:  Students continue to write personal narratives.  This week, second graders are using Jane Yolen (author of Owl Moon) as a mentor or coach.  Students are trying to make their writing more powerful by describing exactly what they see, feel, and hear.  They also are trying to make their writing more powerful by giving clues that lead up to the major event in the story to create suspense for the reader! 

Math:  In math we are wrapping up our unit on addition and subtraction strategies.  Our next unit will cover place value up to a 1000.

3rd grade:  In spelling, the students will be working with the word pattern of the week; plurals with -s and -es.  Throughout the week students will be doing a variety of sorts that relate to the weeks spelling pattern.  Students will also be forming “Million Dollar Sentences” with their 5 high frequency words.

In language, the students will use their knowledge of this week’s spelling pattern, to work on regular plural nouns.

In reading, we will continue to introduce and work on non-fiction text elements. Some groups will be extending their reading by using higher level texts, and some groups will be working on decoding and phonics.

We continue to work on Chapter 2: Representing and Interpreting Data using a variety of graphs using Go Math. Some classes will be assessing chapter 2 and beginning Chapter 3: Introducing Multiplication.  

In writing, this week we will be working from our Units of Study for narrative writing. The students have been working on the heart of their stories and adding paragraphs and dialogue to their narratives. They will also begin revising and editing as they work toward their published pieces.

In science, the students are beginning our next unit in science: Energy.


4th grade: Math - This week in math students will be finding exact and estimated differences.  They will also be using their knowledge of place value to do some problem solving.  Later in the week, students will be learning how to multiply extended facts.

Reading - In reading this week, students will continue to work on making inferences about the text they are reading and asking questions while they are reading.  They will be using nonfiction texts as well as some reading material from their Storyworks magazines.

Language Arts - Students are working on identifying and writing good sentences with subjects and predicates.  They are also continuing to work on their fictional narratives for the quarter.  They will be using those ideas to write scenes, storyboards, leads, and to begin drafting a fictional narrative.  In that writing piece, students will be using dialogue.

Science - In science, students are learning what it means to be a scientist.  They are learning skills that scientists use through reading and class discussions.

Social Studies - Students are continuing to work on their “History of Me” projects.  Some are already finished and presented in class.  Next, students will be studying The prehistoric people of Ohio.


Music: 1st Grade students are loving the Halloween songs we are singing in music class.  Their favorite is Water Witch.  We have been working with this song to find our 2 neighbors who live on “Music Street”, Mrs. So and the Mi family.  First grade is continually working on developing their singing voices and being able to pat and play the steady beat to all our songs.

Media Center:  Kindergarten students have been discussing ways to keep safe when online and proper library behavior.  We read I Took My Frog To The Library by Eric Kimmel. We followed up the story with stuffed animals as the characters from the book and discussed whether their behavior was acceptable or unacceptable in the library.  Next week, our students will be learning to use shelf markers and how to “browse” for a book.

Art: First grade in art this week are completing their Fire Prevention posters. First grade classes are also drawing pumpkins and adding faces with construction paper.  Some classes made ghosts from white paper.  Students drew faces with markers then added streamers to complete their 3-D ghosts.  

Physical Education: Students in the 1st grade are continuing to work on our new stretching routine.  I will be stressing to increase their effort to prepare for some upcoming data collection on your child’s flexibility.  We have learned a new game, Finding Nemo, which works on teamwork and defensive tactics.  This is a class favorite.  It also is another one of our fitness style games because of the constant running   Students have been reminded to continue to work on their homework of push ups and sit ups 3 times a week.  Please keep this web address handy for class information and other homework information.