In the Classrooms 3/20-3/24

posted Mar 21, 2017, 11:19 AM by Jesse Kohls


This week in kindergarten our theme is an author study on Lio Lionni.  We will be reading a variety of his books and learning about the famous author.  We will be discussing important story elements within these stories.  In math, we are continuing our unit on the numbers 20 and beyond.  We have mastered the numbers 1-20 and are now working on representing, counting, and writing the numbers from 20 to 100.  In writing workshop, we are beginning our final unit.  This unit will focus on writing informational stories.  Students will be writing “how-to” stories to teach their readers how to do something.  We will also be learning about the season of spring!

1st grade:  

  • We are curious firsties!  Here is what we’re learning:

  • In math we have been learning about shapes and their attributes!  Ask your first grader to explain the difference between a 2D shape and a 3D solid.  Apply this knowledge by going on a shape scavenger hunt around your home or neighborhood!

  • In science we learned all about the life cycle of plants.  Students planted their very own lima bean in class! Upcoming science units include: magnets, energy, and force & motion.

  • In writing we will begin a new unit: composing opinion pieces.  Students will learn how to respectfully state their opinion and support it with reasons.

  • In reading it is important that your child practices their sight words each evening.  We are focusing on contractions, fluency phrases, and suffixes.  In reading groups we are building comprehension skills by retelling the story, identifying story elements, sequencing events from the book, and completing graphic organizers.  

  • In social studies, we will be exploring economics.  Students will describe the economic choices people make to meet their basic needs, how goods and services meet people’s needs, and the concept of exchanging money to purchase goods and services.  

2nd grade:

In math we are working on to Geometry. In writing the classes have been doing an excellent job writing about their books. They can be very persuasive. Make sure you continue to read, read, read at home!

3rd grade:  

Students will continue to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print. This week’s pattern involves double consonants.

In language, the students will continue working with non-literal language in the form of idioms. They investigate the different idioms and try to find and understand their meanings.

Reading mini-lessons this week are going to focus on the author’s purpose. The students have been working on determining the point of view that an author uses; either first, second, or third person. This week students will discuss why a certain book or article has been written. It may be to entertain (show a theme, event or story for enjoyment), persuade (convincing readers to think, feel or act a certain way) or inform (explain, give directions, or present information).

During math this week, the students are finishing up the chapter on different forms of measurement. They have been working hard on telling time,finding elapsed time and working with measurement of length, volume, and mass. The next chapter will focus on finding perimeter and area.

The last quarter of writing is focusing on adapting fairy tales into our own narratives. The students will read classics, and then made changes to the characters, settings, motivations, and solutions.

Science finds us wrapping up our unit on matter. The students have been studying the different phases of matter and how their atoms are arranged. The students also observed the different states of matter as we conduct an experiment with rootbeer floats! Our last unit in Social Studies will focus on Decisions and Economics.

4th grade:  

Reading:  Students are working on reading texts for details and practicing key reading skills.  Students are also looking at Greek Myths to find meanings of sayings and themes of myths.

Math:  Students are continuing to work on fractions.  Students will be learning about multiplying, adding, and subtracting fractions.  They will also be working on converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.  

Social Studies:  Students are learning about the events of Ohio between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Science:  Students are continuing to learn about measurement and practice science skills.


Physical Education: I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable spring break!  Time flies when we are having fun, and now it is time to get back to PE!  I am so excited for the fun and exciting things we have coming in PE!  This week students in third and fourth grade are ready to tackle the mile run and the timed planks!  We have been working so hard all school year and ready to beat our times from the beginning of the school year!  Students in grades one and two are also ready to get their bodies moving!  We will be focusing on cardio, chasing, fleeing, and dodging!  Teamwork will be essential in the upcoming activities!  Sportsmanship is going strong, as always!  Keep it up, Elda!

Art: Thank you for supporting the Art Show!  The students loved showing off their hard work!


1st Grade: Students continue to work on So and Mi songs, and soon will be adding a new note La! Their steady beat and rhythm practice is starting to produce songs that have actual rhythms notes like Ta and Ta-di.  Pretty soon they will start working on our concert, Kings & Queens!

2nd Grade: 2nd grade students will be reviewing lots of concepts we started to cover before our concert.  We will work on songs using the pentatonic scale, Do Re Mi So and La. Students will also continue to work on performing songs in Rounds.

3rd Grade: As we begin the new year, 3rd grade will be beginning a lot of new concepts.  Students will be learning about higher notes in the scale.  They will also start to learn about faster notes like sixteenth notes. Putting all of these new concepts into songs will help us to learn more difficult pieces.

4th Grade: Recorder season is upon us!  Students will continue to work on Recorder Karate songs on their own at home for extra credit.  In class students will be learning recorder pieces to play with the other instruments in the classroom.  Students will work towards being able to improvise melodies on the recorders.