In The Classroom 9/6 - 9/9

posted Sep 7, 2016, 4:42 AM by Jesse Kohls

Kindergarten: This week in kindergarten we will be focusing on the topic “All About Me”.  Students will be listening to stories about how we are all different and unique.  They will be working with their names and trying to learn the names of all the other students within the classroom.  In math, we are continuing to work with the numbers 0-5.  Writing workshop is now up and running so students are gaining a better understanding of how to write their name, the date, draw a picture, and try to write the sounds they hear in words to match their pictures.

1st grade:  This week first graders will be studying a favorite author Eric Carle.  After reading stories, we will be doing story summaries by retelling the story parts such as; the characters, setting, problem, conclusion and writing/drawing our favorite part of the story.  

We will continue working through Chapter 1 in GoMath!  This chapter focuses on addition concepts along with picture representation of numbers.

First graders are still working on "Small Moment" stories which should include a beginning, middle and ending to their real life stories!

2nd grade: It was nice to have a long weekend, but we are ready to get back to learning!  In math, students will review concepts learned in chapter 1 and take their first math test.  Also, we have started math fact quizzes!  Each week, students will take speed tests.  The goal is to know the math facts automatically or be able to solve them quickly.

In reading, students work in reading stations or Daily 5.  Students will work independently or with a partner at different stations so that the teacher can read with small groups or individual students.  This week students continue to practice telling how the beginning introduces the story, the middle usually has a problem, and the end concludes the action.

Students are writing narratives.  They will practice choosing a topic, planning their ideas, and stretching the story over several pages.  We have been working hard on making our stories readable!  To do this, we have focused on using our best spelling, good capitalization and punctuation, spacing, and neat handwriting.  

On Friday, we will celebrate Patriot Day.  Students will listen to the book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers and complete a booklet about how we can remember the day. It’s going to be a great week!

3rd grade:  Students have finished pretests and are working on individualized word lists. Students are working with long vowel sorts in spelling this week. They will be sorting, writing rules, blind sorting and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.

In language, the students are studying proper nouns and common nouns. They have been finding nouns and categorizing them. The students have been excited to use  post-its to mark nouns around our classroom.

During reading this week, we are finishing up SCHEMA, our experiences and prior knowledge. We will be diving into Story Elements. Story elements include the setting, characters, problem, key events and solution. Using mentor texts, students will work to master identifying each of these elements of a story. This will really help us when we start summarizing!

During math, we are continuing with addition. This week we will work on several more strategies. Students will work with addition properties, the break apart strategy and using place value to add. These strategies will help students become fluent in addition within 1000. Have your kiddo teach you their favorite strategy.

In writing, students will be discovering different ways to come up with ideas for true stories. Throughout the week they will write several true stories in their writer’s notebooks. They will work on showing their story through details. Students will practice picture their story and telling their story “bit by bit.”

In science, we have begun our unit on Earth’s Resources. We have learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources. We will continue working with Earth’s Resources.

4th grade:  Week of 9/6

Reading:  Students are continuing to analyze texts to look for key details relating to setting, characters, making inferences, and other text information.

Writing:  We continue to work on realistic fiction narratives, including adding dialogue, specific details, and showing, not telling our reader information.

Math: Place value, addition, subtraction, and understanding numbers continue to be our focus.  Keep in mind, multiplication is on the horizon!

Science: We are learning about the Earth’s surface, landforms, water cycle, and changes to the Earth’s surface.

Social Studies:  We continue to work on map skills related to Ohio, and some classes are beginning to focus on Ohio’s first people.


Art:  Students in third grade are creating many fall art projects.  All grades 1-4 are also working on the September Cat and Dog Gallery Show.  All students will create two dog portraits and two cat portraits.  The animal portraits that are chosen for the September gallery showing will be on display by the art room and inside the art room. Students’ artwork is on display in the hallways of Elda throughout the year.  We will be beginning printing leaves as a collaborative project this week.  

Physical Education:  Students in P.E. are having a blast!  We will continue working on our locomotor skills in our warm-ups.  We are demonstrating excellent sportsmanship, and really getting our hearts pumping!  This week students will be working on several skills in stations throughout the gym!  We will focus on our dribbling skills with a basketball, throwing and catching, striking a soccer ball, throwing a frisbee, and spatial awareness on our scooters!  All the kids are working so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Media Center: We have added 4 chromebook carts to the 2nd grade classrooms this week. We now have carts with devices in every classroom!

Music: 1st Grade: We are having so much fun in music class.  Students are singing and dancing to all kinds of songs.  We are learning about the steady beat of music and how to tap it on our body.  We get to use our singing, whisper, talking, and calling voices.

2nd Grade: 2nd grade students are starting off reviewing rhythm notes we learned about in 1st  grade.  We are saying these notes, clapping them, and even playing them on instruments.  Students will be learning some fun dances to move their bodies to.

3rd Grade: The 3rd grade concert is the first one of the year, October 10th!!! We will be doing a concert all about the Olympics! Students are learning how to sing and play songs about different events.  We will even be learning some songs from Brazil to share with family and friends at the concert.

4th Grade: 4th graders are starting off by reviewing how to play instruments and how to teach themselves melodies on the instruments.  We will be learning about different meters and rhythmic sequences that we can use in harder songs.