In the Classroom 9/25 - 9/29

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This week we are taking our Chapter 1 test in GoMath!  We will be starting Chapter 2 which focuses on comparing numbers to 5.

Our theme this week will be Fire Safety and Community Helpers.  Kindergarteners will demonstrate and write on what they want to be when they grow up.  In the dramatic play area, students will become a vet and fill out papers on what different types of animal need to stay healthy.  Books and stories on many different types of careers will be read throughout the week!

1st grade:  

  • Daily 5- This week in reading, we are continuing to focus on choosing “just right” books to read independently as well as making smooth transitions to our Daily 5 rounds.  In small group guided reading we are working on identifying short and long vowels!

  • Math- This week we will begin chapter 2 of GoMath!. First graders are doing a great job at completing their math rounds which consist of a teacher group, an independent round, a math game and a technology round!

  • Writing- This week in writing workshop, we are continuing with strengthening our small moment stories! First graders are adding more and more to their writing and bringing their characters to life!

  • Reading Workshop/Science- This week we are learning about SEASONS! We will discuss all four seasons as well as connect and engage with the seasons books we are reading this week,. Ask your first grader what season we are in-- although it doesn’t seem clear, being how hot it has been! :)

2nd grade:

Good readers ask and answer questions before, during, and after reading!  This is what we will focus on with fictional books this week.  This is a great comprehension strategy to practice at home, too!

Small moment writing is the focus during writing workshop.  Students will work on adding details into their stories.  They will also practice crafting powerful beginnings that hook the reader from the start!

In math, students will explore 3 digit numbers.  They will practice counting on and back from a predetermined 3 digit number by 10s and 100s.  We will also compare 3 digit numbers using the greater than and less than symbols.

In science, students will learn about worms!  We will focus on how living things can change the environment.

3rd grade:  

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.

In reading, we will build on our review of story elements as we begin to retell and summarize stories. DRA’s are wrapped up, and students will be placed into guided reading groups! Within these groups, students will be reading and working on comprehension skills at their instructional level.  While the teacher is meeting with groups, students will be engaging in independent reading or centers.

In language, the students are studying pronouns.

This week in math, we are shifting focus to subtraction. We will work on several strategies, such as rounding and using place value to subtract. These strategies will help students become fluent in subtraction. Chapter one is wrapping up and classes are beginning to review for their chapter one test later this week. Be on the look out for your student’s Go Math Journal.

In writing, students have been working on telling narratives. Students are working on the editing process with the teacher. Then, will begin publishing their writing by typing it on their Chromebook.

In science, some classes will continue our study of Earth’s Resources by learning about rocks. Students will study how different rocks are formed. They will be asked classify rocks by similarities in formation, color, and luster. Students will also test rocks for hardness and streak. Other classes are discussing Earth’s Resources. They are learning about renewable and nonrenewable resources.

4th grade:  

Reading:  Students are learning to analyze texts for deeper understanding.  Students are reading a variety of nonfiction and fiction passages to find  deeper meaning in.  While students are reading, they will be learning about relationships such as cause and effect, and the difference between fact and opinion.

Writing:  Students are learning about writing realistic fiction narratives.  They are studying example texts to look for details that show a text is realistic.  Students are also working on adding dialogue to show when characters are talking.  

Science:  This week, students will be participating in an experiment about weathering and erosion on the Earth’s surface.  Also this week, students will begin to learn about Earth’s different landforms, and how weathering, erosion, and deposition can shape these.  

--Reminder:  Water Cycle Display projects are due on September 26th for students who have Mr. Jefferson or Mr. Gray.  They are due September 27th for students who have Mrs. Brosier or Mr. Kiefer.  

Social Studies: Fourth graders have begun a unit of History; learning about the Paleo people of 13,000 years ago! We are studying like archaeologists, discussing primary and secondary sources and what makes an artifact, creating artifacts as well.


Gray Savages (Mr. Gray’s Morning Math Class)-Monday- Estimating Products (Lesson 2.4- homework-pages 85 and 86 or pg 86 and Enrichment 2.4).  

Tuesday-Quiz over Lessons 1.5-1.8.  

Wednesday-Investigating the Distributive Property (Lesson 2.5, homework-pgs. 91-92 or pg 92

and Enrichment Page 2.5)  

Thursday-Multiplying Using the Distributive Property (Lesson 2.6, homework-pages 97 and 98 or pg 98 and Enrichment Page 2.6).  

Friday-Quiz over Lessons 2.3-2.4

Bullhawks (Mr. Gray’s Afternoon Math Class)-Monday-Subtraction and Estimating Differences (Lesson 1.7, homework-pages 47 and 48 or pg 48 and Enrichment 1.7).  Tuesday-Wednesday-Problem Solving with Addition and Subtraction (Lesson 1.8, homework-pages 53 and 54 or pg 54 and Enrichment Page 1.8).   

Thursday-Multiplying by 10s, 100s, and 1000s (Lesson 2.3, homework-pages 79 and 80 or pg 80 and Enrichment Page 2.3).  

Friday-Quiz over Lessons 1.5-1.8

Gray Savages (Mr. Kiefer’s morning math class)-Monday-Finish lesson 1.8, addition and subtraction problem solving.  Homework will be pages 53-54 or lesson 1.8 PMT.  

Tuesday and Wednesday-Quiz over lessons 1.6-1.8.  Then lesson 2.3, multiplying by tens, hundreds, and thousands.  Homework will be pages 79-80 or lesson 2.3 PMT.  

Thursday-Lesson 2.4, estimating products.  Homework will be pages 85-86 or 2.4 PMT.  Friday-Quiz over lessons 2.3-2.4.

Redbulls (Mr. Kiefer’s afternoon math class)-Monday and Tuesday-Lesson 1.8, addition and subtraction problem solving.  Homework will be pages 53-54 or lesson 1.8 PMT.  

Wednesday and Thursday-Quiz over lessons 1.6-1.8.  Then lesson 2.3, multiplying by tens, hundreds, and thousands.  Homework will be pages 79-80 or lesson 2.3 PMT.  

Friday-Lesson 2.4, estimating products.  Homework will be pages 85-86 or 2.4 PMT.

***Note, these are things we expect to complete, but are subject to change

as needed.


Physical Education: Students are doing outstanding in PE!  Third and fourth graders wrapped up their fall fitness activities.  We will continue to work on our fitness throughout the year, and see all of our improvements in the spring!  This week students in third and fourth grade will focus on their speed and endurance in pony express!  Students in first and second grade will play a fun activity call ball freeze tag!  They will be putting their speed and agility to work.  Please remember gym shoes on P.E. days!

Art: Student  in third grade in art have been creating Kaleidoscope designs.  Students drew their design in pencil then colored it in with crayon.  They have been making fall pictures using tissue paper and adding printed trees. This week we will begin Halloween art.  Students will be creating 3-D pumpkins.


1st Grade: We have been having so much fun in 1st grade music.  We have found our singing voices and have started practicing the steady beat.  We move to different types of music and have even been learning some fun folk songs.

2nd Grade: 2nd grade students will be reviewing lots of concepts we covered in first grade.  We practiced some melody and rhythm notes.  Soon we will start playing melodies on the barred instruments.  We love to sing and dance to songs as well.

3rd Grade: From the first day of school 3rd graders have been hard at work on their concert.  We are singing, dancing, and playing instruments in anticipation of our upcoming performance.  Look for a paper soon with more information about the concert.

4th Grade: Review time for 4th grade.  We have been reviewing all sorts of concepts, songs, rhythms, and melodies that we have done in the past.  We just started working on a new rhythm pattern called Syncopa as well as finding songs in different meters.


All grade levels will be discussing what makes a good book, award winning books and the upcoming Buckeye Children’s book award. This is an award is chosen strictly by children in Ohio nominating titles they like and then voting on the top five titles once a year.   

Check out this year’s nominees at