In the Classroom 4/11-4/15

posted Apr 11, 2016, 11:03 AM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: This week in kindergarten we will be learning all about the plant lifecycle. We will add the sight word “run” to our word wall and work with the “un” word family. We will be working with identifying verbs, or "action words” and nouns. In writing we will keep up the great work with our informational teaching stories and in math we will be exploring further into subtraction. We will also have a special visit from Sharon Edwards, a local naturalist, who will get us prepped and ready for Earth Day next week by teaching us all about recycling with Morris, the “recyclesaurus"!

1st grade: Math- Keep working on measurement and telling time to the hour and half hour.

Reading- Focuses during guided reading include using different reading strategies, hunks and chunks, and identifying the main idea and supporting details from a text.

2nd grade: Students have been learning about fables this week!  They are finding the moral of the fable and recounting the story.  In math, students have been learning about measurement!  This week we have focused on estimating measurements.  In writing we have continued writing persuasive essays about the books we have been reading.  One area that the students need to work on is using capital letters.  The students are very aware of when to use capitals but seem unmotivated to use them properly.  When working with your child at home this would be a great skill to emphasize.

3rd grade: Last week we completed MAP testing in reading, math and science. Students worked hard to meet and exceed their goals! This week we begin AIR testing in ELA. We have two sessions to complete, and that will be over a two day period. The students have been working hard to prepare and practice their test-taking skills, using the tools provided, and writing detailed essays where they cite their sources and evidence to support their opinions and answers.

In language, the students will be working on and distinguishing the literal and nonliteral meanings of words and phrases and continuing work on idioms.

In reading, our mini-lessons this week we are focusing on point of view and author’s purpose.  We will use our schema to ask ourselves what books we have read that relates to topics discussed.   

In math, students are continuing to work on chapter 11, which revolves around perimeter and area. The students have been introduced to finding different ways to find area, and have been working on solving problems involving perimeter and area.

In writing, the students are continuing to work on adapting fairy tales. The students have read classics, and then made changes to the characters, settings, motivations, and solutions. They are having a great time creating these new narratives!

Social studies continues to find us thinking about economic problems! We have discussed budgets and making choices. We have also been learning about profits and costs!

4th grade: Math - Students will be learning about factors, multiples, and fractions this week.  They will continue completing “Study Island” assignments on their Chromebooks.

Reading - Students are back to working in their reading groups.  They are reading novels, tracking their thinking while they are reading, having group discussions, and writing journal entries.  Students are also completing “Study Island” assignments on their Chromebooks.  Tuesday and Thursday students will be taking their ELA AIR tests.

Language Arts - The focus in writing for the quarter will be a literary essay.  Students will be using comics from “Calvin and Hobbes” to help them practice this type of writing.  This week they will be focusing on what struggles characters have and what motivates characters.  They will also be coming up with thesis statements about characters.

Science - In science, students will be learning about different measurement units.  Units of length, weight, mass, and liquid volume in standard and metric units.

Social Studies - In social studies this week, students will continue learning about early Ohio history.  They will learn about the War of 1812, and the different immigrants that populated Ohio.


Art: Students will be working on signs and posters for the Elda Carnival.  Carnival signs and posters will be on display for this year’s Carnival in the Elda hallways.  Elda’s Carnival will be May 6, 2016 at Ross Middle School 5:00-8:30.  Students will also continue working on their art room portfolios.

Physical Education: The game we are playing for the next couple of weeks is kickball.  This activity will satisfy our kicking assessment and catching assessment as well as give us good practice on defensive tactics for baseball/softball.  Base-running and defense are the major areas of focus with this unit.

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