In the Classroom 4/17 - 4/21

posted Apr 19, 2017, 12:19 PM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten our theme is Earth Day and the Earth’s Resources.  Students will be learning about how to take care of the earth.  In math, we are continuing our unit on 3D shapes.  In writing workshop, students are continuing to write “how-to” stories and students are practicing adding exciting endings to their stories.  Students are also learning about the difference between a Want and a Need.  Kindergarten students are all taking their spring MAP tests in the computer lab this week.

1st grade:  

With the school year quickly winding down, first graders are doing a lot of skill review in all subject areas. We are gearing up for our end of the quarter on-demand writing in which we give detailed explanations of our opinions. We review books and are able to give solid reasoning for our thoughts. This is a great type of writing because we "can't be wrong"!

Map testing will happen in one weeks. Keep reading and doing your best first graders!

2nd grade:

Second grade students have started a new reading unit about fairy tales!  Students will learn about characteristics of fairy tales.  We will also discuss characters within the story and different points of view.  Students will learn about the structure of the fairy tale, including how the beginning introduces the story and the ending concludes the action.  This week students are reading and listening to different versions of Cinderella!  Math continues to focus on graphing.  Students will write poetry for the rest of the year in writing!  Don’t forget that second graders are traveling to the Great American Ballpark next Tuesday for our field trip!  Students will participate in a social studies program and take a tour of the Hall of Fame and the ballpark!  Don’t forget to pack a lunch with all disposable items and wear comfortable walking shoes!

3rd grade:  

This week is an important one in third grade! The Math AIR tests will be taken on April 19 and 21. Then, the following week, students will take the MAP reading assessment on April 25, and MAP Math assessment on the 27.

Students will continue to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print. This week’s pattern finds the students studying the hard c and soft c sounds.

In language, the students will be working on using dictionaries and glossaries. The students will be using traditional paper dictionaries as well as digital dictionaries. The students will study the use of guide words as well as pronunciations, parts of speech, and multiple definitions of words.

Reading mini-lessons this week are going to focus on comparing and contrasting themes and other elements in works by the same author.

The students continue work on their fairy tale adaptations in writing. They are enjoying using traditional fairy tales as mentor texts and making their own versions by changing elements such as the characters, the setting, and the events. The students are also working to add action and dialogue in their adaptations.

With AIR Math testing this week, the students are working on reviewing skills from this year including rounding, addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division, solving multi-step word problems using all four operations, and geometry. The students will also be taking practice tests online in order to become familiar with the format and the tools they will have to use.

The students continue to focus on economics in social studies. They have been learning about budgets, producers, consumers, decisions, renewable and nonrenewable resources, human resources, and capital resources.

4th grade:  

Reading:  Students are continuing to read and review texts.  While doing this, they are looking for evidence to answer questions and make inferences.

Math:  Students are taking the AIR test this week.

Social Studies:  Students are learning about recent Ohio immigrants and Ohio’s economy.

Science:  Students are working on learning about different measurement skills.

Writing:  Students are studying texts to create literature response essays.  


Physical Education: Elda students are working so hard in PE!  This week first and second graders will focus on teamwork and balance together!  They will participate in a fun activity called Sinkerball!  Students will need to concentration in order to move on in the activity.  I know they can do it!  Students in third and fourth grade will also be working on some teamwork!  This week’s activity is call Longball, and they will be focusing on striking, teamwork in the outfield, and sportsmanship!  We are getting closer and closer to Field Day on May 18th!  We hope parents can come and enjoy the fun, fitness day with their child!

Art: Students in first grade are working at stations in art.  Students are learning how to use the Photobooth program to create pictures of themselves with a variety of effects.  Some of our other stations are painting, drawing, building sculptures, cartooning and jewelry making, etc.  Our stations change every week.


1st Grade: New Notes Galore!  In first grade we have just learned about our new rhythm notes Ta and Ta-di.  We are using them in all kinds of songs and games.  We are working hard to put our steady beat skills to use when playing on the barred instruments.

2nd Grade: This month 2nd grade will be creating lots of rhythms and songs.  We will be working with some “egg”-cellent rhythms soon to create our own songs for the Easter Bunny!

3rd Grade: Singing, playing, and creating; we are having so much fun in the music room.  3rd grade is using all the concepts they have learned this year and applying them to all kinds of songs in the music room.

4th Grade: We have begun working on our concert.  This year we will be creating songs all about things that happen at night.  4th Graders will be performing their concert on Tuesday May 2nd!