In the Classroom 9/26 - 9/30

posted Sep 26, 2016, 10:44 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten we will be focusing on learning about community helpers.  Students will be listening to stories about a variety of different community helpers and learning facts about each of their jobs.  In math we are continuing to compare numbers up to five.  In writing workshop we are continuing to add details to our stories to create booklets.

1st grade:  

Reading-Focuses during guided reading include using different reading strategies, hunks and chunks, and identifying long and short vowels. The end of first quarter benchmark is an instructional level D.

Writing- First grade writers will continue to write about small moments. We will sharpen our craft by focusing on important details in small moment stories. All of our stories should contain a beginning, middle, and end.

Math- This week we are continuing with chapter 2 of Go Math. This chapter focuses on subtraction. Students will work on subtracting numbers from 10 or less.

Science- Students will learn all about the seasons this week. We will describe what the weather will be like during each season and what they will wear in summer, fall, winter, and spring.

2nd grade:  

Reading:  Students are learning about rhythm and meaning in poems, stories, and  songs.  This week students searched for rhyming words, alliteration, and repetition in poetry!  Students discussed how different types of figurative language gave meaning to the poems.  

Spelling:  Second grade classes are focusing on spelling words with silent e.  This week, many classes focused on long vowel the ace and ice word families.

Language:  Students are learning that adjectives are words that describe nouns.  To practice using adjectives, students will observe a variety of gourds.  They then will use adjectives to describe them!  

Writing:  Students continue to write personal narratives.  This week, second graders are revising their stories to include powerful endings.

Math:  Students will be introduced to problem solving by making equal groups.  Making equal groups and solving repeated addition sentences will lay the base for multiplication later in the year!


3rd grade:  

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. This week’s pattern is short /oo/. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.

For language this week, the students are working on pronoun-antecedent agreement. We have been discussing pronouns so students already know the pronouns she, he, we, they, us, etc., but now they will be able to use the proper terms when discussing them in sentences and making them agree with the thing to which it refers.

For reading mini lessons this week, the students will be focusing on retelling and summarizing picture books. Students will use the mentor texts Where the Wild Things Are and The Kissing Hand to summarize using the transition words first, next, then, after that and finally.

Math this week finds us continuing with representing and interpreting data in frequency tables, picture graphs, bar graphs and line plots. Some of the classes will be taking their Chapter 2 Math test at the end of the week and will be ready to move onto Chapter 3 which will begin our Multiplication Unit.

In writing, students are working hard writing their personal narratives about important people and places in their lives. This week they will look at their drafts and figure out where they can add paragraphs and correctly edit quotations within their stories.

In science, we are wrapping up our Earth’s Resources unit by discussing the different types of energy sources such as wind, water, and solar energy. We will also be looking at electrical circuits and currents and how appliances and electronics can be “Energy Vampires”! After we take the Earth’s Resources test, we will be moving into social studies and learning about Government.

4th grade:  

Reading: Students continue to work on analyzing texts.  Students are finding key details in texts, and determining what the text is saying by “reading between the lines.”  Students are also continuing to focus on reading skills.

Writing: Students are working on realistic fiction narratives.  The narratives are realistic, and based on their lives.

Math: Students are continuing to work on understanding place value.  Some classes have begun multiplication strategies, and others will be doing so soon.  Continue to practice multiplication facts, they will be used for the rest of the year.  

Science: Students continue to learn about the water cycle, as well as Earth’s landforms.

Social Studies:  Students are learning about the first people to live in Ohio, as well as make connections between map skills, timelines, and these groups.


Art:  Students in grade one are finishing up cat and dog portraits.  The animal portraits will be hanging up in the hallways this week and in the Elda Art Gallery.  Students will be working on Red Ribbon week decorations. They will be cutting out their hands  from red construction paper to display in the cafeteria.  Grade one in art this week will be making some very awesome looking pumpkins.  Students will draw large pumpkins, outline them with black marker, and add faces.  Grade one will also be making some ghosties from white construction paper adding faces with markers and streamers to complete.  

Physical Education:  The movement and fitness going on in Physical Education is outstanding!  Third and fourth graders are working on their fitness, and getting stronger everyday!  This week in grades three and four, students will be focusing on their throwing and catching skills in a teamwork activity.  Lots of movement and fun will be happening in the gym!  In first and second grade students will be working on scooters!  We will demonstrate different levels, pathways, and spatial awareness.  All students are showing great sportsmanship and having fun!   

Music: 1st Grade: We are having so much fun in music class.  Students are singing and dancing to all kinds of songs.  We are learning about the steady beat of music and how to tap it on our body.  We get to use our singing, whisper, talking, and calling voices.

2nd Grade: 2nd grade students are reviewing rhythm notes we learned about in 1st  grade.  We are saying these notes, clapping them, and even playing them on instruments.  Students will be learning some fun dances to move their bodies to.

3rd Grade: The 3rd grade concert is the first one of the year, October 10th!!! We will be doing a concert all about the Olympics! Students are learning how to sing and play songs about different events.  We will even be learning some songs from Brazil to share with family and friends at the concert.

4th Grade: 4th graders are starting off by reviewing how to play instruments and how to teach themselves melodies on the instruments.  We will be learning about different meters and rhythmic sequences that we can use in harder songs.