In the Classroom 9/28 - 10/2

posted Sep 28, 2015, 12:56 PM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: This week in Kindergarten we will be gearing up for Fire Prevention Month and next week’s visit with the Ross Fire Department! We will discuss what to do in case of a fire and family safe spots to meet. In Go Math we will begin Chapter 2, comparing numbers to five. We will add “it” to our sight word wall and continue working on stretching out word sounds and writing stories across multiple pages in Writing Workshop. We will start letter and sound identification assessments during center time. 

1st grade: First graders are beginning a two-week unit on seasons and weather. In math, first graders continue to work on math facts. In reading, first graders are learning to use their reading strategies when they come to a tricky word.

2nd grade: In reading, students are working in small, guided reading groups.  Students read and work with books that are at their individual levels!  This week classes will begin focusing on asking and answering questions with fictional stories.  Students know that when they ask and answer questions about what they read, it helps them to better understand the story! 

In writing, students are writing personal narratives.  Second grade is focusing in on writing about special small moment stories.  Students have been working hard to write a beginning that includes the setting or an action that hooks the reader.  In the middle, students have been practicing zooming in and giving lots of details.  This week we will introduce writing an ending that gives closure to the story.  

Weekly math lessons have focused on using a variety of addition strategies. Students are also writing to explain how they solve math problems.  All second graders have started to take math fact quizzes in class.  Please continue practicing these at home!  


3rd grade:  In spelling, the students will be working with the word pattern of the week; short u.  Throughout the week students will be doing a variety of sorts that relate to the weeks spelling pattern.  Students will also be forming 7-up sentences with their 5 high frequency words.

In language, the students are being introduced to pronouns.

In reading, we will be reviewing story elements and introducing inside and outside character traits. Teachers will be using read alouds to help introduce characters traits by using graphic organizers.  We will also be focusing on the setting of stories.  We will be focusing on these skills in our guided reading groups also.

During math, we are diving right into our new Go Math series. This week we will be wrapping up Chapter 1 and taking the chapter test.  

In writing, this week we will be working from our Units of Study for narrative writing. We will be generating ideas to write about by thinking of a person, place or object who matters to them and then writing small moments that happened with it.

In science, we are learning all about energy resources, such as wind, solar, and water.  Students will be researching all about energy, learning about solar energy through a hands-on experiment, and creating pinwheels to learn more about wind being a source of energy.


4th grade: Math - Same as last week!  This week, students will be working on understanding place value.  Knowing the places in our number system and the value of digits in numbers.  They will also be practicing comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers to given places.  Another focus for the week will be finding exact and estimated sums and differences.

Reading - Reading this week will be more practice for students on listening to their own thoughts as they are reading.  They are learning to make connections, inferences, responses, and asking questions as they read.  They will also be learning to recognize when they are learning new things while reading and asking different types of questions.

Language Arts - Students are working on identifying and writing good sentences with subjects and predicates.  They are also continuing to work on their fictional narratives for the quarter.  They will be using those ideas to write scenes, storyboards, leads, and to begin drafting a fictional narrative.

Science - In science, students are learning what it means to be a scientist.  They are learning skills that scientists use through reading and class discussions.

Social Studies - The focus is still on timelines.  Students are reading and creating them with significant events from history and their own lives.  The goal is to turn the significant events from their lives into a “History of Me” project.


Music:   We have been singing, moving and playing instruments!  The students are very excited about all of the songs they are learning.

Art: Students in grade four are participating in a Fire Prevention poster contest.  Students have been drawing pictures of how to prevent a fire.  The posters will all be turned in by October 9 for the fire department to select the winners of the contest.  Fourth grade students have been making contour line drawings of their shoes outlining with marker, coloring them in with crayon. Students are also creating fall landscapes and painting with watercolor.   

Physical Education: Students in the 4th grade have been training for the past four weeks to run the half-mile.  We have done such an amazing job with our in class training regimen that the students are four weeks ahead of schedule from last year and we are ready to begin testing this week!!  I am very happy with their hard work at the beginning of the year.  I hear so many more students this year who love to run.  We will begin the first thematic unit, basketball, following the half mile run.  Students have been reminded to continue to work on their homework of push-ups and sit-ups 3 times a week.  Please keep this web address handy for class information and other homework information.

Looking forward to an awesome year!