Patriot Day 2016

posted Sep 9, 2016, 5:16 AM by Jesse Kohls

As a building we believe it is important to recognize Patriot Day.  We will recognize Patriot Day (9/11) on Friday, September 9th.  We will begin our day by playing the National Anthem.  Students will listen to patriotic music in Music Class, in Art Class students will be making red/white/blue bookmarks, and in Physical Education students will create a flag by demonstrating outstanding character.  We will have a blank American flag with just an outline of the stars and stripes.  Students throughout class will earn their own stars and stripes!  Students will earn them by performing a proper skill, showing great sportsmanship, and/or demonstrating team unity.  When the students have done one of those three things, the student will have the honor of hanging up either a star or stripe on our flag in the gym!  Each grade level will also acknowledge and honor Patriot Day in their classrooms.

Kindergarten - We will read aloud the book, Pledge of Allegiance.  We will review why we say the pledge, how we stand proud for our country when we say the pledge, and discuss what it means to be patriotic.  We will also review the name of our country and colors of the American flag.

First Grade- The first grade teachers will read and discuss the book "September 12th: We knew everything would be all right".

Second Grade- The teacher will read The Man Who Walked Between the Towers.  We will have a grade appropriate conversation why the buildings no longer stand and why we remember the day.

Third Grade- For Our Patriot Day lesson, some teachers will be reading and discussing and/or watching a video clip of the book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein.

Fourth Grade- The fourth grade plan for Patriot Day is to discuss the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.  As a grade level we will go through each line of the Pledge and discuss what it means.