In the Classroom 2/20/18 - 2/23/18

posted Feb 21, 2018, 11:55 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten our theme is both Presidents and maps.  We will be learning about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and learning how to read and construct basic maps. In math, students are continuing to build their knowledge of subtraction. In writing workshop, students are using persuasive language in their stories and adding more details.  We look forward to seeing everyone at conferences.

1st grade:  

In reading we continue to employ a variety of reading strategies to decode text.  Please take time to practice first grade sight words and hunks-and-chunks.  It’s important that you set aside time to read with your child for at least 15 minutes each day.  While reading with your child, ask “What story clues are in the title and pictures?  Is this fiction or nonfiction?  How do you know?  What do you think will happen next?  How do you think the story will end?  What is the author trying to teach you?”

In writing workshop, students are composing informational stories, teaching their readers about a topic.  First graders are continuing to work on forming complete sentences with correct capitalization, punctuation and spacing. Ask your child what they’ve learned about text features!

Our mathematicians have been busy telling time to the nearest hour and half hour, reading and graphing data and solving addition and subtraction story problems. Show your child that math is in our daily lives by letting them help you cook and count and measure the ingredients.  Have children point out patterns they find in nature.  Give your child coins to practice counting money.  Count steps as you take a walk.  Skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

2nd grade:

Reading:  Students are reading biographies and studying famous Americans!  They will practice several comprehension skills, such as finding the main idea and details, comparing and contrasting, asking and answering questions, and identifying the author’s purpose!

Math:  This week is all about money!  Students will continue counting collections of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Writing:  Students are writing scientific lab reports.  They will conduct experiments on force and motion.  They will write lab reports that include a question to study, a hypothesis, procedures, and results.

3rd grade:

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.

For reading this week, the students will be focusing on the non-fiction text structure sequencing. Students will be connecting important events in a story by looking for keywords. Students will also explain the relationship between events by recalling them in paragraph form.

In language, the students will be working with prefixes and suffixes. They will learn that prefixes come before a root words and suffixes come at the end of a root word.  They will also learn that adding prefixes or suffixes to a root word can change its meaning.

This week in math, the third grade students continue to focus on fractions. We will start the week off comparing two or more fractions. Students will use fraction tiles or the “draw it out” strategy to support their understanding. By the end of the week we will be focusing on equivalent fractions (fractions that are show an equal amount). For example: ½ and 3/6 are equivalent fractions they both shade half of the shape. Continue to practice those multiplication facts!

In writing, students will continue writing opinion pieces. They will continue to utilize a checklist to ensure that their writing is detailed and complete. Students will practice writing a strong thesis statement and supporting their opinions with reasons and evidence.

In social studies, the students will study the changes in communities over time. The students will focus on changes in architecture, business, education, communication, and transportation in this unit of study. We will also be discussing how the community has been modified, discuss the different cultural groups in communities and look at line graphs to see how data changes over time.

4th grade:  

Reading: Students are learning to analyze texts for deeper understanding.  Students are reading a variety of nonfiction and fiction passages to find deeper meaning in.  While students are reading, they will be learning about relationships such as cause and effect, determining theme, and inferring what texts are telling us.  

Writing: Students will be writing informational pieces. Research and notetaking will be done on a variety of topics along with citing sources. Fourth graders will use a variety of techniques to organize their information into well-thought out, organized pieces of writing with many non-fiction features such as pictures, maps, and diagrams.

Science: This week, students will begin to learn about different types of energy.  We will be learning about the different forms of energy, and how each form is related to the others.  Students will have a quiz next week on the states of matter, chemical and physical changes, and the conservation of matter.   

Social Studies:  What does it take to become a state around here? Fourth graders will be learning about the frontier movement from the east coast to Ohio; who wanted to live in Ohio, first towns, how they got here and the Northwest Ordinance! What states were included in the Northwest Territory and the criteria to belong will be the focus of study. Later this week we will hold a mock town council meeting. Homework this week includes State Dailies.


Gray Savages (Mr. Gray’s Morning Math Class)-

Monday-No School-Presidents’ Day.  

Tuesday-Wednesday-Compare and Order Fractions (Lesson 6.8, homework, pages, 375-376 or page 376 and Enrichment 6.8).  

Thursday-Investigate: Add and Subtract Parts of a Whole (Lesson 7.1, homework, pages 389-390 or page 390 and Enrichment 7.1).  

Friday-Write Fractions as Sums-(Lesson 7.2, homework, pages 395-396, or page 396 and Enrichment 7.2).  

Bullhawks (Mr. Gray’s Afternoon Math Class)-

Monday-No School-Presidents’ Day.   

Tuesday-Wednesday-Factors and Multiples (Lesson 5.4, homework, pages 303-304 or page 304 and Enrichment 5.3)  

Thursday-Assessment-Factors, Factors and Divisibility, and Common Factors (Lessons 5.1-5.3)..  Friday-Prime and Composite Numbers (Lesson 5.5, homework, pages 308-309 or 309 and Enrichment 5.5) .        

Gray Savages (Mr. Kiefer’s morning math class)

Tuesday-Lesson 5.2, factors and divisibility.  Homework will be pages 289-290 or lesson 5.2 PMT.

Wednesday and Thursday-Lesson 5.3, common factors.  Homework will be pages 295-296 or lesson 5.3 PMT.

Friday-Chapter 5 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint.  Then lesson 5.4, factors and multiples.  Homework will be pages 303-304 or lesson 5.4 PMT.

Redbulls (Mr. Kiefer’s afternoon math class)

Tuesday and Wednesday-Lesson 5.2, factors and divisibility.  Homework will be pages 289-290 or lesson 5.2 PMT.

Thursday and Friday-Lesson 5.3, common factors.  Homework will be pages 295-296 or lesson 5.3 PMT.

***Note, these are things we expect to complete, but are subject to change as needed.


Physical Education: All students have received all the paperwork to start fundraising for a great cause!  We will begin jump rope stations and learn about a healthy heart!  Every class will also have a chance to join the two minute jump club!  At the end of every class, students will try to jump nonstop for two minutes!   We look forward to a healthy, fun week!

Art: Students in grade four are working to complete art show projects.  Mr. Kiefer’s class have created sunset landscapes, added digital photos of their self.  The class is also creating paper collage giant fish.  Students will be painting a background when their paper collage fish are complete.  Mr. Jefferson’s class and Mr. Gray’s class are cutting out landscape overlapping pictures.  Mrs. Brosiers’ class are completing paper collage jungle pictures with tigers. All classes will continue to work on Imovies when their art projects are completed.


1st Grade: 1st grade students have been hard at work learning and using their beginning rhythm notes.  Students can clap, sing, write, and even decode songs using Ta, Ta-di, and Rest.  Soon we will begin adding melody notes to our vocabulary! Make sure to check out the SeeSaw app to see what we will be doing!

2nd Grade: Great job at the concert!  Students really worked hard from October through December to get ready to showcase what they have been learning in music class.  We will be continuing our work on rhythm and melody notes.  Students will begin to practice and play more simple melodies on the barred instruments.  Make sure to check out the SeeSaw app to see what we will be doing!

3rd Grade: With a new year comes new rhythm and melody notes.  Third grade students are going to be hard at work learning all kinds of new songs and melodies with these new notes.  We will be playing lots on the instruments too, so make sure to check out the SeeSaw app to see what we will be doing!

4th Grade: Hopefully recorder practice has been going well at home!  I know students were excited to be able to take home their recorders and share all their wonderful songs with you.  Students are able to get extra credit by learning and recording videos on google classroom.  These songs are a part of the Recorder Karate program.  We will be using recorders in music class as well as continuing to sing and play other instruments. Make sure to check out the SeeSaw app to see what we will be doing!