In the Classroom 9/8-9/11

posted Sep 9, 2015, 10:15 AM by Jesse Kohls

This week in kindergarten we will be listening to stories all about colors!  Students will be retelling stories such as Pete the Cat and Brown Bear Brown Bear.  We will begin writing narrative stories in writing workshop.  The narrative stories will encourage students to tell stories about their own lives.  We will be sorting gummy bears this week.  After sorting the gummy bears we will compare the different amounts of gummy bears and discuss our data.  This week begins our exploration into the kindergarten sight words.  This week's word is "a".  We are continuing to practice our classroom routines on a daily basis. 

Students in Grade 1 in Art are learning about lines, shapes and color.  Students are creating robots made from shapes and making abstract pictures.  Students are off to a great start learning about artists and how they create unique pieces of art.  An artist that inspired our work was Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting,  Starry Starry Night.

This has been a busy week in second grade. Next week we will continue with MAP testing.  The data we will receive from MAP will help us to individualize our instruction to meet the needs of the students in our classes.

In reading we have been learning about making connection to text.  When reading we talk about relating ourselves to a text.  A book may remind us of another book we read or we may connect a story to a real world event.  We have also been working on beginning, middle and end. In ELA we have been working with nouns, including proper nouns, collective nouns and plural nouns. In math we have been learning about even and odd, place value, comparing numbers and writing numbers in different ways. In writing we have have kicked off working on small moment stories. You can help your child by reminding them of things that happen at home that can become stories they write at school. In social studies we are wrapping up lessons or citizenship, rules and routines . Next week, we will have lessons on the US Constitution.

Third and fourth grade students in Mrs. Neufarth's classes practiced team building through participating in a paper fashion show and marshmallow tower construction.

Physical Education: Welcome back!  The first couple of classes we have been learning our classroom routine and seating arrangement.  We have started learning about stretching and have begun learning the difference between running for speed and running for distance.  We are jogging in class for up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds without walking.  We will continue to build upon that time each class and will culminate this activity with a ½ mile jog at the end of the quarter.  I introduced the push ups this past week and now these will be part of our daily exercises, yay (the kids love these).  We are learning how to play some basic tag games while we learn how to navigate playing with personal space.  Sometimes we forget that there are others running beside us and when we change directions mid run we have some collisions.  We have begun playing a game that emphasizes this concept to help with some of our other games.