In the Classroom 9/19-9/23

posted Sep 19, 2016, 12:03 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: This week in kindergarten we will be focusing on the season of fall.  Students will be listening to nonfiction and realistic fiction stories about fall to gain a better understanding of all the characteristics of the season.  Students will begin chapter two in math.  Chapter two focuses on comparing numbers up to five.  Writing workshop will continue to encourage students to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to stretch out the sounds they are hearing in words.

1st grade:  

We are still working hard in our Daily 5 centers! Everyday we are rotating and completing tasks such as; reading to a buddy, reading to self, word work, work on writing, and listen to reading on the IPads. We are in full swing of reading “just right” books and applying reading strategies learned in small group reading!

In math, we are continuing our exploration of numbers: making combinations of 5 and 10, skip counting, adding numbers using picture representations, place value, and identifying and sequencing numbers 1-120. This week we will introduce subtraction in our GOMATH! workbooks.

First graders are still working hard on their “small moment” personal narrative stories. We are introducing new elements each week to create strong stories with a beginning, middle and an end.

APPLES!- This week we will begin our apple unit. We will read different books about apples and examine the text features of the books. We will also graph our favorite kind of apple and examine an actual apple as well. Sharon Edwards from Miami University will be in the first grade classrooms to do a hands-on apple exploration lesson. Ask your first grader what they learned about apples this week!

2nd grade:  Good readers ask and answer questions before, during, and after reading!  This is what we will focus on with fictional books this week.  This is a great comprehension strategy to practice at home, too!

Small moment writing is the focus during writing workshop.  Students will work on adding details into their stories.  They will also practice crafting powerful endings!

In math, students will solve equations with 3 addends.  We will also practice math fact fluency!  Students will use related facts (fact families) and making ten to practice subtracting quickly!

In science, students will learn about ants!  We will focus on how ants can change the environment.  It’s going to be a great week!      

3rd grade:  Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. This week’s pattern is long /u/. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.

For language this week, the students are beginning pronouns. We have been discussing pronouns in morning work since school began, and this week we will be completing a more indepth look. Students already know the pronouns she, he, we, they, us, etc., but now they will be able to use the proper terms when discussing them in sentences.

For reading mini lessons this week, the students will be focusing on problem and solution after working on story elements last week. Students will use the mentor texts Bad Case of the Stripes and The Three Little Pigs to create problem and solution graphic organizers. This will continue to help us with summarization of texts.

Math this week finds most classes wrapping up chapter 1 over addition and subtraction, while other classes are ready to begin chapter 2 over data and making graphs. We have already begun graphing our own data using our MAP scores and our DRA levels, so it will be fun to continue work on data!

In writing, students are focusing discovery drafts and telling stories and not just summarizing. The students have been working on stories about important people and places in their lives in order to have ideas to work with. The students have been enjoying rehearsing their stories with one another before they write it on paper.

In science, we are continuing work with soils and observations. We are also experimenting this week with soil permeability. Which type of soil holds the most water and which is ideal for growing plants and crops and why. Students will also begin researching energy sources such as wind, water, and solar energy.

4th grade:  

Reading: Students continue to work on analyzing texts.  Students are finding key details in texts, and determining what the text is saying by “reading between the lines.”  Students are also continuing to focus on reading skills.

Writing: Students are working on realistic fiction narratives.  The narratives are realistic, and based on their lives.

Math: Students are continuing to work on understanding place value.  Some classes have begun multiplication strategies, and others will be doing so soon.  Continue to practice multiplication facts, they will be used for the rest of the year.  

Science: Students continue to learn about the water cycle, as well as Earth’s landforms.

Social Studies:  Students are beginning to learn about the first people to live in Ohio, as well as make connections between map skills, timelines, and these groups.


Art:  Students in fourth grade are working on animal portraits. They will be creating two dog portraits and two cat portraits.  Students will be drawing their animal portraits in pencil and coloring them in with crayon.  Best animal portraits will be added to the September Cat and Dog Art Gallery show in the hallway by the art room or in the art room.  Students will receive a certificate if their animal portraits are on display in the gallery. There are many awesome art displays in Elda’s hallway now.  Mr. Jefferson has drawings of gigantic insects on display showing use of pencil and shading techniques.  Mrs. Helmes’ class has creative mixed media abstract portraits of their self dreaming of something like being a soccer player, etc.  Mr. Kiefer's’ class has drawings of theirself moving up to fourth-grade.  

Physical Education:  Students in P.E. are having so much fun!  We are always working on our sportsmanship in and out of the gym!  Students in grades one and two will start on throwing and catching skills!  We will demonstrate lots of teamwork and strategies!  In grades three and four, students will have fun with their movement patterns and motor skills!  Students will be applying strategies and tactics to this week’s fun game, Keeper of the Castle!  Keep up all the great work in Physical Education!

Media Center: One-to-one! We now have carts with devices in every classroom!

Music: 1st Grade: We are having so much fun in music class.  Students are singing and dancing to all kinds of songs.  We are learning about the steady beat of music and how to tap it on our body.  We get to use our singing, whisper, talking, and calling voices.

2nd Grade: 2nd grade students are starting off reviewing rhythm notes we learned about in 1st  grade.  We are saying these notes, clapping them, and even playing them on instruments.  Students will be learning some fun dances to move their bodies to.

3rd Grade: The 3rd grade concert is the first one of the year, October 10th!!! We will be doing a concert all about the Olympics! Students are learning how to sing and play songs about different events.  We will even be learning some songs from Brazil to share with family and friends at the concert.

4th Grade: 4th graders are starting off by reviewing how to play instruments and how to teach themselves melodies on the instruments.  We will be learning about different meters and rhythmic sequences that we can use in harder songs.