In the Classroom 10/3 - 10/7

posted Oct 4, 2016, 10:57 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten our theme is Apples!  Students will be listening to stories about how apples grow and about the different characteristics of apples.  In math we are beginning chapter 3.  Chapter three focuses on representing, counting, and comparing the numbers 6 to 9.  In writing workshop, we are wrapping up the last few lessons of the quarter and preparing for our on-demand writing assessment next week.  An extra special event occurring this week is a visit from the Ross Firefighters!

1st grade:  

First graders are winding down first quarter with many assessments and achievements! These past several weeks have flown by as we have gotten into our classroom routines and have practiced centers and transitions smoothly. We are the "top dogs" in our school for walking quietly in the hallways as to not interrupt other classrooms while they are having class. We have covered many topics like seasons, weather, community helpers, and studied Apples with Ms. Edwards, as it turned into a new season, Fall. We have covered three chapters in our Go Math program and students are getting better each day at adding and subtracting within ten. Some students have even been recognized as "Tens Club" members for their hard work! The Principal's Hall of Fame is always showcasing great work done by many first grade students! Check it out if you are in the building.

Firefighters from the Ross Fire Department have taught us many safety rules and have shown us the cool tools they use to do their important work. We are very grateful for the service they provide to our community to keep us safe each day. We know we can count on them in an emergency and that we now are empowered to call for help if we ever need it.  

2nd grade:  Second graders are practicing how to spell words with long a patterns.  Many classes are focusing on the ai and ay hunks and chunks for the spelling pattern.  In language, students will be introduced to the meaning of an adverb.  They will practice using adverbs in sentences to make the sentence more interesting.  In reading, students will explore how rhythm, repeated lines, alliteration, and personification are used in literature to give stories and poems rhythm and meaning!

Students continue to write small moment personal narratives.  This week, students will focus on using authors as mentors to make their writing more powerful.  Students will also use the 2nd grade writing checklist to revise and edit their writing.  

In math, students are working on chapter 2 in our Go Math Program.  This chapter focuses on exploring 3-digit numbers!  Students will practice place value, grouping tens into hundreds, modeling the number with base ten blocks, and writing the numbers using words.  

In science, students are learning how living things interact with their habitats.  This week we will learn about endangered and extinct animals.  It is going to be a fun week!

3rd grade:  

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. This week’s pattern is plural nouns with -s and -es. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.

For language this week, the students will continue to work on pronouns. We have been discussing pronouns so students already know the pronouns she, he, we, they, us, etc., but now they will be able to use the proper terms when discussing them in sentences and making them agree with the thing to which it refers, known as pronoun-antecedent agreement.  We will also be focusing on plural nouns.

For reading mini lessons this week, the students will be focusing on retelling and summarizing picture books. Students will use the mentor texts Bad Boys to summarize using the transition words first, next, then, after that and finally.  We will continue to work on the skill of summarizing in reading groups.

Math this week finds us continuing with representing and interpreting data in frequency tables, picture graphs, bar graphs and line plots. Some of the classes will be taking their Chapter 2 Math test this week and will be ready to move onto Chapter 3 which will begin our Multiplication Unit.  

In writing, students are working hard writing their personal narratives about important people and places in their lives. This week they will look at their drafts and figure out where they can add paragraphs and correctly edit quotations within their stories.

In science, we are wrapping up our Earth’s Resources unit by discussing the different types of energy sources such as wind, water, and solar energy. We will also be looking at electrical circuits and currents and how appliances and electronics can be “Energy Vampires”! After we take the Earth’s Resources test, we will be moving into social studies and learning about Government.

4th grade:  

Reading: Students are learning about how to read texts for understanding.  Rather than simply reading the words on a page, students are learning to find the deeper meaning of texts.

Writing:  Students have begun to work on personal narratives in writing.

Math: Students are continuing to work on place value concepts as well as multiplication strategies.  Students will learn many strategies, but these strategies all require an understanding and mastery of facts to be successful.  

Science:  Students are learning about changes to the Earth’s surface through weathering and erosion.  

Social Studies:  Students are continuing to learn about timelines, primary and secondary sources, and the various Native American groups who lived in Ohio.


Art: Students in second grade have been making Halloween projects in art.  Some of the second grade classes made construction paper bats with purple and orange streamers.  Second grade classes are also working on crayon resist pumpkin paintings.  This week all of our cat and dog portraits will be on display in Elda’s hallways and our art gallery by the art room. October’s art gallery showing will feature Halloween art.   

Physical Education:  All students are working so hard in Physical Education!  We love to see so much movement and physical activity!  Our focus in grades three and four will be our locomotor skills, spatial awareness, and cardio!  Students will demonstrate these skills in a very active activity called helicopters!  Our focus in grades 3 and 4 with be our throwing, accuracy, and defense!  Students will work individually to develop defensive skills.  All classes are always showing responsible, personal and social behavior that respects self and others!  Keep up the great work!!   


1st Grade: Moving, singing, instruments, oh my! We are doing so many things in first grade music.  The students have learned about steady beat and rhythm.  They have been able to play on the big instruments to help tell our story “Up, Up, Down”.  We have even begun to talk about some singing notes called So and Mi.

2nd Grade: We are working on lots of rhythm reading, writing, and playing in 2nd grade.  Students have been composing their own rhythm sections to the songs we are singing.  Students recently learned about a new singing note, Do.  We are using Do in all of our songs now.

3rd Grade: 3rd grade students are hard at work for their concert.  The Olympics will be happening on October 10th at the high school.  Students are to wear Red, White, and/or Blue to support Team USA.  The concert will begin at 7pm,  students need to arrive at 6:45. It is going to be a great show!

4th Grade: 4th graders have been learning about some new ways to create music.  Students have been improvising on the instruments and with their voices.  4th graders have also been working on using a new rhythm sequence “syncopa” which makes the rhythm more bouncy and jazzy.