In the Classroom 9/14-9/18

posted Sep 14, 2015, 6:14 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten:  This week in Kindergarten we are learning to appreciate our unique qualities with our “All About Me” theme. We will introduce sorting by looking at the different eye colors, hair colors, genders etc. in our room. In Math we will be comparing numbers to 5 and counting the number of letters in our own names. We will add our second sight word, “I”, to our word wall and continue to develop personal narratives in Writing Workshop.

1st grade: This week in first grade, students will learn how to take care of the books in our classroom libraries as well as learning how to pick “just right” books.  Students will be introduced to the “read to self” center and the “read to someone” center while practicing building reading stamina.  In writing, first graders will continue to work hard on their small moment stories.  We will practice bringing our characters to life by using motion lines and speech bubbles.  In math, students will use concrete objects to solve “adding to” addition problems.  Finally, homework comes home this week.  It is very important that your child is reading nightly!

2nd grade:  We are ready for another busy week in second grade. Most classes have completed MAP testing.  The data we will receive from MAP will help us to individualize our instruction to meet the needs of the students in our classes.

In reading we will be learning about making connections to text.  When reading we talk about relating ourselves to a text.  A book may remind us of another book we read or we may connect a story to a real world event.  We have also been working on beginning, middle and end. In ELA we have been working with nouns, including proper nouns, collective nouns and plural nouns. In math we have been learning about place value, comparing numbers and representing numbers in different ways.  In writing we have begun working on small moment stories. You can help your child by reminding them of things that happen at home that can become stories they write at school. In social studies we are wrapping up lessons for citizenship, rules and routines. We will also have lessons on the US Constitution.

3rd grade: The students will begin having word study lessons this week. We will be starting with the long vowel pattern. Students will have their own individualized word lists that will come home on the newsletter. Five of the words will come from the spelling pattern and the other five will come from their high frequency word list. Tests will be given on Friday.

In language, the students are studying conjunctions. They will learn how to use conjunctions, such as, and, but, so, or, to form complex sentences.

In reading, we will be reviewing metacognition and focusing on story elements. Teachers will be using read alouds to help introduce characters, setting, problem and solution, as well as the plot. We will be using graphic organizers to complete the story elements lessons.

Then, during Guided Reading and Centers, students will be put into guided reading groups and focus on story elements with books/selections on their reading levels. While the teacher is working with students independently, the rest of the class is working on their center work that reinforces ELA skills.

During math, we are diving right into our new Go Math series. This week we will be reviewing rounding and moving onto addition strategies. The students have been introduced to games from the Grab and Go Center so that they can work independently when we begin stations.

In writing, this week we will be working from our Units of Study for narrative writing. We will be generating ideas to write about by thinking of a person, place or object who matters to them and then writing small moments that happened with it.

In science, we continue our unit on Earth’s Resources. We have learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources. This week we are moving into rocks and soils.

4th grade:  MAP make ups will be held this week for any student who did not finish or take them last week.

Math - This week in math, students will be working on understanding place value.  Knowing the places in our number system and the value of digits in numbers.  They will also begin comparing and ordering numbers.

Reading - Reading this week will be more practice for students on listening to their own thoughts as they are reading.  They are learning to make connections, inferences, responses, and asking questions as they read.  They will also be identifying and telling the purpose of nonfiction text features.

Language Arts - Students are working on identifying and writing good sentences with subjects and predicates.  They are also continuing to work on their fictional narratives for the quarter.  They are using people, places, and things to come up with good ideas for their fictional narratives.

Science - In science, students are learning what it means to be a scientist.  They are asking questions, learning about the scientific method, and what it takes to make experiments fair.

Social Studies - Map skills have been the focus so far in social studies.  Using the cardinal and intermediate directions, as well as map scales.


Music:  2nd grade students are continuing to review concepts from 1st grade music.  Students have been clapping and saying rhythms and moving to music.  This week students will begin to review vocal concepts learned last year.

Art: Students in Second grade have been learning how to draw simple shapes in art.  Students learned how to draw an apple then how to color it in using color-blending technique.  Second graders have also been learning about primary and secondary colors.  Art classes created ice cream cones and added six scoops, coloring in with primary secondary colors.  Students have been learning about unique styles of various artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Wayne Thiebaud, and others.   

Physical Education:   Welcome back!  The first couple of classes we have been learning our classroom routine and seating arrangement.  We have started learning about stretching and have begun learning the difference between running for speed and running for distance.  We are jogging in class for up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds without walking.  We will continue to build upon that time each class and will culminate this activity with a ½ mile jog at the end of the quarter.  I introduced the push ups this past week and now these will be part of our daily exercises, yay (the kids love these).  We are learning how to play some basic tag games while we learn how to navigate playing with personal space.  Sometimes we forget that there are others running beside us and when we change directions mid run we have some collisions.  We have begun playing a game that emphasizes this concept to help with some of our other games.