In the Classroom 10/26 - 10/30

posted Oct 26, 2015, 1:26 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: This week in Kindergarten we will be getting ready for our Halloween Party on Friday by using our new sight word to discuss “me” on Halloween! With the beginning of the Second Quarter we will be starting Unit 2 in Writing Workshop where we will be taking our Narrative Stories to a more in-depth level. In math we will introduce Chapter 4, representing and comparing numbers to 10. Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-ups will be sent out this week as well so be sure to check your email for the e-vite!

1st grade:  This week in first grade, students will be introduced to our next unit of study in Writer’s Workshop.  This quarter we will be focusing on writing fiction.  First graders will be lead, step by step, through the process of creating a pretend character, giving that character adventures, and elaborating and revising their stories. In math, students will be working hands-on with a pumpkin to complete different activities such as measuring their pumpkin with cubes and counting the number of seeds in their pumpkin.  In science, students will focus on the life cycle of a pumpkin. 

2nd grade: It is hard to believe that this is the last week of the first quarter!  Students have grown and learned so much from the beginning of the year.  This week, second graders are practicing how to spell words with long i patterns.  Many classes are focusing on the igh and y spelling pattern this week.  In language, students reviewed parts of speech learned so far this year.  Reading continues to focus on literature.  Students are reviewing how to ask and answer questions when they are reading to better understand the story.

Students continue to work on personal narratives.  It would be helpful if families spoke to their second graders about good topics for their small moment stories.  Students also completed an on-demand writing sample that will be graded.

In math student have been working on place value with numbers up to 1000. We have also introduced expanded notation.


3rd grade:  This week starts the 1st week of 2nd quarter. Report cards will be coming home this Friday, October 30. The skills they have learned in the first quarter have been assessed with a Reading and Math quarterly assessment that was given by all third grade classes.

In spelling, the students will be working with the word pattern of the week; plurals with -f or -fe.  Throughout the week students will be doing a variety of sorts that relate to the weeks spelling pattern.  Students will also be forming “Million Dollar Sentences” or “7up” sentences with their 5 high frequency words.

In language, the students will use their knowledge of this week’s spelling pattern, to work on irregular plural nouns and possessive nouns.

In reading, we will continue to introduce and work on non-fiction text elements such as answering literal questions using the text, text features and illustrations to comprehend. Some groups will be extending their reading by using higher-level texts, and some groups will be working on decoding and phonics. 

We have started Chapter 3:Understanding Multiplication. Students are using equal groups to find out how many in all, relating addition to multiplication facts and using arrays. Flashcards are a good way to help the students start to memorize their facts!

In writing, this week we will be starting our Units of Study for informational writing. We will discuss what information pieces look like and what they include.

In science, the students will we continue our unit in science: Energy. They are learning about different types of energy forms such as heat energy, light energy and electrical energy.


4th grade: Math - This week in math students will continue working on extended facts, as well as finding estimated products.  They will also be learning how to multiply using the distributive property.

Reading - Using various texts, students will be practicing questioning the text, making inferences, using text features like pictures, captions, and headings to help them understand what they are reading. 

Language Arts - Using quotation marks is one focus again for the week.  The second quarter writing piece will be opinion writing.  Students will start by looking at samples of opinion writing to help them see how these pieces should be written and organized.

Science - In science, students will be learning about the water cycle and how Earth’s surface changes through weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Social Studies - Good job on the “History of Me” projects.  It was good to see students sharing their history with primary sources.  The prehistoric people of Ohio is what students will be studying next.


Music: 2nd Grade students are working on Halloween songs that have new rhythm and melody notes in them. Students are working on learning Do and Two-o notes.  This week students will be putting melodies on songs on the instruments.  Next week we will be starting our concert songs! Winter is just around the corner and we will need to get ready fast!

Media Center:  First Grade students have been learning about taking good care of their library books (and their own) especially when taking them home. We discussed a “safe” place for their library book when they are not reading it, is in their book bags.  That way even if they forget it is their Library day, the books will be with them at school!  This week is Red Ribbon week and we are reading different stories each day related to the theme of the day.

Art:  In art students in grade three are working on Thanksgiving projects.  Students completed a collaborative project for Red Ribbon week.  In art students cut out colorful flowers from construction paper and added them to a giant vase. The vase will be on display in the lunchroom this week.  Students have also been learning about American Indians.  Students were inspired to create a Wild West drawing by looking at the work of artist Frederick Remington.  Remington painted pictures of cowboys and Indians.

Physical Education:  Students in the 3rd grade will continue performing their push up test this week in PE.  This test is performed in the beginning of the year and then followed up at the end of the year to show improvement throughout the year.  This is also a way to measure if the boys and girls are doing their homework consistently.   Students have been assigned homework of push ups and sit ups 3 times a week.  Students this week will also begin recording their daily activity log and create a plan for a year long fitness goal. The activity/game we are playing this week is Blob tag.  This game incorporates teamwork and sliding technique.  We use the sliding technique for defense in many activities and sports.

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