Lunch Time Fun!

posted Sep 2, 2015, 10:17 AM by Jesse Kohls




Wow!  We are excited for another year of yummy-healthy lunches in the Elda Cafe!  Be sure to check out the Cafeteria Menu at  Mr. Kohls’ favorite is Taco in a Bag!

This year we have some fun things planned for you!  So, come visit the Elda Cafe and let us do the cooking!  

Cafe Club!  

Once a month we will have a drawing for a special prize!  Every student who purchases a school lunch on Cafe Club days will be entered into a drawing.  The first Cafe Club drawing will be Thursday, Sept. 3!  Be sure to purchase a lunch for your chance to win!  Look out for signs letting you know when future Cafe Clubs are happening!  

Birthday treats!  

Be sure to celebrate your birthday with a school lunch and our lunch ladies will provide you with a b-day treat!

Family lunch visitors and PTO Ram Bucks!  

Families, you are welcome to join us for lunch as well!  You can have a yummy-healthy lunch for only $3!  If an adult guest purchases a school lunch the student he or she is visiting will receive a Ram Buck!  Ram Bucks can be used to get items from the PTO Ram Store!  Visit the Elda Cafe and let us do the cooking!    

We are looking forward to cooking you tasty lunches and to a wonderful school year!

--The Elda Cafe Staff