In The Classroom 1/25/16 - 1/29/16

posted Jan 26, 2016, 4:18 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: This week in Kindergarten we will be kicking off our third writing unit about “Opinion Writing”. Kindergarteners will start getting used to thinking about how they feel about certain issues and writing about their opinion by giving reasons why they feel that way. We will also add the sight word ‘yes’ to our word wall and learn about the -ing chunk by meeting the King of Ing! We will read stories about Penguins and finish up Chapter 8 in Math.

 1st grade: Math- We are finishing up Chapter 4 and working on Chapter 5 in Go Math. Addition and subtraction strategies have been our main focus and we are continuing to work on these.

Reading- Focuses include guided reading groups work, different reading strategies to use, building sentences, hunks and chunks, and continuing to build stamina when working through Guided Reading block activities. We have begun our spelling program and students are working to practice their spelling words during our Word Work time.

Writing- We are working on Unit 3 in writing. This unit focuses on informational pieces. We are continuing to practice writing complete sentences and using correct capitalization and punctuation.

We will also continue working on being respectful, responsible, and learning to be peaceful problem solvers throughout the day.

2nd grade: In reading, students are practicing many skills using biographies.  This week we are focusing on Alexander Graham Bell.  Students are picking out important events from his life and making timelines, finding the main idea of sections of the book, comparing two texts on this inventor, and practicing using nonfiction text features like diagrams to help them better understand what they are reading!  

Our spelling pattern for the week is soft and hard c and g.  Students are practicing spelling and using words that are spelled with c that sounds like “k” and “s.”  They are also practicing with words that are spelled with g that sounds like “g” and “j.”  

Math we continue to focus on double digit subtraction.  The students are becoming very confident in their abilities to regroup.  Our new math program has some challenging problems that the students are able to conquer.  We are very proud of our student’s math skills.



3rd grade:  In spelling, the students will be working with the word pattern of the week; consonant clusters.  Throughout the week students will be doing a variety of sorts that relate to the weeks spelling pattern.  Students will also be forming “Million Dollar Sentences” with their 5 high frequency words.

In language, the students will work on adverbs. They will learn that an adverb describes the how, when and where of what is happening. Unlike an adjective, which describe nouns, adverbs describe verbs.

In reading, our mini-lessons this week are focusing on main idea and details. We will continue to work on this skill in guided reading groups. They will be using graphic organizers and answering questions. Some groups will be extending their reading by using higher level texts, and some groups will be working on decoding and phonics. While the teacher is working with students independently, the rest of the class is working on their center work that reinforces ELA skills.

In math, students are continuing Chapter 7: Division Facts and Strategies. The students are doing a great job using strategies to solve division problems.

In writing, the students are working on their third unit of Lucy Calkins on Persuasive Speeches, Petitions and Editorials. They will begin by gathering and supporting opinions as they write persuasive speeches!

We have finished our Science unit on Life Cycles and Heredity and are now switching back to Social Studies where the students will be learning to read timelines and talk about how our community has changed.


4th grade: Math - In math this week, students will be learning how to find estimated products.  They will be learning several ways to find estimated products.  In the end, students will choose the one that works best for them.  Students will also be completing “Study Island” assignments on their Chromebooks.

Reading - Students are getting the opportunity to work with their peers to discuss articles from their Storyworks magazines or novels that they are reading.  They are recording their thinking and answering journal prompts.  Students are also completing “Study Island” assignments on their Chromebooks.

Language Arts - Students this quarter are going to write informational pieces.  They will be looking at samples of informational writing and begin to choose topics to write about.  Students will also be learning about progressive verb tenses.

Science - In science, students will are learning about Earth’s surface changing through the processes of weathering, erosion, and deposition and landforms that are created because of these processes.  Students are using their Science Fusion books and their Chromebooks to learn about these topics.

Social Studies -  The historic people of Ohio is what students will be studying this week in social studies.  Students will be learning about the Shawnee, Delaware, Ottawa, Miami, Mingo, and Wyandot people.


Music:  In January, 3rd grade students are learning about two new concepts.  Our new melody concept is High Do and the use of an octave within some songs.  Students are singing, moving, and playing songs with High Do in them.  3rd graders have been challenged to play songs with 3 different instrument parts playing all at once.  Later this month students will be learning about a new rhythm note, sixteenth notes.  These notes are faster than anything we have done before and it makes for some exciting songs.

Media Center:  This week Kindergarten students will be learning about various awards and honors books can earn.  We will discuss the Newbery and Caldecott awards as well as the Coretta Scott King award, Sibert Informational Book Award, Theodor Seuss Geisel award and the Buckeye Children’s book award.

Art:  Students in Grade 4 continue to work on art show projects.  The theme of the art show is Art from around the world.  Students from Mr. Gray’s class are creating Chinese dragons.  The dragons are 3-D and made from construction paper.  Mrs. Brosiers’ students are making Australian Koala bears.    

Physical Education:  Students in the 3rd grade will be doing exercise stations this week.  Circuit training consists of 6-7 exercise stations spread out throughout the gym.  The students are each assigned to a station.  They perform the exercise for a set amount of time (90 seconds) then are instructed to quickly rotate to the next station.  We do this, non stop, until we have rotated to each station.  There is a short rest and then we perform the circuit again (30 seconds).  The exercises are designed to target three main areas, upper body strength, core strength, and lower body strength.  I arrange them so we do not over tax any one area too much back to back.  It’s a great workout in a very short amount of time!

We will be watching a short video on the muscles of the legs.  We have been learning these all year but this time we will see it in video format.  We will see these muscles on a test later this year.  Look to the web site for study materials soon.

Jump Rope for Heart is coming up.  I will be talking to the children about this event that takes place in February.

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