In the Classroom 11/7/16 - 11/11/16

posted Nov 7, 2016, 10:43 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten our theme is focusing on the sun, the moon, and the stars.  Students will be listening to nonfiction stories and helping pick out the important details and information within each story. Students will be beginning their exploration into addition in math.  In writing workshop, students are continuing to learn how to add more details to their stories and they are trying to write all the sounds they hear when sounding out words. Thank you to everyone for attending conferences. The kindergarten team enjoyed getting a chance to meet with everyone!

1st grade:  

  • Reading-Focuses during guided reading include practicing different reading strategies, hunks and chunks, and introducing nouns.

  • Writing-First grade writers will continue to write realistic fiction stories. In this unit, students will be lead step by step, through the process of creating a pretend character, giving that character adventures in more than one booklet, elaborating and revising across books, and finally, creating a “boxed set” of their stories.  

  • Math- This week students will continue chapter 4 of Go Math. This chapter helps students develop an understanding of subtraction and strategies for subtraction within 20.

  • Science-First graders will differentiate between living and nonliving things. Students will understand that all living things grow and change and that the needs of all living things include air, water, and food.

2nd grade:

The second grade team would like to thank all of the parents and guardians that attended conferences.  We love getting the chance to talk with you about your child!  

On Friday, students will honor our local Veterans during our Veteran's Day assembly!

In reading, classes are practicing comprehension skills by asking and answering questions about informational or nonfiction books that we read.  In math, students are learning to add two digit numbers.  Students are solving problems with 3 and 4 addends!   In writing, we are learning to write informational texts.  This week, students will focus on writing how-to books.  It’s going to be a great week!

3rd grade:  

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns (silent e) in print.

In language, the students will continue to work on adjectives - describing words. The students will describe themselves as well and identifying adjectives in sentences.

For reading this week, the students will be focusing on test taking skills and practicing for the AIR ELA test, which will be given on November 15 and 16.  We will use the practice test provided by the state of Ohio, along with Study Island reading practice test to help the students prepare.

This week in math, the third grade students will be wrapping -up Chapter 4: Multiplication Facts and Strategies and will begin Chapter 5: Use Multiplication Facts soon. We will begin timed multiplication facts tests starting the week of November 14 on 0 and 1 to help with fluency. Flashcards are a good way to help the students start to memorize their facts!

In writing, students will continue working on informational writing and finding what they are experts in. The students will think of topics that they are experts on and will write factual information. Students will write about many topics; such as football, energy, penguins, etc. The third grade writers will work to organize their writing into paragraphs about their topic. Students will also be choosing chapters for their informational pieces and creating tables of contents.

In social studies, the students have begun their unit on government. They have learned about the different types of communities.  This week we will be focusing on their responsibilities as citizens, problem solving skills, the differences between rules and laws and the consequences.  

4th grade:  

Reading:  Students are reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts.  While reading, students are practicing reading for meaning and reading between the lines.  

Writing: Students are learning what goes into an opinion piece of writing.  Students are reading opinions, as well as creating their own.  

Math: Classes are busy working on multiplication strategies.  Students will be able to multiply up to a four digit times one digit number, as well as two digit by two digit numbers.  

Social Studies:  Students are learning about the first people to live in Ohio and Ohio settlements.

Science: Students are learning about changes to animals, as well as using fossil information to learn about Earth’s history.


Physical Education:  All students are working so hard in physical education!  In grades one and two, students will be working on balancing, fleeing, dodging, and chasing.  These skills will be performed in a fun activity call bag the beanbag!  This activity also includes lots of teamwork!  In grades three and four, students will be demonstrating their throwing, accuracy, defending, and scooter skills.  They will focus on these skills in an activity called sink the ship.  Sink the ship calls for lots of teamwork and focus.  All students continue to strengthen their sportsmanship more and more!  Keep up all the great work!

Media: All grade levels are wrapping up their Internet Safety unit and are getting ready to vote for the Buckeye Children’s Book Award book of their choice.  There are five books in each of four age ranges, K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and Teen.  We have been discussing how different kinds of books appeal to different people, and how to figure out which one is best in your own opinion.  Voting will take place the week of November 7th.

Art: Students in grade 3 have been creating Mixed-media turkeys.  Some 3rd grade classes created awesome mosaic turkeys with colorful feathers.  Several classes created colorful turkeys with a variety of papers designs.  We have a display of 3rd grade Thanksgiving turkeys that went to the art museum.   Students were given four choices of artist masterpieces to draw then color with crayon.  Students then added their artist inspired pieces for their turkey to hold in their wings.  This month’s art gallery showing will be Thanksgiving projects.  We will also have a “Wild West” gallery showing of students’ work on display by the art room.    


1st Grade: Moving, singing, instruments, oh my! We are doing so many things in first grade music.  The students have learned about steady beat and rhythm.  They have been able to play on the big instruments to help tell our story “Up, Up, Down”.  We have even begun to talk about some singing notes called So and Mi.

2nd Grade: We are working on lots of rhythm reading, writing, and playing in 2nd grade.  Students have been composing their own rhythm sections to the songs we are singing.  Students recently learned about a new singing note, Do.  We are using Do in all of our songs now.

3rd Grade: 3rd grade students are hard at work for their concert.  The Olympics will be happening on October 10th at the high school.  Students are to wear Red, White, and/or Blue to support Team USA.  The concert will begin at 7pm,  students need to arrive at 6:45. It is going to be a great show!

4th Grade: 4th graders have been learning about some new ways to create music.  Students have been improvising on the instruments and with their voices.  4th graders have also been working on using a new rhythm sequence “syncopa” which makes the rhythm more bouncy and jazzy.