In the Classroom 10/17 - 10/20

posted Oct 18, 2017, 9:23 AM by Jesse Kohls


We have finished up the quarterly assessments and are ready for the second quarter!  This week we will be learning about Day and Night.  We will begin learning facts about Bats in a nonfiction unit.  

In writing, we will continue to stretch out words, documenting all the sounds we hear.  We will also keep using finger spaces between words. Talk about stories your kindergartener can write while at school.  All stories should contain a beginning, middle and ending.  Always encourage neat handwriting!

1st grade:  

  • Reading-Focuses during guided reading include practicing different reading strategies, hunks and chunks, and introducing bossy e. The end of first quarter benchmark is an instructional level D.

  • Writing-First graders will work on revising their stories using a checklist. Students will check to make sure that their sentences start with a capital letter and end with punctuation. They will also check to make sure sight words are spelled correctly and that they have sounded out unfamiliar words. Next quarter we will begin realistic fiction writing.

  • Math- This week students will be introduced to odd and even numbers.

  • Social Studies-First graders will learn all about Christopher Columbus.

2nd grade:

The first week of the second quarter will be very busy!  Reading is taking a big shift.  The first quarter focused on fiction.  Second quarter will focus on informational or nonfiction texts.  This week, students are learning about the different nonfiction features like titles, headings, subheadings, photographs, diagrams, charts, tables, table of contents, glossary, and more!  In math, students are finishing chapter 3.  Students are working on problem solving with addition and subtraction.  They will also be introduced to making equal groups, repeated addition, and multiplication!  Students will explore endangered and extinct animals during science.  Writing workshop will continue to focus on writing small moment personal narratives.  It is going to be a great week!

3rd grade:  

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print. The spelling pattern for this week is -er and -or sounds..

In reading mini-lessons, we will continue to  learn about different text features in nonfiction books and discussing their purpose and how they help us when we read. We will also be using these text features and photographs/illustrations to help answer questions about the text. These skills will carry over into small guided reading groups so that students can work with the teacher to practice at their instructional level using appropriate texts. While the teacher is meeting with groups, students will be engaging in independent reading or centers.

During language this week, we will continue to review regular and irregular plural nouns. Students will learn the rules when to add -s, -es, -ies, and -ves to a noun. We will also begin working on possessive nouns, by adding an apostrophe s to nouns to show ownership.

In Math, some classes will be finishing up Chapter 2 on using and interpreting data and then move on to our multiplication unit. Other classes will continue to work on Chapter 3. Students will be working with different strategies throughout this unit to understand the process of multiplication, focusing on equal groups, repeated addition, skip counting and arrays.

In writing, students will be starting the next writing unit - Informational writing.  Students will discuss what topics they are experts in and share this information through quick writes. As the unit continues they will write about different nonfiction topics. .

In science, we have been learning about what energy is and how energy can change form. This week we will discuss different types of energies, such as heat, sound, and light.

4th grade:  

Reading: Students are learning to analyze texts for deeper understanding.  Students are reading a variety of nonfiction and fiction passages to find deeper meaning in.  While students are reading, they will be learning about relationships such as cause and effect, determining theme, and inferring what texts are telling us.  

Writing: This week, students will begin to learn about opinion writing.  They will look at many opinion examples to find common elements, and begin creating ideas and arguments.  

Science: This week, students will begin  to learn about the relationships between living things and their environments.  Students will focus on the effects something alive can have on its environment, or an affect the environment can have on a living thing.  

Social Studies: Continuing on with the story of our past; History. Students will be introduced to the six Historic Native American tribes of Ohio beginning with the first group here, the Wyandot. We will be reading from our Ohio Studies Weekly, taking notes and begin this unit’s project.


Gray Savages (Mr. Gray’s Morning Math Class)-Tuesday-Wednesday-Algebra: Comparison Problems (Lesson 2.2. Homework-pages 73 and 74 or page 74 and Enrichment Page2.2).  

Thursday-Problem Solving: Multistep Multiplication Problems (Lesson 2.9)

Friday-Quiz over Lessons 2.7, 2.10 and 2.11.

Bullhawks (Mr. Gray’s Afternoon Math Class)- Tuesday-Wednesday-The Distributive Property of Multiplication (Lesson 2.6, homework-pages 97 and 98 or page 98 and Enrichment 2.6).

Thursday-Friday-Multiply Using Partial Products (Lesson 2.7, homework-pages 103 and 104 or page 104 and Enrichment Page 2.7).  

Gray Savages (Mr. Kiefer’s morning math class)-Tuesday-Lesson 2.6, multiplying using expanded form.  Homework will be pages 97-98 or lesson 2.6 PMT

Wednesday and Thursday-Quiz over lessons 2.5-2.6, then lesson 2.7, multiplying using partial products.  Homework will be pages 103-104 or lesson 2.7 PMT.

Friday-Lesson 2.1, multiplication comparisons.  Homework will be pages 67-68 or 2.1 PMT.

Redbulls (Mr. Kiefer’s afternoon math class)-Tuesday-Lesson 2.5, the distributive property.  Homework will be pages 91-92 or lesson 2.5 PMT.  

Wednesday-Lesson 2.6, expanded form.  Homework will be pages 97-98 or lesson 2.6 PMT.

Thursday and Friday-Quiz over lessons 2.5-2.6, then lesson 2.7, multiplying using partial products.  Homework will be pages 103-104 or lesson 2.7 PMT.

***Note, these are things we expect to complete, but are subject to change as needed.


Physical Education: Students are working so hard in PE!  We are loving the beautiful weather to get outside once in awhile!  This week in PE, students in grades first and second grade will focus on direction and level changes, teamwork, and invading skills!  Students in third and fourth grade will demonstrate throwing, catching, and blocking skills in an activity called eyes up hands up!  Everyone continues to work on our sportsmanship and teamwork!  Keep up the great work in PE!  Please remember gym shoes on PE days!  

Art:  In art our second grade classes are working on scarecrow pictures.  Students are using their imaginations drawing scarecrows in pencil outlining with black marker, and coloring with crayon.  Students complete their pictures by adding raffia (plastic straw) and buttons.  This is a mixed media project.  Second grade classes are also completing Monochromatic (one color) pictures of bats with moon.  


1st Grade: We have been having so much fun in 1st grade music.  We have found our singing voices and have started practicing the steady beat.  We move to different types of music and have even been learning some fun folk songs.

2nd Grade: 2nd grade students will be reviewing lots of concepts we covered in first grade.  We practiced some melody and rhythm notes.  Soon we will start playing melodies on the barred instruments.  We love to sing and dance to songs as well.

3rd Grade: From the first day of school 3rd graders have been hard at work on their concert.  We are singing, dancing, and playing instruments in anticipation of our upcoming performance.  Look for a paper soon with more information about the concert.

4th Grade: Review time for 4th grade.  We have been reviewing all sorts of concepts, songs, rhythms, and melodies that we have done in the past.  We just started working on a new rhythm pattern called Syncopa as well as finding songs in different meters.


All grades will begin a unit on Digital Citizenship this week.  Kindergarten, First and Second grade students will discuss safe sites and how quickly close out of problem sites.  While Third grade students will discuss AUPs (Acceptable Use Policies) what they are and how they affect you.  Finally Fourth grade students will discuss personal information, what it is and how to keep it safe.