In the Classroom 11/28 - 12/2

posted Nov 28, 2016, 10:23 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten our theme is an author study on Laura Numeroff.  Laura Numeroff is the famous author who wrote If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  Students will be listening to stories by Laura Numeroff this week and discussing the difference between a want and a need.  Students will also be comparing many different stories written by the famous author.  In math, students are continuing to develop a deeper understanding of addition.  We will be working on creating number stories and models for addition equations with sums of less than ten.  In writing, students are working on adding details to their stories.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

1st grade:  

Reading- This week in reading, we are introducing adjectives! We will also do our spelling assessment this week. We are continuing to read independently as well as in small group. Students are doing a great job during reading workshop as we introduce new skills and continue practicing skills that we have learned!

Math- This week we will wrap up chapter 6 of GoMath! and take our end of the chapter test over place value and building/modeling numbers. We will begin covering greater than less than in Chapter 7 next week..

Writing- This week in writing workshop, we are wrapping up our unit in realistic fiction. We will continue working on basic skills such as capitalizing and punctuating sentences through Christmas- themed writing activities. We will also continue working on bringing our characters to life by giving them a name, using dialogue, and sending these characters on adventures through writing.

2nd grade:

We have only three short weeks and a lot of work to finish before 2017 arrives!  In spelling, students are working on contractions.  Their spelling words consist of contractions with will and not this week.  In reading, students are finding the main idea and details in informational texts.  They are using the title, pictures, and other nonfiction text features to get a good idea of the main topic before they even read.  During reading, they look for words that repeat over and over and also at the beginning and ending of paragraphs to try to find the main idea.  After they finished reading, they ask themselves, “What was this book mostly about?” to find the main idea.  In math, students are subtracting 2 digit numbers using a variety of strategies.  We are also working on solving one and two step word problems with 2 digit subtraction.  In writing, students are writing informational texts.  They are writing all about books that include a table of contents and several sections or chapters!  It’s going to be a great week!  

3rd grade:  

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns (past tense ed) in print.

In language, the students will be working with verbs. They will learn about the different types of verbs and different verb tenses.

For reading this week, the students will be focusing on making inferences. They will be practicing using their schema and evidence from the text to infer. They will be practicing this skill using Pixar Short films and texts they read in class.

This week in math, the third grade students will be wrapping their unit on Multiplication and working on Division. We will continue timed multiplication facts tests to help with fluency. Flashcards are a good way to help the students start to memorize their facts!

In writing, students will continue working on informational writing and finding what they are experts in. The students will think of topics that they are experts on and will write factual information. Students will write about many topics; such as football, energy, penguins, etc. The third grade writers will work to organize their writing into paragraphs about their topic. Students will also be choosing chapters for their informational pieces and creating tables of contents.

In social studies, the students are working on a unit on government. They are learning about the various roles and responsibilities of local government.

4th grade:  

Reading:  Students are continuing to use evidence from their reading to determine what the author means.  They are using this skill when they are making inferences, finding the main and supporting details, and determining text structure.

Writing:  Students continue to practice adding evidence and transitional phrases to their opinion writing.  Students are using texts as the basis for their opinions.  

Math:  Students continue to learn multiplication strategies.  These strategies will be used for the remainder of the year, even when we move into division and fractions.

Social Studies:  Students are learning about the historic tribes of Ohio, and their conflicts with settlers in the region.  We are setting the stage for the Revolution.

Science:  Students are learning about fossils and how scientist can use fossils to learn about the Earth’s history.