In the classroom 4/25-4/29

posted Apr 26, 2016, 10:03 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week the kindergarteners are gearing up for the Fantastic Frogs Exploration at Farbach Werner Nature Preserve! We will be reading all about frogs this week and learning all about the frog lifecycle from tadpole to adult.  We will be adding the sight word “up” to our word wall and continue with “How-To” stories in writing workshop. In Math we will keep working with 3D shapes and practicing the 3D shape song so we can become a 3D shape expert!


1st grade:

Math- This week we are studying the attributes of two-dimensional shapes. This unit expects students to be able to sort and describe 2D shapes.

Reading- Focuses during guided reading include using different reading strategies, hunks and chunks, and identifying the main idea and supporting details from a text. The end of fourth quarter benchmark is an instructional level J.

Writing-We have been focusing on opinion stories this quarter. During this unit of study, the expectations are that students will compose pieces in which they introduce the topic or name the book they are writing about, state an opinion, supply a reason for the opinion, and provide some sense of closure.  Students will write a final opinion story the week of April 25th.

Social Studies-This week students will be focusing on economics.  This topic focuses on how we make economic choices in our daily lives.


2nd grade:

Second graders have been learning about folktales again this week!  We are going to be looking at folktales from cultures around the world.  This week, we focused on Asian and South American folktales.  Students practiced recounting the folktale and discussing the moral or what the folktale explains.  In math, we will be moving on to Data. Poetry continues to be the focus for writing!  Students are being creative and looking at tiny topics through poets’ eyes!  We are using repetition and paying attention to line breaks this week in our poems.  We continue to do math fact quizzes each week.  Please continue to read and practice math facts at night!


3rd grade:

We have finished the Math and ELA AIR Tests!  Students worked hard for the timed sessions and hopefully improved their ELA scores from the fall and have shown what they have learned during math this year on the math test.

In spelling, the students will be working with the word pattern of the week: soft and hard c.  Throughout the week students will be doing a variety of sorts that relate to the weeks spelling pattern.  Students will also be forming “Million Dollar Sentences” with their 5 high frequency words.

In language, the students will be working on correctly capitalizing titles of books, movies, etc.  They will learn what words are important words to capitalize and which words can stay lower case in titles.

In reading, we will be working on different types of folktales, including fairy tales.  Students will learn the different characteristics of different types of folklore.  In reading groups they will be reading fractured fairy tales or folktales.  This will help them with their writing this quarter.   

In math, students will be finishing up chapter 11, which revolves around perimeter and area. Our last chapter in Go Math! for the year will teach the students all about two-dimensional shapes.

In writing, the students are continuing to work on adapting fairy tales. The students have read classics, and then made changes to the characters, settings, motivations, and solutions. They are having a great time creating these new narratives that they will turn into books towards the end of the year.

Social studies continues to find us thinking about economic problems! We will continue to discuss budgets and making choices. We have also been learning about profits and costs!

Our 3rd grade field trip to Hueston Woods will be the week of May 16th.  Two 3rd grade classes will be going at a time.  Please be looking for a permission slip that will be coming home this week to let you know the day your child will be going.


4th grade:

Math - Math, math, and more math.  Students will be doing several things in math this week.  They will be comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions, reducing fractions to the simplest form, and finding common denominators.  Students will also be learning some geometry concepts.  Lines, line segments, rays, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, and quadrilaterals.

Reading - Students will be working in their reading groups.  They are reading novels, tracking their thinking while they are reading, having group discussions, and writing journal entries.  Students are also completing “Study Island” assignments on their Chromebooks.  

Language Arts - The focus in writing for the quarter will be a literary essay.  Students will be using comics from “Calvin and Hobbes” to help them practice this type of writing.  This week they will be focusing on what struggles characters have and what motivates characters.  They will also be coming up with thesis statements about characters.

Science - In science students are learning about ecosystems.  How they change rapidly, and how they change slowly.  

Social Studies - Grandparents/VIP day is coming up and students are going to begin interviewing their grandparents/VIP about their childhood.  On Grandparents/VIP day the class will share what they found.



Art:  In art grade 2 will be working at different stations in the art room.  One of our stations is the imagination watercolor station.  Students will be using a variety of watercolors to create imaginative works of art while at the same time increasing their painting techniques.  Students are learning about an art career called architecture.  They will learn about architect Frank Loyd Wright.  Students learn about the incredible architecture built by Wright called Falling Waters in Pennsylvania.  This beautiful home is built over a waterfall called Bear Run.  Students are also learning about art museums and art terms related to them as well.  Another station within the art room is computer art.  Students experiment with a variety of effects using Photobooth to change their pictures.  All students are encouraged to visit the Cincinnati Art Museum which is always free to visitors. 

Physical Education: Students in the 4th grade will be taking the PACER test this week.  Now that the weather is getting nice we will begin to get outside to play baseball and soccer as the year winds down.  Our students still have one more physical test this year, the mile, in early May.  I encourage my students to get outside and practice before this test.

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